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Now, they probably recorded that scene weeks ago, maybe even months ago. That doesn’t really matter. Directv satellite dish setup menu all that seems to matter is that I have waking and sleeping visions that are prescient of observations I will make later, usually a few hours later. Makes sense that whatever is causing this to happen to me would – at the beginning at least – occur only a few hours before my actual observation. I have documented carefully the occurrences just to prove that I am not hallucinating this.

Just as thedia does not want to admit to the public that she is the surrogate mother of a cloned human being (despite her drunken blabbing about it on countless occasions when I was a kid), there are other people, I suspect, who do not want to make public records of their experiences similar to what I describe here in my public blog, at the risk of the monkey-human tyranny that infests this planet earth.

I’ve got nothing to hide behind. I’ve got no car to hide in while driving down the street, thinking I am superior to every other polluter. One of the reasons I have to live like this is because THEY have the dregs of the intelligence agencies watching me constantly anywhere I go. They are menial laborers who don’t get paid much for their low-value employment so they are RESENTFUL. They are resentful about their jobs to begin with. Their resentment becomes much worse if they have to constantly monitor a free american citizen who makes a lot of money. That just rubs it in their face. Satellite tv pc so they’re resentful. And they express their resentment at the target of their secret state surveillance.

Oh, right. The sleeping dream. In the television series episode that first broadcast new last night and that I am now watching on hulu.Com, they find a hidden hatch. In my sleeping dream a few hours earlier, I saw a similar hatch. It was rectangular. I wasn’t so much aware of a wall there but there must have been. The hatch opened to a completely different location. I assume I was standing here, on this other side, but I don’t really know where I was. I know that the other side of the hatch was lake coeur d’alene. I was looking right at the beach area of the lake. There was one familiar person, I won’t name him, because for one reason I don’t know why I would see him there. But as I have noted before, for many years, I suspect that the person I am seeing is in disguise, as I wrote once at the beginning of my journal entries from the year 2006. I have no memory of these sort of sleeping dreams before then. Satellite tv channel I also tend to think of the term ‘disguise’ to mean that they are symbolic of some other person. They symbolize a specific trait of some other person. A different person that is now invisible to my conscious memory. Invisible now because my mind will not let me remember consciously the details of that fantastic life I have theorized about extensively in this blog.

I told that person, as he stood on the other side of the hatch, standing there where he was in lake coeur d’alene, that I wasn’t going through that hatch again. The dimensions were too small. My shoulders barely fit through it. I have had similar waking experiences about a doorway that leads to somewhere else, some other place I would rather be, and that’s what the dream seemed to be about. Direct tv hd antenna installation there was other detail in the dream but I cannot articulate it now.

I have before in past occurrences over the past decade clearly documented that such occurrences are credible experiences to me. The best example that comes to mind was a rebroadcast of a the simpsons episode. I wrote about the sleeping dream I had of a the simpsons episode I had never watched before. And then a short while later, I watched, for the first time for me personally, the re-broadcast and then was baffled by the similarity to my sleeping dream, documented earlier here on my blog.

Details about my recent sleep are very fuzzy today. Can’t remember for sure when I woke up. 3 am maybe. Or maybe shortly after midnight, can’t really remember as I usually can. Remember dreaming something about driving my jeep. Then I returned to it where it was parked in a parking lot after I was traveling through some passageways, hallways in a transit facility maybe. The only part I remember clearly is where a woman, I assume was my imaginary girlfriend asked me out for drinks or something. I told her we needed to keep it really casual though because all I had to wear was sweatpants. Kind of the downside to dating a homeless person I reflect now as I write this. She told me she would wear something with holes in it. I hope that was her in my dream, although the woman in the dream seemed to be someone unfamilar though. But I have noticed that happening with other people I know. They are represented, somehow, by a different person, but I think of them as someone specific. I feel like that is part of the manipulation. Digital satellite dvb s usb tv receiver card tuner box I have noticed something similar in real dreams, but I don’t think it is the same here. I think they are disquising themselves in my dream for some reason.

On this day in 1633, italian philosopher, astronomer and mathematician galileo galilei arrives in rometo face charges of heresy for advocating copernican theory, which holds that the earth revolves around the sun. Galileo officially faced the roman inquisition in april of that same year and agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. Put under house arrest indefinitely by pope urban VIII, galileo spent the rest of his days at his villa in arcetri, near florence, before dying on january 8, 1642.

Galileo, the son of a musician, was born february 15, 1564, in pisa, italy. He entered the university of pisa planning to study medicine, but shifted his focus to philosophy and mathematics. In 1589, he became a professor at pisa for several years, during which time he demonstrated that the speed of a falling object is not proportional to its weight, as aristotle had believed. According to some reports, galileo conducted his research by dropping objects of different weights from the leaning tower of pisa. From 1592 to 1630, galileo was a math professor at the university of padua, where he developed a telescope that enabled him to observe lunar mountains and craters, the four largest satellites of jupiter and the phases of jupiter. He also discovered that the milky way was made up of stars. Satellite tv on computer free download following the publication of his research in 1610, galileo gained acclaim and was appointed court mathematician at florence.

Galileo’s research led him to become an advocate of the work of the polish astronomer nicolaus copernicus (1473-1573). However, the copernican theory of a sun-centered solar system conflicted with the teachings of the powerful roman catholic church, which essentially ruled italy at the time. Church teachings contended that earth, not the sun, was at the center of the universe. In 1633, galileo was brought before the roman inquisition, a judicial system established by the papacy in 1542 to regulate church doctrine. Setting up directv hd satellite dish this included the banning of books that conflicted with church teachings. The roman inquisition had its roots in the inquisition of the middle ages, the purpose of which was to seek out and prosecute heretics, considered enemies of the state.

From 2/19/1997 ( as kerry wayne burgess the united states marine corps officer and united states STS-82 pilot astronaut and my 4th US NASA orbital flight of 4 overall I begin repairing the US hubble telescope while in space and orbit of the planet earth – the hubble space telescope placed back into its own orbit of the planet earth ) to 5/5/2012 is 5554 days

I wonder why I had that dream a while back where I was talking to fleet admiral nimitz? I can’t remember what we were talking about. I remember that I was still thinking of myself as a former PO2 back during the time of the dream. I wonder if it was a clue to get me thinking about the USS ronald reagan, which I think is a nimitz-class. Maybe it means that I am on track to become a fleet admiral myself someday. Although, I don’t know, I need to look this up, but I think they only award that 5th star for extraordinary circumstances. In my current memory, I know only of that one 5-star and that was because of WW2.

I had a dream last night about something but I can only remember one detail. There were 5 medals of honor hanging near me and someone said they were mine. That would be consistent with other thoughts I have had for a while and could be the 5 stars from that dream where I was talking to nimitz. But I still don’t actually remember any specific details. It’s hard to say what I actually remember. I seem to remember something, but I don’t consciously remember anything from my real life.

070503-N-2143T-003 BREMERTON, wash. (may 3, 2007) – personnel specialist seaman apprentice kimberly mcghee verifies a sailor’s service record to ensure proper documentation is complete before filing records at the naval base kitsap personal support detachment. U.S. Navy photo by mass communication specialist 2nd class maebel tinoko (RELEASED)