Sedarna, goddess of the moon and things forgotten tales from rathjor obsidian portal

Rathjor is a large, mysterious land filled with wonders and dangers aplenty. Yet all one needs to do is look up and see that there is more than just this world, for hanging high in the sky, taken for granted and forgotten by many, is the bright, shining, silver moon. Sedarna, the Goddess of the Moon, knows that for many, the moon is a small part of their lives, but at some point, whether it be a sailor, astronomer, fortune teller, artist, or small child searching the sky in wonder, the moon becomes important to all.

Close now to the world, it illuminated the sky like a second son. Sedarna was pleased with her action, but in a short time, it came to her attention that the people of the world did not want the moon she had brought. Day after day, the people called out to extinguish the bright thing in the sky, for it would keep them awake, and reveal to them secret things in the dark they wished not to know.

Sedarna was torn; she did not want to make things worse for the people, but she knew what sort of world they lived in when the moon was still a distant star. Distraught, knowing both choices she could make would bring misery to the world, she went to her moon and hid. Upon going to her moon, her great cloak covered the light, and brought on darkness. Seeing the darkness effect the people below and becoming worried for them, she left the moon to return to Rathjor, bringing back the light.

To this day, Sedarna is frightened for the people of Rathjor and does not wish to cause them alarm or harm. When she returns from the moon, she sees the suffering of her people and she returns to the moon, the journey taking so long that we can see the moon slowly getting darker and darker as she leaves. Upon arriving on her moon, she will see the suffering brought on by the total darkness and flees back to Rathjor, the journey taking so long that we can see the moon slowly getting brighter.

Sedarna (Said- ARN-uh) is the Goddess of the Moon and of things Forgotten among the Druidic Gods. She is represented as a middle aged, human woman of average height with pale skin, dark, curled hair that seems to move as if mist and silvery glowing eyes, much like the moon. Bedecked in billowing robes of pure black, these robes keep all but her face and hands from ever being seen. Within her cloak she keeps all things that are forgotten. It is said that one can only remember something if they do a deed to please her. However, the deed in question is always a memory taken by Sadarna upon giving the task to someone. Due to her schedule of flying back and forth to and from the moon, the only time one is able to make contact with her is during one of the nights of a full moon, when she is resting from her journey. Her color is black, representing the night and things forgotten.

Because of her purviews, she is often revered by those that use the moon for their purposes in life, like sailors and astronomers. Some rogues will also thank her for a bright night with which to see by, while others thank her for a dark one, so that none can see their business. Certain scholars and wizards will try to appeal to her to learn of her secrets that she keeps, though she often keeps the secrets for herself, as is her way. Her followers are often Druids, Wizards, and Warlocks, who perform sacred rituals during important phases of the moon.