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I was recently surprised to learn that I am the subject of an OIE inquiry. It covers a brief period near the start of my tenure, is not a police matter, and naturally, I am fully cooperating with investigators. I won’t have further comment until their work is complete. Original Article:

Scott Westerman — the Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and the Executive Director of the MSU Alumni Association — is leaving Michigan State University next week. In his resignation letter to MSU’s VP of Advancement Robert Groves, dated yesterday, Westerman indicates he is prioritizing his family and is moving back to Jacksonsville — where he and his wife lived for twelve years and raised their two kids.

You’ve no doubt heard Westerman and his trademark voice on radio and TV commercials, talking to anyone who will listen about the “magical concept of Spartans Helping Spartans.” He led the way in making the Alumni Association more accessible by eliminating the dues requirement. This idea ultimately led to increased giving to the university and over 13 million dollars in alumni-endowed scholarships. Westerman also focused on creating a more diverse alumni family by building closer relationships with Black Alumni, Latino Alumni, and LBTGQ+ Spartans. He was instrumental in creating new traditions like the International Day of Service, the Day of Giving and our annual Ring March.

“I’m particularly proud of the team we created,” said Westerman. “It’s among the most diverse and effective alumni operations in the nation. And I’m deeply grateful to the thousands of volunteers who lead our clubs, make Spartans feel welcome wherever they go and invest their time, talent and treasure to make the world a better place.”

“Scott has dedicated his life to Michigan State for eight and a half years,” said MSUAA International Board President Bill Featherstone. “As a result, today, there are more Spartans involved in more ways with the university than ever before.”

Scott was known for his sportsmanship. When nearly everyone around the state of Michigan was whipped up in a furor when the Michigan State football team defeated the University of Michigan on a blocked punt returned for the game-winning touchdown with no time left on the clock, Scott wrote an open letter to Michigan’s punter, Blake O’Neill, on his blog. Here’s a short snippet of that letter:

In my book, you have all the character I look for in a Spartan. You’ve worked hard to become exceptional both on the field and in the classroom. You are a team player who has made important contributions to the team’s success. You have played a crucial role in one of the most amazing program turnarounds in history. You have known both acclaim and heartbreak with a visceral understanding of General Patton’s famous maxim that, “all glory is fleeting.” And my guess is that you know that it’s not how many times you get knocked down that define you. It’s how many times you can get back up.

“For several years, Colleen and I have been talking about returning to Florida to be more involved with our children and grandchildren,” said Westerman. “When our granddaughter was born with Down Syndrome we began to think about time lines. In addition, my father was recently moved to Hospice care in Ann Arbor. The time is right to be fully present in the lives of my family.”

“Actually, the opportunity to be part of the healing process was a reason to stay,” he said. “The Alumni Association has played an important role in soliciting feedback across the country. In the end, after giving my heart and soul to Michigan State for the past eight and a half years, I decided that my family deserved priority.”

So, in the next few weeks, Scott and Colleen — who fought and beaten ovarian cancer with the help of doctors at Michigan State — will say good bye to East Lansing, pack up their belongings and move back down to Jacksonsville, where they will get to spend more time with their children and their grandchildren.

Westerman was born in Michigan and graduated from MSU in 1978 with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications. In 2001, he was awarded the MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences Distinguished Alumnus award. Westerman’s resignation is effective April 27th. In the interim, the alumni team will report to Bob Thomas, University Advancement Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and the Advancement team to help create one of the most effective and admired alumni operations in the business and submit this resignation with some degree of regret that I won’t be able to continue the adventure. I leave you with an extraordinary, dedicated team that can continue to execute our strategy with excellence.

Although I have not yet secured a situation, I’ve determined that it’s time to prioritize family and would like to begin my next chapter as soon as practicable. I can wrap up my current projects and present you with an updated status report by April 27. I am happy to assist in whatever transition activities you may request.

I was recently surprised to learn that I am the subject of an OIE inquiry. It covers a brief period near the start of my tenure, is not a police matter, and naturally, I am fully cooperating with investigators. I won’t have further comment until their work is complete.