Review lego minifigures series 18

Series 18 marks a return to form for LEGO’s minifigure series with an eclectic cast of characters in different costumes and party-related outfits. After 2 consecutive licensed Series ( Batman Movie Series 2 and Ninjago Movie), this is a huge breath of fresh air. I’ve also personally liked the core numbered series more then licensed ones, with the exception of Disney.

Like Mr Gold, the extreme rarity of the Police Officer has generated some amount of unhappiness amongst LEGO fans as it becomes so much more difficult to get a complete set. The rarity is meant to make the minifigure a lot more special (but not to the extremes of Mr Gold) and ties in very nicely to the 40th Anniversary of the LEGO minifigure.

I really like the two-tone top hat which has a flower printed in the front, as it gives the clown a very distinct look.

The clown also comes with the long coat-tails from the Batman Movie’s Joker, in a shade of orange that matches the colour of his jacket. Personally, I’m not a fan of the coattails as they’re quite large and often get in the way.

It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without some fireworks – enter Firework Guy, a LEGO minifigure dressed up in an oversized Fireworks costume. It’s a pretty random choice for a costume, but the execution is done pretty well. The Firework rocket suit is made out of hard plastic which is always a nice touch, and has decorative elements printed on it, with a huge BANG prominently displayed in the middle. Here’s a look at the back of the rocket, which has more tiny explosions printed across it. It would’ve been nice if LEGO had included a fuse at the back as the Firework costume is rather plain. Here’s a look at the Firework Guy without his suit on. He has an explosion printed on his crotch, which I find fairly suggestive, especially paired with his big grin coupled with the sunglasses. I do love his face and can see a lot of use for it for holiday/vacation type scenes. The Firework Guy is just okay to me. I do like the novelty factor of a guy in a Firework rocket suit, but it lacks a certain “wow” factor to make me get excited over it. The execution is decent, but in a Series with so many strong characters, it’s for sure one of the weaker ones.

How To Find One: First of all, try and feel for the Balloon, which should feel like a lollipop. Do note that the Birthday Party Girl also has the same balloon element, so the the most painless way to tell them apart is by the 1×1 square tile – which is exclusive to the boy. If not, the boy’s hair-piece, which feels rounded will also help tell the two apart, but it’s easiest to just feel for the square tile.

The Birthday Party Girl has most of the same accessories and a matching design with the Birthday Party Boy. In a similarly festive outfit, she comes with a purple balloon, and a lavender party hat as well as a gift box. It would be rude to attend a party without a present in-hand. She comes with a purple balloon. I really like the handle’s design as it easily lets the minifig grip it easily. Here’s a look at the back printing, which has more of that lovely pastel-coloured squares as well as a ribbon sash behind. I really love the diagonal design of the gift box as it runs all the way across the outside of the box.

How To Find One: The Dragon Suit Guy has several elements that are easily identifiable, but for me, finding his wings has been the most reliable method. They’re quite large, and rigid, as you can feel the webbing between the wings. You can also look out for the neck clip which emerges at a right angle from the wing. If not, try feeling for the tail piece, which has noticable spikes on it.

Thankfully, due to the “plain nature” of the Classic Police Officer, i does temper the overall desirability of the minifigure, and in this case, is only wanted because he’s released in such low numbers. I do love the vintage/retro nod and I’d love to see LEGO reissue more iconic minifigures in their illustrious history, but not at crazy rare levels.

That’s it for my review of LEGO Minifigures Series 18! So sorry this post came so, so late and also so close to the release of the Harry Potter Minifigures series. It was a massive mental struggle pulling this review together and with all the other things I was dealing with in my personal life, it made it all the harder to write this review.