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Makita makes a shop vac similar to the design of FEIN in that both of these brands specialize in power tools in a broad sense–though it is worth noting that FEIN has focused on power tools since its inception whereas makita is best at making the electric motors which power their products. Still, this does present FEIN with a bit of a pickle as this means that the makita will also be the first competition that it has had with another shop vac that is situated squarely within its market.

In fact, as we will see, the makita not only gives the FEIN a run for its money, but it leaves the FEIN in its dust in many appreciable categories and is actually likely a better option depending on the specific circumstances of its use. Luxury master bathroom photo gallery for instance, considering how this is a review of the quietest shop vac, it is definitely worth noting that the FEIN produces a quiet 66 db of volume.

However, as good as that noise level is, the makita is actually able to perform at a lower 59 db which can be a truly meaningful difference if your workspace requires strict volume regulations. Our biggest concern with the makita VC4710 is the poor amazon reviews and the higher price tag.

On top of the makita being the quieter of the two shop vacs, it also has a more powerful motor than the FEIN with the makita coming with a 12 amp motor–placing it squarely in the professional grade market–and the FEIN only coming with a 10 amp motor–though that is still more in line with a professional-grade shop vac than a consumer-grade. Luxury bathroom faucet manufacturers still, this does mean that the makita is likely to last a little bit longer–which is only further bolstered by the use of lightweight components in the motor as well as precisely engineered air ducting to generate as much power with as little force as possible.

Unfortunately, this has also resulted in the makita being significantly less powerful than the FEIN when it comes to the suction power–at least in regards to dry vacuuming. With 135 CFM, the makita is somewhat underpowered in comparison to the FEIN, though this will only affect how you use the shop vac, not how well the 2 shop vacs perform. Still, the makita can more than keep up with the FEIN in terms of liquid suction as it has an SP of 92”–only 2” less than the FEIN.

Though nilfisk may not have the same storied history as fein, it has been a manufacturer of cleaning tools for its entire existence and does pride itself in servicing the high-end consumer-grade market. When comparing the fein shop vac to the nilfisk, it is important not to get too terribly fixated on the difference in volume as the difference in performance is far more relevant to this comparison than a couple of measly decibels. Modern bathroom tile photos in fact, there are other shop vacs on our list that are far quieter and truly give the fein a bit more of a run for its money that respect.

That said, if the volume is the ultimate and overriding factor in your determination, then the 64-decibel volume level of the nilfisk will please you a bit more than the fein. Still, with only 127 CFM and 84” of sp, every kind of suctioning power that a shop vac can have is inferior on the nilfisk when compared to the fein. When you consider the durability of the two shop vacs, this is a bit more relevant to the setting and scenario.

Still, the versatility and portability that the ryobi present cannot be denied, and if you happen to already be a user of a number of their tools, the ryobi shop vac will also allow you to power it with the various 18V batteries that power your other ryobi power tools. Luxury bathroom designs gallery of course, if you are looking for performance, then you are definitely better served looking towards the FEIN as the ryobi is most certainly intended to be used by the niche consumer and not anywhere near a professional job site. This is most notable in the suction power of the ryobi as this model is nearly half as powerful as the FEIN–severely limiting the ryobi shop vac’s appropriate applications and settings.

In fact, not only is the 80 CFM the lowest dry suction power that we have in our comparisons, but the ryobi shop vac is actually the only product on our list that does not indicate the SP rating which almost certainly suggests that it is not worth boasting. That said, the ryobi does have its place and it is by far one of the more convenient shop vacs that are out there, and it is a far more convenient shop vac to use than the FEIN.

As such, if convenience is a primary concern for you, then the ryobi will by far suit you better with the numerous different types of attachments all set securely and ergonomically placed for user interaction. This is also by far one of the easier shop vacs to transport as its light weight combines with a reasonably good frame and wheel set to make moving it from one place to another a breeze–another area in which the ryobi does hold a distinct advantage over the FEIN. Luxury outdoor bathrooms still, the ryobi takes its wins where it can get them while the FEIN is by far the superior shop vac for most situations.