I doubt that Enrique Peña Nieto is going to read this blog, but if he did, I wanted to advise him and Mexico that he should actually try to negotiate with the great negotiator. Drumpf knows how to manipulate the situation and he often tries to do the " Madman theory" like Nixon and start with ridiculous negotiating positions and thus the final deal feels like a deal to the opposing side.

Drumpf has staked out a ridiculous position that Mexico will pay for our security wall. Even if people chanted it endless times, does not indicate that it is reasonable. Enrique should sit Drumpf down and point out that the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico is shrinking and is at a 40 year low. Thus, the continuing flow of immigrants is coming mostly from Central America.

Then tell Drumpf that he should pay Mexico for its wall along Guatemala and Belize.

If parts of the US/Mexico border is remote and difficult to build walls/fences along, then the parts of Guatemala are impossible { Guatemala–Mexico border}. But if that is not unreasonable enough for the 577 miles of remote jungle hills and rivers, then the skies the limits for the Belize–Mexico border costs as Mexico could insist that their border wall be placed in the middle of the 155 mile long Hondo River.

During the primary and election seasons, there was plenty of information to base a logical decision to not vote for Drumpf, but now that the inconceivable became a reality, there is a need for conservatives {and every American} to discuss and discover what type of man-child is Donald Trump. When Donald Trump was running the Apprentice show, he showed positive aspects of his personality. When others mentioned how he might be a good president, I could see him as president, but I knew from experience that a TV personality is never a good judge for what he would do as a public figure not under constant editor and script controls.

Thus, this seems the time to explore what Mr. Drumpf wrote or thought about in detail, like in his book "The Art of the Comeback". From my experience, books about business success stories or methodologies for success assume the best about others in business and call upon the better angels of society. That success is based on working with others and it has more to do with cooperation than competition. So it seems odd that "Trump’s Top Ten Comeback Tips" contains such winning strategies like:

All during the primary and general election, Drumpf along with all his fanatic enablers implied or stated that he would be more presidential or that his strategies would align more with democratic institutions and norms. But clearly his book shows and he has demonstrated that he follows his own rules. It does not matter how his uncouth methods offend allies or encourage adversaries like Russia.

Many of Drumpf’s tips could have been used in just about every article concerning Donald for the past year. Aside from the obvious strange way to success of getting even with your partners or competitors or anyone that slights Donald in any way, it would be strange getting married to someone that feels that his wife is not a helper in his success but someone that could and would drag him down. Instead of finding a wife that his equal, he looks for young and vulnerable women to take advantage of.

“What really threw me, though, were the constant attacks from the other side,” she writes about the 2012 Senate campaign. “I would almost persuade myself that I was starting to get the hang of full-throttle campaigning and then — bam! Out of left field, the state Republican Party, or the Brown campaign, or some blogger, would launch a rocket at me.”

Yes, the answer to all social ills to insist that businesses pay for it. It’s FREE! No wonder she has that Berning sensations. But just like most great social experiments, there is never a need to explore the social costs and especially any cost-benefit analysis. All we need to do is take from and rise the costs of doing business by providing paid leave, and free college. Then all our social problems are solved… or at least until the next constituent thinks of something else to get for free.

Beyond the hyperbolae that he does not actually attack those groups, she creates straw man arguments. I know of no one that is against "Hardworking American immigrants" as that would imply LEGAL status of immigrants, idiot. Cruz actually suggested and has not enacted any law that discriminates against Muslims, but increased police presence and intelligence in sectors of society that may breed radical terrorist ideologies.

Elizabeth Warren: New shit, same as the old shitwhy it is not necessarily Transgenders we need to worry about, but how does society address the added benefits that individuals can obtain by declaring themselves a minority. You only have to consider the case of Rachel Dolezal to think of this feel good society where anyone can claim their heritage be anything they want it to be, or even sex.

Trump holds on to big lead in New York and I am not sure why. Like most Americans, I have followed Trump’s career including watching his Apprenticeship show until we got bored with all the celebrity BS. What has Trump really done for New York? Hasn’t he also made enough enemies in the state to make his popularity not shine so bright? There are plenty more questions that could consume all my free time, but in the mean time I wonder:

When I lived in Santa Barbara for 4 years and worked there nearly 8 years, it was a beautiful place to work and live. For the most part the politics was openly liberal and blatantly anti-business. They justified this stance by insisting it was only on "bad industries" or businesses, but the same liberal mentality can easily make even the most benign business suddenly get on the bad side of a liberal mob.

Santa Barbara prided itself in its quaint "Disneyland" environment with many small shops and restaurants along its main corridor. But when they heard from a citizen during their open discussion period in city hall about possible businesses dumping out their dishwater or cleaning water into the drain without any shred of evidence, there was an immediate response that a commission had to be set up and investigate all possible violations of this dastardly dead.

One of the first examples I learned about was in college economic classes. Rent controls and regulations on housing sounds like a great idea, but ultimately lead to shortages and inferior products in the market. Rent and housing is the biggest expense of low income households and even the "working poor" experience high rent costs that raise their cost of "living". So to solve this problem liberal bastions like New York, California and yes, Santa Barbara think that raising minimum wage laws is the answer. The answer should not be rent control laws but to open the market so that the market can create affordable housing.

It is actually funny that MSNBC keeps repeating "New York Values" during the Hardball show. Hell, even Montel Williams is offended! Can’t they just get over themselves as many like myself remember that it was one hell hole of a city with crime rampant during the 1970s. While MSNBC hates Trump, they willingly allow him unlimited free media and repeating his arguments ad nauseam with only a tiny sound bite in rebuttal {if that}.

Why Attacking Trump for ‘New York Values‘ Could Backfire for Cruz: An ad put out by the Cruz-supporting political action committee Keep the Promise III contains snippets from a 1999 "Meet the Press" interview Trump gave to then-host Tim Russert, in which he describes himself as “very pro-choice” and says that, as a result of living in Manhattan, his views are “a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa.”