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I wondered if "…And I Feel Fine." was involved somehow. I love that article by the way. What if the aliens are really only interested in the "fairies", like the cetaceans from David Brin’s GURPS:Uplift. Somebody says, shouldn’t we move the humans too? This way we aren’t the center of this but an afterthought. If this is being done by a coalition of aliens it could justify anything from one colony being given Clarkean "magic tech", to being dropped off with the contents of your pockets or having weird or horrifying experiments done to you before being dropped off. All at the same time.

You have lots of juicy ideas. My article was only very slightly involved, humanity leaving Earth with Aliens as Deus ex Machina is one of my tropes.

Yes, you can freely play with how important the "Faeries" are to the whole thing. And also play with what the "faeries" are and/or their relationship to Earth/humanity. Similarly, the nature of the trip and the support once there can be played with to create a variety of play styles. As written, I assume that the trip is dull my not soul-crushing and that the infrastructure and support are good. That sets up further games as humanity moves out into space to meet the neighbors and find our lost relatives.

The ship is truly vast and from a distance looks like a thin reed with a cobweb covered in dew drops wrapped around it. The dewdrops are vast habitat domes back to back, these spheres are one hundred kilometers in radius, and thus the surface area of the two "floors" of each sphere are roughly half again the size of Wales. The domes and corridors of the ship have more surface area than the Earth. And where the Earth had vast oceans, ice fields, and deserts, much more of the ship is habitable. Exploring the now lost and derelict ship carrying the remnants of humanity is going to be as challenging as exploring the Earth itself would have been for the ancients.

Inspired individuals( basically, PCs with powers of some kind, whatever the GM deems will grant immunity ) are immune to these influences. However, the mobs that might come after them and the local individuals they might rely on, are still under control and may act in hard to predict ways because the psionic straight jackets are still trying to protect their charges and restrain people from destroying the ship.

As set up, no culture extends beyond its half of a habitat dome or other limited territory. In an alternate game, various groups could extend to multiple areas. Remnants of the ship’s medical or police services could still function. A secret brotherhood of repairmen and janitors, eternally struggling to keep the ship alive might be fun patrons.

This idea is more Science Fantasy. Certain ancient pantheons (I chose the Irish, Greek, Norse, and Egyptian pantheons, but that’s me) become aware of the modern world. Assume a cyberpunk setting about forty to fifty years forward of today. Climate change is causing chaos, the corporate elites are doing all they can to prevent a resurgence of democracy, dictators are striving to enrich themselves and their allies and doing so by impoverish and weakening those outside of their ally groups, and the ecosystem is dying.

Each of the pantheons seeks to save the world. The Gods of Egypt see a world that has lost Maat. They seek to bring a new unity to mankind. A Pharaonic lord to heal the chaos. The Norse gods see a world without true freedom, they seek paths from Libertarianism to anarchy to restore freedom. The Irish gods see a world without true community, they seek to restore this wonderful thing they have heard of, democracy. And this time the gods will make sure that it gets a real chance. Meanwhile, the Greeks see humanity as limited and blame themselves. They made humanity incomplete, they feel the Transhumanists might have the answer.