Nht urban meyer in hot water the key play

See, I disagree here. Penn St should have been hammered by the NCAA because they did all their sleazy covering up of the molestation of boys for the benefit of the reputation of the football team. That reputation got them recruits, got them press, got them money. It doesn’t matter that it didn’t directly impact on-field results, they had a tangible competitive advantage gained by keeping that all under wraps. They sold out the future of dozens of grade school boys to keep the shine on their football program, they deserved to see the whole thing burned to the ground. The NCAA took the coward’s way out by caving and reversing their decisions after the fact, it only showed how incompetent and impotent they truly are.

The same mindset can be applied to UNC, in that they did all that to keep the talent level high for both the football and basketball programs.

Don’t give a shit that some normal students got access to the bullshit classes, they existed to artificially inflate the academic eligibility of players that otherwise would have been kicked out of school. The fact the NCAA punted on that case is appalling.

However, in 1986, SMU faced allegations by two whistleblowing players, Sean Stopperich and David Stanley, that players were still being paid. An investigation found that 21 players received approximately $61,000 in cash payments, with the assistance of athletic department staff members, from a slush fund provided by a booster. Payments ranged from $50 to $725 per month, and started only a month after SMU went on its original probation (though it later emerged that a slush fund had been maintained in one form or another since the mid-1970s). Also, SMU officials lied to NCAA officials about when the payments stopped. "

Of course, paying players and recruiting violations are "a lot less" than "molestation of minors." But that’s not the point. Recruiting violations (which often aren’t crimes), lying to NCAA (also unlikely to be a crime), and paying players are squarely things the NCAA oversees, has rules about, and should enforce (the quality of the enforcement is irrelevant to my issues here).

I have been hesitant to comment on this because as referenced above about cave man simplicity, the fact that an employer is responsible at all to manage this problem is not the standard. If I were to have a restraining order brought against me my employer would likely take action, but if we are to believe Meyer now in his most recent statement the police were involved in both 2009 amd 2015 and no charges were brought against Smith in either of those instances, so while it may have been the "right" thing to do to fire Smith there likely were other parties involved that would ultimately make that decision for Meyer, such as Ohio States Human Resources, Legal represntatives, Title IX coordinator, school administration, etc. If the case was reported and the police were involved amd didnt refer charges and the school staff didnt recommend firing, I am not sure why Meyer should have been expected to act otherwise.

My big issue so far is there have been no statements or focus on the police involved in these cases, bringing them to the front to explain why charges were not filed, or what evidence they were given compared to all the items Brett Mcmurphy seems to have readily available to stir the pot every time we turn around. If there was evidence that cleared Smith then than the police should be able to bring that forth.

I think you’ve missed some of the details. On the surface the "shocking details" of this story don’t seem to indicate wrongdoing by Meyer. If you believe that Zach Smith is a slime ball though, you don’t have any qualms about Meyer potentially discussing the incident with two people very close to him who then talked Courtney Smith out of reporting the incident against her in 2009? The point of the investigation is to find out about Meyer’s actions and knowledge. This is more information from Courtney Smith- and frankly I can see why she would release it given the amount of "she’s batshit crazy. Now I don’t even think Zach did anything wrong and she’s determined to bring both him and Urban down" that you’ll find on Eleven Warriors. Just because the details of an investigation haven’t been leaked doesn’t at all mean that it’s "going nowhere fast" or "a witch hunt." That said I wouldn’t be shocked if Meyer is reinstated shortly if they aren’t able to find any damning information against him that is likely to become public.