Sfo parking 6 best ways to find cheap san francisco airport parking

Hotels near San Francisco airport will often offer free long term parking options with a minimum one-night stay. This is especially nice if you have an early morning flight and would rather get a great night’s sleep, stay under the covers a little longer, and enjoy a good breakfast before you head off to the airport. Depending on your trip length, this could end up being a better option for you.

Let’s look at the La Quinta Inn – San Francisco Airport hotel for example. This hotel is located 2 miles from the airport and offers a standard room for around $160. In addition, your stay (which can be on the front or back end of your trip) includes free SFO overnight parking for up to 10 days, as well as and airport transportation to the SFO terminals.

Compare that with paying $25 per day to park in the cheapest parking lot at SFO and you can see that this could be a much better deal for you. Plus, remember all the perks (good night’s sleep, no worrying about traffic, free breakfast, workout room, etc.). This is not necessarily going to be the best long term parking SFO option for everyone, but it could be the perfect solution for fly-in, fly-out meetings for business travel or for those who will be gone for more than a week or so.

Hotels also offer other package deals during different times of the year. Different seasons and holidays call for more traveling. Around Christmas time, these parking packages usually go up a bit in price because the hotels understand that it is a very busy time of the year, which of course adds to the demand for parking. Book early and knock this off your travel to-do list! This is a recent list of participating San Francisco airport hotels with free parking packages. You can find the updated list here. Hotel

Shared-ride shuttles mean just that: You share a vehicle (most times a van) with other flyers from the Bay Area going to SFO around the same time as you. Your driver will pick you up at the spot you designate (such as your house, office, hotel, etc.) at the time you choose. He’ll also pick up others and then deliver everyone to the terminal of their airline.

If you choose the private SFO car service you won’t have to make those extra stops. Instead you’ll get direct transportation from your pickup spot to your terminal. While it’s not as economical as the shared ride, it’s certainly more convenient. And if you have three or more people in your party, it may not price out to be a whole lot more than sharing a ride. You can usually choose a sedan, SUV, van or limo to SFO.

In addition to booking your ride to and from SFO, you may also want to consider any transportation needs you may have at your destination city, too. Rather than taking a cab or using a ride-hail service, you can pre-arrange for a car or shuttle to pick you up at the airport and transport you to your hotel, convention center, cruise terminal – you get the point.

On-site parking rates are among the highest in the nation at SFO. The airport offers a number of parking lots on site with costs changing depending on distance from the terminals. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis with no reserved and/or prepay choices available. The SFO economy lots can reach maximum capacity, leaving you no option but to use the lots closest to the terminals at higher rates.

Unfortunately, San Francisco airport doesn’t feature an online portal to confirm the status of its parking lots, which means you risk showing up at the airport, driving around and around (stressful!) only to find the affordable lots are completely full. With your flight time looming you’ll have no alternative but to park in one of the closer lots with a more expensive daily rate.

That’s the reason it’s generally a good idea to plan in advance and make a reservation at a private off-site SFO lot. It’s fast, simple and you’ll be assured of a guaranteed space close by along with a hassle-free shuttle ride directly to your airport terminal. You’ll likely save a bit of money, too. Be sure to use the code HELPER5 when you checkout to save an additional $5!

There will also be a variety of “valet” options offered by private off-site facilities, but the meaning can vary. At some parking lots, the attendant will drive you to the airport in your car, leave you at your terminal and then park the car in their secure off-site lot during your trip. At other lots, the employee can meet you at the airport and then take your car back to the off-site property.

To find the best route to SFO, it’s always a good idea to map it prior to taking off for the airport. You’ll type in your starting location and let the app do the rest. Either print the directions or use your mobile device and follow the turn-by-turn directions. With your mobile device you’ll also get traffic alerts, which will enable you to alter your route, if needed.