Samantha competente, your realtor for s san francisco homes for sale,


My spouse Miguel and I recently closed on a new home at 101 Lombard Street and were represented by Samantha Competente in the purchase. I wanted to take a bit of your time to tell you how much of a pleasure it was to work, yet again, with Samantha (she represented us in 2004 in the purchase of 671 Alvarado and again in 2014 in the sale of that property). This time around, I was being re-located back to the Bay Area from Princeton, NJ. As you’re surely aware, these relocation moves have stressful timelines (need to buy within a certain window to land certain relo benefits, limited time to get out of company sponsored temporary housing, selling the house on the other end, etc.) and Samantha is the absolute best in helping you manage your search within these confines. This was especially true for us in this move because we landed in January, the worse time of the year with respect to inventory, and had two very specific models of the sort of place and location that we wanted that further restricted the opportunities. Samantha took us on property viewings (me on weekends, Miguel on previews in the middle of the week and again on weekends) to fit both models, and served as a constant advisor on the strengths of each property with respect to how it might fit into each of these models as well as within our budget. I caused a bit of trouble (at least between Miguel and myself) when in the middle of our search, I opted out of one of the models and that further restricted our options (and of course irritated Miguel). Samantha re-focused us on the remaining model (even through a couple to three weeks of zero new inventory) and managed the discussion between Miguel and I so that we ended up making an offer on the a place that both of us were excited about. A huge part of Samantha’s success, and the reason I’ll always do my real estate transactions through her, is her ability to positively and effectively broker these discussions between Miguel and I. The other rule of thumb in SF real estate is “speed is everything” and Samantha is tops in this game. She brought properties to our attention that fit our model that had yet to list and got us in early to see them. On the property that we secured, she led the way with a pre-emptive offer that the buyers quickly accepted. Her guidance on the comps allowed us to fairly secure the property at only $10K above the seller’s asking price. She was constantly available, by phone or text or email, at all hours helping us navigate an aggressive course, underscored by her savvy of the local market. She was also a terrific source of guidance in helping me manage the relocation company when they sometimes had processes completely out of synch with buying in the SF market. With the help of Samantha, we once again have found a place we absolutely love in SF, well within our price target, and without any compromises in our “wish list”. I can’t tell you how happy we are to be “home” in SF and how grateful we are for Samantha’s help in the process. They say “third time’s a charm” but, in our experience with Samantha, every time has been charmed. Charles V.