Returning the snow melts somewhere

But the cultural differences weren’t that bad to me. I’m adaptive and curious by nature. I embraced them. All of them… except one: rude or non-existent customer service. The back then ubiquitous answer “C’est pas possible” started to sound a bit old to me, and though I didn’t miss Finland, I missed Finland’s efficiency, matter-of-factness and – simply put – return rights for purchased goods! Sometimes I like to change my mind!

Blogging has made me realize that I’m definitely not the same person I was back in my traveling twenties. My tastes, interests and priorities have drastically changed. (Of course they have.) Creativity excites me more than travel, these days. Even my zodiac sign, cancer, tells me I like to crawl into my shell and stay at home, and that finally makes sense to me now.

On a solo trip, someone once said to me, “We are all following our own paths, no?” and it rings more true than ever. I had no idea I would end up here, but looking back, I can now see that every little decision I made took me one step further on the path that led me here. This was how it was meant to go and the only way it could have gone.

You not only answered my question to you, but you hit upon some of the feelings I’ve been having lately! In June, I was on a lovely 9-day trip and for the first time ever, I just got sick of being in hotels and sightseeing and even hiking. It was perfectly wonderful in many ways, but I just hit a wall. At the same time, I started feeling like my blog and Instagram were superfluous, too; I didn’t feel like collecting ideas or photos for them while traveling, and I started to think it was incredibly presumptuous to think that anyone on earth would care what I had to say about a given destination. 🙂 I know this will change, but right now I’m just trying to live life instead of writing so much about it. (And like you, I’ve pretty much bagged Instagram for the time being.)

Now that I have a stable home again after a few years of temporary cities, I also kind of like to be home! (Heresy!) But the whole idea of having one foot out the door means that one is in, and my desire to roam is enhanced by good, long, comforting stays at home. I’m learning to embrace that. I just spent two weeks driving 2000 miles to see all my kids, my parents, my siblings, etc, and loved being “home” in all my family’s places, but now I am back in my own little house and happily settling in (for a little bit – haha – I do have a big trip planned for August, but after that I want to stay put for a while!)

Thanks, Lexi for your comment(s), interest, and inspiration! 💕I completely see what you mean. I have been wondering if I should do a digital detox – a permanent one. I have gotten rid of my mobile phone addiction since I had the boys and I concentrate fully on them when they are awake, and that is good. When they nap, I like to blog if I don’t have a million other things that need my attention at that very moment. But… maybe I should be exercising instead of blogging, or cooking, or reading a book..? When I go to my blog, I notice I also stray into just general internet browsing (news and gossip) and it’s really such a waste of time. Who cares who wore what, and I’m tired of all the negative news everywhere, making me feel the world is a terrifying place. Maybe I shouldn’t look, and just live in an offline bubble! I might feel more balanced, happier…?

As for blogging, I’ve “lost my mojo” a bit (quoting from a blog I just read) and I actually don’t know what my blog is about. Like you, I feel it’s very presumptuous, and also self-centered, to be thinking people want to read about my everyday life and doings. My blog is no longer a travel blog but I don’t want to write about my personal life. I don’t have time for photography (or the equipment right now since my camera broke) and so… what is this blog about, what am I doing? Why do I think of my blog whenever I take a nice iPhone snap? Does everything need to be posted online? Then again, I love to write… maybe I should start writing fiction here… but are my readers interested in that, since many of them are travel and photo bloggers? And should I rebrand myself, change my header and the featured articles on the front page?