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My content creation became backed in fear. Amazing tattoo ideas for guys I would get anxious every time I posted something. What would they hate about me today? How would I fail to deliver? Sometimes it was the fit of my pants. Sometimes it was misunderstandings. Sometimes it was the color of my shirt. Some days it was my make up. Every day there was a new reason for people to be disappointed in me. Tattoo ideas for guys with meaning this was all I could see. The failures.

So i began to take my heart out of the work, and I wasn’t as me as I have been before. I’d never really had anxiety and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I had to learn new skills and evolve my coping mechanisms. It sucked. It’s great to be popular on the internet, but the mental demands it creates on you are intense.

I had to recalibrate and learn to live in this new state of affairs. I have over 800,000 followers across channels. I will not and cannot please them all everyday and I would lose my ability to be happy if I keep trying to.

I am still working on it, being ok with where this has all grown to. I am tremendously uncomfortable with quasi-internet fame. However today while shooting I mentioned to my photographer and long time friend joey I was considering leaving influencer work behind. He looked me in the eyes and said confidently, ” what you create is needed and I know you don’t feel strong enough, but you are. Awesome tattoos with meaning you were meant for this. You get to be the voice for people who aren’t always heard. That’s a gift.” as we walked into the sun to shoot I thought to myself, “here’s to never shutting up.”

This post was sponsored by simply be USA. Let’s have a quick chat about them, shall we? One thing I have always loved about simply be USA, is even though they are size inclusive (offering clothing in UK sizes 8 – 32 and US sizes 6 – 28 ) they have always made sure to feature plus models at the forefront. Not many brands do that, so you already know I have some love for the be that is simply. Simply be is originally UK based, size inclusive fashion house, and they are re-launching their US brand this month. Awesome body tattoos and they plan to enter this market like just like giant inflatable godzilla on the beach, by making a statement.

As they re-launch the brand here in the good ole U. S. Of A, they’re going digital first baybay- no more catalogues, just sweet sweet technology user experience action. As a certified tech geek this makes my glitter heart swoon. They are going to start making special collections just for the US market (yesss), and also push us to reimagine how plus women are shot in campaigns. This means more ambitious editorial style content for plus size ladies to be inspired by (hell yeah). As you can see from this first campaign, these are not your average plus fashion images. Most badass tattoos ever also props to model, natalie nootenboom for being able to hold both a sultry look and a giant inflatable dinosaur at the same time.

Rich storer, simply be’s US V.P. Of marketing shared this quote, “ we have a responsibility to empower women and this comes in many different forms…so our new image is an assertive step away from the often-vanilla campaign images hitherto used in the US curve market. These images convey confidence, sass, verve, sex appeal and energy and beautiful curves in a more editorial manner. “ did we just go to church, because I just want this man to keep preaching. I’ll be over here in the choir with a tambourine and a bedazzled robe.

Simply be USA will also celebrate this relaunch by hosting pop up events throughout the country starting off this summer in NYC. That means you’ll be able experience the clothes in person, try them on and the recieve fresh un-stranger-mangled items at your doorstep. These stores will also feature brand fit experts to help shoppers find clothes that are a perfect fit for their body. The only way this could be better is if the brand fit experts were also really attractive men with accents who really hated wearing shirts.

I am super excited to see more from simply be USA over the next few months. Best female back tattoos from the looks of it they are likely to win over our american, apple pie loving red, white and blue hearts with their sexy accents and even sexier fashion. Now I am going have some tea, crumpets, and surf through all the new plus size items that simply be just launched. If you find something you love save a sweet 30% valid today through april 16 th by using the code GLITTER30 . Toodle pip, mates!