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Presto’s website says of its 16 and 23 quart canners, “constructed of extra-strong aluminum and suitable for use on regular and smooth-top ranges….” [1] presto site. Calculate how much gas will cost for my trip accessed august 2017 at https://www.Gopresto.Com/products/products.Php?Stock=01781. Those canners’ manuals say, “if canning on an electric smoothtop range, clean the stovetop with a cooktop polishing cream, according to the stovetop manufacturer’s instructions, before and after canner use. In addition, to avoid scratching smoothtop ranges, check the bottom of the canner to be sure it is clean and free of debris and does not have any nicks or scratches.” [2] prest0 23 quart canner manual. Page 5.

That being said, in the interest of thoroughness, fagor’s pressure canner is also safe to operate on glass stove tops.

However, owing to the factors such as the way its pressure is controlled, and that the recommended processing times they give for foods under their pressure settings vary quite markedly from the norm, it’s generally not included on lists of recommended pressure canners.

As of 2015 presto currently has in production two models of pressure canners: a 16 US quart (litre) and 23 US quart (litre). Calculate fuel cost canada both are dial-gauge [3] “presently presto makes only dial gauge canners, although they made good quality weighted gauge canners in the past.” in: bernardin FAQ. Accessed march 2015 at https://www.Bernardin.Ca/pages/faq/33.Php#50 , and both are made of aluminum. How much does gas cost in canada the lids, handles, gauges, weights, shape of the bottom, stove surface contact area, and diameters of the two are identical; it’s just the height that is different. Both are certified by presto as being safe for glass top stoves.

Water bath canning: the 16 quart cannot be used for water-bathing US quart / litre jars, it is not tall enough for that. The presto manual says, “do not use the boiling water method with quart jars.” the jars will fit in, but there isn’t enough height room at the top of the pot after that to allow for bubbling water. Fuel calculator road trip it is fine for water bathing pint and 1/2 pint (1/2 and 1/4 litre) jars. Double-decking in the 16-quart presto

Healthycanning.Com was curious about the prohibition on double-decking jars for water bath canning so we filled the 23-quart canner up with two layers of regular pint (1/2 litre) jars, and then with water to an inch (2 1/2 cm) above the jars, and one reason became clear: the pot would just not be quite tall enough to allow the water to boil without boiling out over the stove. There may also be a weight consideration for glass-top stoves, which might be why the prohibition appears to apply to 1/2 pint (1/4 litre) jars as well.

Note: while the USDA has tested double-decking for water bathing and pressure canning, they have not tested triple decking. The concern, apparently is not one of heat distribution, but rather a mechanical one: would a third layer put too much weight on the bottom layer, pressing the canning rings down and preventing proper venting during processing, [and thus preventing a vacuum seal.] [4] linda ziedrich re discussion with utah state extension. Driving gas cost email on file. 20 may 2016. It would certainly be mildly annoying to have a whole layer of jars that did not seal.

The 16 quart does have a solid advantage of its own, though: it’s lighter on its feet energy-wise because of its smaller capacity. That means, it comes up to pressure far faster, and costs less in cooking fuel to keep it at pressure. It also cools down a bit faster. Gas prices in new mexico and arizona so, it’s a much better choice for smaller loads. It can feel like such a waste to fire up the 23 quart for 6 pint jars. Gas prices in europe 2012 with the 16 quart, not so much.

Shorter people, and older people, point out that getting enough “heft” going for the tall 23 quart on top a stove to lift or move it off a burner at the end of processing time can be an issue physically. That being said, even though the contemporary presto models are much lighter than the older ones, and therefore a bit easier to move about, most people advise to not even try lifting or moving either size of the canner when it is full of jars and water.