Patent trolls in epo events that promote software patents techrights awesome foot tattoos for guys

THE STAFF UNION of the european patent office, SUEPO, is not saying much. Awesome tattoos for girls it’s just linking to a few reports here and there, occasionally producing word-by-word translations of these. Awesome upper back tattoos three days have passed and SUEPO never reinstated what it wrote about USF, so it was quite likely censored by threats (nastygram from bergot yet again? Her name was rubbed off by USF).

“…software patents in europe are on the rise; they’re just described or categorised using hype waves and buzzwords.”this is a perfect opportunity for this corrupt management to further lower patent quality and fake ‘production’ figures, then give itself bonuses for the ‘accomplishment’. Awesome music tattoos for guys as we’ve been stressing many times in recent months, software patents in europe are on the rise; they’re just described or categorised using hype waves and buzzwords.

“the EPO has created many loopholes — more so recently — for software patents (and told its examiners they must swallow these buzzwords and grant… or else!).”as someone put it yesterday: “does it mean I can now easily patent anything if I append “… using AI” after it? Just joking, remembering “… with computer” or “… over internet” craze few years back (with fallout still felt).”

The other element of managing patent information – investigating new technologies – is already well underway. Awesome side tattoos for guys A lot of you know that we’re serious about harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, based on a full understanding of the impact of the technologies. Amazing mens sleeve tattoos that was helped by a major conference on AI earlier this year but now we turn our attention to another subject that could impact upon patent information: blockchain. Wrist tattoos for guys meanings in theory this new way to record ownership and other elements of information may have ramifications for patent data but exactly how it will impact this field, and how much, is still unclear. It’s the kind of issue we want to investigate further with your help. Awesome small tattoos for guys so I hope many of you will consider attending our conference on 4 december to discuss how blockchain could affect various parts of the whole patent landscape.

Shortly afterward the EPO wrote about “patenting blockchain” ( warning: epo.Org link): “marieke flament from circle, benoît abeloos from DG CONNECT – @eu_commission, jon wright from @sternekessler erich spangenberg from @ipwe_ will discuss the possible future impact of blockchain at our event in the hague: http://bit.Ly/epoblockchain18 pic.Twitter.Com/shnp3b8dk1″

“nothing has changed under campinos; he’s still union-busting and gagging staff representatives, using the likes of bergot for indirection (to make himself look “clean” and “friendly”).”I am disgusted but not shocked that the EPO now entertains the highly notorious patent troll erich spangenberg, who sends me death wishes. New low for EPO and for europe in an event that promotes software patents (likely illegal).

Abuses at the european patent office, political turmoil and an obvious legislative coup by a self-serving occupation that produces nothing have already doomed the unitary patent or unified patent court (UPC); so now we deal with complete fabrications from team UPC as they’re struggling to make something out of nothing, anonymously smearing opposition to the UPC and anonymously making stuff up

In the absence of benoît battistelli quality control at the EPO is still not effective; patents are being granted like the sole goal is to increase so-called ‘production’ (or profit), appeals are being subjected to threats from office management, and external courts (courts that assess patents outside the jurisdiction of the office/organisation) are being targeted with a long-sought replacement like the unified patent court, or UPC (unitary patent)

With the former banker campinos replacing the politician battistelli and seeking to have far more powers it would be insane for the german constitutional court to ever allow anything remotely like the UPC; sites that are sponsored by team UPC, however, try to influence outcomes, pushing patent maximalism and diminishing the role of patent judges