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I realize that I’m starting to create the impression that I’m Ryan LaMarre crazy after 12 AB”s. I want to clarify my opinion because I’m getting a lot of small sample size type comments and even some flavor of the month snark comments in response. At the very least, I’m hoping that it can be understood that I understand small sample sizes and my point is probably more about opportunity and timing than it is about LaMarre himself.

I believe it is the job of the front office (General Manager, Scouts… whoever is in the room with input) to put together a 25 man roster. I believe it the job of the GM and staff to look through past statistics and all the factors necessary to make the best determinations.I believe that front office should not waste a 25 man roster spot ever unless the team is in some sort of rebuild situation.

If the front office made the determination that Ryan LaMarre gets a 25 man roster spot. I believe they have made a determination that he can play or else they failed to secure a guy who can play. I believe the front office will have made a huge mistake if they just handed a 25 man spot to a player that they (or the manager) doesn’t believe can play.

I believe there is no past metric or future projection that justifies sitting a player with 7 hits in 12 AB’s over a guy who has 4 hits in 48 AB’s. The Past is the Past and the Future is the Future… It is the manager’s job to put the best player in the lineup TODAY… RIGHT NOW. It is the job of the manager to manage the 25 man roster he has. While Molitor has been trying to bust Morrison out of his slump, he has been ignoring a player who is clearly performing better… right now.

I don’t believe the solution is to sit Morrison extensively either because… yeah… he will never get out of his slump that way. But I do believe that he can yield some playing time to see if the 7 for 12 guy can go 9 for 16. I believe that Castro can yield some playing time to Garver as long as Castro has less hits than LaMarre has in 4X the AB’s.

To further strain on my point from another angle… I believe it was wrong of Tommy Pham to go public with his complaints but I do believe that there are Tommy Pham stories all over the place. Players who never got a chance because the people who control their fate never gave them a chance. Players who don’t get a chance and have to watch from the sidelines while players like Piscotty and Grichuk below average the Cardinals out of the playoffs.

Seams reasonable, but this seems to be a different argument than what was being made in the post-game thread.That argument seemed to be that the Twins should have gone with LaMarre instead of Grossman against Archer last night.But, the Grossman choice against Archer was easily defendable.And, in fact, the results were fine…Grossman contributed offensively, and his error was completely meaningless (…and, fwiw, LaMarre made a very bad play by throwing home in the 9th…which also ended up being meaningless)

I don’t know about the "all over the place" and "never got a change" part of that.Byron Buxton gets more changes than Tommy Pham.Royce Lewis more than Brian Dozier.And, mistakes can be made.But the incentive to ultimately be right and not wrong is astronomical.Tommy Pham is a mistake, but I don’t conclude that mistakes/oversights of that magnitude are common.If we picked the next dozen most ‘Tommy Pham-like’ minor leaguers and ‘gave them a change’ with 1000 PA’s…I suspect we would be hard pressed to come up with even one instance of anything close to Tommy Pham results.

Having said that, I’m with the tenor of this thread.I’m not going to have a problem with LaMarre playing instead of Grossman in many scenarios…to see what happens.LaMarre DH’ing against tough left-handed pitching?Hmm…I guess…try it.But, I’d much rather have an additional infielder with offensive potential on the 25-man…and have Sano (even the current version of Sano) DH’ing in that scenario.

The 12 plate appearances are meaningless and should not be part of your argument. They don’t predict the next 12 plate appearances. Your comment about making the roster is meaningful and persuasive. If we have to look at LaMarre’s collective data, there is nothing to support he will be successful. There was evidence in Pham’s minor league career that he could hit. So we can’t look at numbers but he is on the roster for a reason and is getting a chance today.

However… the 12 plate appearances are not meaningless because that is all he has. You are taking the only thing he has and saying it’s meaningless… So just send him to Rochester to be AAA filler like he has been forever. He has no business being on this roster if the 12 at-bats are meaningless. What can he do?

In the end… LaMarre will have no chance to be better than Morrison when 2018 is over because Morrison will keep getting chances and LaMarre will not… because everything he is doing to try and show he belongs is meaningless. In my opinion… Only in projections is it meaningless.

I don’t care what LaMarre did in Louisville. I’m talking about April 2018. He’s on the roster for a reason… while on the roster he is out performing quite a few of our pedigreed Twins and the only argument for not putting him in the lineup is: He hasn’t done it before and nobody thinks he can do it again.

Ryan played his way onto the roster in Spring Training. He earned the spot. He is also swinging a hot bat. Any manager worth his salt would exploit that and ride that horse while the streak lasts. Ryan should get starts and ph opportunities, so he stays hot.

But when these two things come into conflict, you would still play the hot hand. Unless you believe Ryan is a mirage. This is where those who think he is a waste of a roster spot and those who think he is a stud on an upward trajectory to greatness are both wrong. 12 at bats are not meaningless, not any more than his last 12 at bats in October will be. These ABs tell us something, if only to show us a flicker in a long season, they still happened. We now know Ryan is both capable of getting hot and swinging a hot bat right now.

I think the fairest assessment is that Ryan started off hot and should be allowed to prolong his hot streak. We can use him on offense, especially with the spotty offense we have now. With Buck out there is a vacancy he can fill. I think Molly pulled a Gardy and played the more veteran OFer.