Opinion police are not above public scrutiny

You don’t think former Chief Justice Roy Moore knew there were accusations of child molestation hanging over his head his entire political career? Well, sure he did. That’s why he has yet to show even a shred of evidence that he did not fondle a 14-year-old and “date” underaged girls when he was a grown man in the Etowah County district attorney’s office.

Still, the Republican Party, no matter what happens this fall, is the party of scandal once again. In more than a few cases, Republican members of Congress are losing their seats already – to corruption. President Donald Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony campaign finance probe that trapped his former personal lawyer, a man Trump has now disavowed.

You think Trump doesn’t know this?

Well, sure he does. Just read his tweets, if you can stomach them. There’s not one person who has been caught up in the criminal web Trump weaved that he hasn’t thrown under that proverbial bus. Former government officials who dare even to criticize this ethically challenged president are subject to petty, grade-school retaliation. Trump is running defense so often, it should be him kneeling during the National Anthem.

A Blue Wave this November? If Democrats don’t do exceedingly well in the midterm elections, that’s on them. They have so much – maybe too much – to work with. Bad stuff. But it’s not really Blue’s bad stuff. That’s on Red. Whatever happens, we know that Red, once again, is synonymous with corruption. The Republican Party is the party of Nixon and now Trump. It is, once again, the party of crooks.

Recently, I wrote about Alfa’s influence in Alabama politics. In my August 8 column, I said, the Alabama Farmers Federation still controls the Legislature. They use to play in the Governor’s Race. However, they got burned badly by Bob Riley when they helped him get elected and the first thing he did was stab them in the back. However, they have slipped around this year and will not only own the Legislature, they will probably have a good friend in the Governor’s office.

The day before the Primary, Kay Ivey was put on Jimmy Ranes’ jet to fly around the state. Boarding with her was Beth Chapman, Alfa’s political consultant. The next night when she came off the platform after giving her appreciation speech, guess who was helping her off the stage and holding her arm so that she would not fall? Jimmy Parnell the Farmers Federation President.

Well, I get a note from Debbee Hancock, an Ivey campaign spokesperson, yes, that is right, it is spelled Debbee. She informed me that Beth Chapman was not actually on-board Jimmy Ranes’ plane that day when they flew Kay around the state. I politely told her that in watching the television footage, it looked to me like Beth was in a finite group of people walking beside Kay to the plane. Even Brent Buchanan, the Governor’s campaign manager, concurred with my assessment. He told me, “I was there with Beth and saw it on TV after. I totally see how you could have thought she was headed to the plane when the Governor exited that way.”

I told young Debbee that I would clarify that Beth did not actually board the plane, it just looked like she did. However, I told them that they should not be so sensitive about or ashamed of the Farmers’ friendship. Also told them that they should have given them a place on the plane. Most people assume that the Farmers’ would be for the Republican nominee for governor.

Walt Maddox has been doing his best to coax Kay’s folks into letting her debate. Folks, you can bet your bottom dollar, Kay Ivey ain’t going to debate Walt Maddox. My observation is that Kay cannot debate. I do not believe that she has the stamina to physically stand up for an hour or two, much less answer questions. It would be political suicide for her handlers to put her in that trap. She would become befuddled and anxious. She would be prone to putting on a show worse than Big Jim Folsom’s appearance on TV in 1962. It would be a good show.

All Kay has to do is run out the clock. She needs to continue to say nothing or do nothing. A Republican Governor who looks elderly and has done nothing wrong ethically and who is enjoying the fruits of a great national recovery will beat a young, energetic, highly qualified candidate who is cognizant and well versed on the issues every day of the week and twice on Sunday in Alabama politics. Just the appearance on a debate stage would be dramatic.

In political office as in all of life, laws are made to constrain the worst impulses on human nature – only in public office, elected lawmakers can change the rules. Generally, they do not hastily change laws to favor themselves for fear of alienating voters. However, once a party realizes they have an iron lock on the electorate, that fear subsides and they are encouraged to do as they please.

He was right that special interests and lobbyists control much of what happens in Montgomery, but he was wrong because many Republicans didn’t understand, including Hubbard, that the influence of special interests and lobbyists needed to be sharply limited. Instead, many of the same lawmakers who came to do good found it easier to do what most have always done, enjoy the spoils of power.

So, Republicans seem to have a hold on the November elections according to Pollsters, but of course, if all votes were based on polls, President Hillary Clinton would be in the White House, Senator Roy Moore would be making new headlines every day from Washington D.C. and appointed Attorney General Steve Marshall would be packing for Buck’s Pocket.