Searching for her own answers, Barbara Mader created a healing center of exploration for others

“She brought all of the material, laid it on my desk and left,” Mader said. “I went to the first meeting in Oakland, Calif. It was the American Holistic Nurses Association and that is when my healing started. I could just sit in those sharing circles and bawl. All my stuff started coming out and I started healing. Then I went on my own and started a holistic group that met every month in my home with all different types of teachers and healers, who would come and speak and we’d do all kind of things, just putting our toe in the water of something pretty wide open and grand.”

She served on the board of the Women’s Political Caucus, the largest caucus in state of Texas. “We were moving and shaking” she said. She became politically active, serving on multiple boards in the area.

“They didn’t like that visibility, they wanted me to stay behind my desk.” At the same time she was awarded Woman of the Year in Public Health, she found out that her boss was undermining her possible hiring by the state diabetic association.

“As a result, I had to push my nursing profession to the side for a little bit,” she said. Mader went to work for the founder of a business college. “I had my last kid in college. I was paid well. My husband retired at 55 and I said I will finish paying for the last one,” she said. “I worked at the college for quite a while, but got in trouble there too. I wanted to continue to be a nurse and an advocate and had a teaching engagement in Las Cruces and he said I couldn’t go.”

She met a woman with a healing center outside of Denver. The women came down and staged Mader’s first successful workshop in El Paso. The timing was perfect. From that point forward, Mader worked for herself. She also was studying metaphysics with a woman in Cloudcroft and would drive there for workshops, a step toward the couple’s move to Lincoln County. After several disappointments trying to find the perfect home and property, Mader remembered an out-of- the-way place the couple previously viewed. By then, the bank had foreclosed on it and they bought the house and 10 acres for a much better price.

“I started working out of this adobe house,” Mader said, while they added another five acres, and then another 20 acres for a total of slightly over 40 acres. They needed the space for many reasons, including not to bother neighbors when they did drumming circles, sacred fires and other Native American rituals that could make some people uncomfortable, she said.

Working out of one bedroom, selling books and conducting workshops didn’t last long as Mader was approached by other teachers, healers and practitioners looking for space, good energy and an environment of acceptance. She decided to convert a barn on the property 21 years ago. Building a structure within the shell, former horse stalls now are treatment rooms and a bookstore was created.

Eighteen years ago, the Maders added a 30-foot well-insulated yurt, where many classes are staged and teachers from all over the country have come to lecture, including Buddhists, Native American shaman, Turkish sufi twirling dancers, a 92-year-old lama from the inner circle of the Dalai Lama and Ted Andrews, who wrote “Animal Speak: the Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small.”

Boosts financial and spiritual have come from other sources along the way, including a Franciscan priest at St. Joseph’s Apache Mission, who bought a check saying his parishioners wanted it used for peace and “this is where the peace is happening.” He ended up teaching the children about Saint Francis, although Mader stressed that children attending the village hear about many religions and other concepts to broaden their awareness.

Check out High Mesa Healing Center’s website for more information about various healers, speakers, programs, celebrations and Mader’s personal credentials, which include certifications as a Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Chi, Migun Thermal Bed and In-Light therapies. Also available are multifaceted intuitively-led massage, a spiritual directions counselor, core synchronism and tai chi classes