Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 hashrate optimization for LOKI and SUMOKOIN (Cryptonight Heavy) –

I just wanted to do a quick post on my Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 8GB and how I just did some optimization on it for mining the Cryptonight Heavy Algorithm. If you are not familiar with Cryptonight Heavy (CNH), it is a new algorithm that is Asic resistant and used on a few cryptocurrencies such as Sumokoin and Loki. This is how I increased the hashrate while lowering the power.

Some background information. My RX570 is in my main Desktop PC not a mining rig. It is the only GPU in the PC, and I tend to use it for mining when it is not being used for anything else. I figure I might as well keep it working and let it pay for itself. I had downloaded a BIOS and flashed it onto the card a while ago, and while it did show me good rates in the mining programs I used, If you looked a little deeper you would see it was taking a lot of errors and the hash rate on the pool was not what was being shown on the card.

Then I checked the program and saw I was losing a lot of hashrate due to errors. I lived with it for a bit as it was still productive, but thought it was time to really optimize the card and get some more hash rate while also lowering the power being used by it. ( It was a nice heater in the winter, but with summer coming, I need less heat in the room 🙂 )

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Since I am back to stock settings on the card. Now I needed a new BIOS that can improve that HashRate, but I wanted something better then the one I had found on the internet that would cause errors. I still had my original BIOS on my PC that I had pulled form the video card, so thought I would modify it with Polaris 1.6.7. One thing I liked about this was that it would only change the memory straps and not the power settings. I could adjust that myself as needed. I could also fine tune it to what my card can handle. Plus how much easier can you get, its “One Click”.

One interesting thing about the Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 card is the BIOS switch. I had not played around with this before, but decided to turn off the computer and flip the switch and put my new bios on this other position. My understanding is you can keep two separate bios’s on this card. So I flipped the switch and got ready to load my new bios I just created above.

I ended up getting to 2175 MHz on the memory, and I do see about an error every 5 – 15 seconds with CNH running. I thought about rolling it back a little, But it does not seem to be enough to affect the XMR-STAK program as it consistently comes back with no errors. I feel this is my limit on the memory overclock and will leave it alone for now. I was also able to drop down my GPU MHz to 1100,850mV. This should help out on power usage. Here are the settings I am currently at.

While I was able to get the card to 850H/s , that was not the only upside so far. It is using less power then it was before and is running much cooler. Now its running at a peak of about 44C. It was hitting over 60C before. I still plan to do some more power adjustments, I just did not have my power meter hooked up to my desktop at the time. I will update the post with that info once I get it. But I can already tell, its not using as much power by the room being cooler. Plus its getting 100H/s over what I had before as I am no longer getting errors in XMR-Stak. So far so good. For bang for you buck on mining Cryptonight Heavy, its hard to beat AMD. I wish I had a AMD Vega to play with as I hear they are really good with CNH. Hope I didn’t omit to much and you find something in this helpful.

[UPDATE 5/12/18] Had a weird issue in which I was seeing a reduced hash rate all of a sudden. Was running in the 600H/s range. I tried reapplying pixel patcher, playing around with my settings and could not figure out the problem. Then I checked and it looks like windows had recently done an update. (Actually 3 updates- a flash update , a security update KB4103727, and some other windows update KB4131372. So I started by uninstalling the security update( KB4103727) and my PC restarted. Now my hashrates are back to normal. I also now see a new security update was done right after my reboot with todays date, but it has a different number. (KB4093112).