Short in wiring system somewhere vtx 1800 r – vtxoa

Help. I posted up before on this same subject but I’m doing it again so that everybody can get the facts as I know them. Somewhere in my wiring system I have a short which has caused the speedometer neutral light rear tail light and front fog lights to stop working. The fuse box is on the right hand side just below the seat area and the number 3 shoes just keeps blowing. Here’s what I did and when I got done I had this problem. I had to take off the cover to my speedometer thinking I was going to put a bib on my gas tank but as it turns out that I had was not made to fit my bike. In the process of doing this somehow the speedometer fell out of place on top of the gas tank and slid down the side of the motorcycle it never hit anything hard and it did not become unplugged I gently picked it back up put it back in place and tighten down the screws that hold the Chrome in place.

I was also working on the exhaust system and at the time I noticed that the voltage regulator was mounted on the back side of my muffler brackets wind I loosened up the bolts to that hangar the rectifier move just a little bit and then I put everything back together making sure the rectifier was still in the same place and was bolted on securely I also made sure there was no wires being pinched on the rectifier or anywhere near it. I had spent about 12 hours now trying to trace down where this short can be. I felt underneath the fenders the rear one for the wiring cable system and I moved them around a little bit slid them back and forth from the brackets that were holding them in place thinking that just maybe one of them brackets head rubbed through a wire or something. But again I’m still blowing fuses. My question is is it possible that somehow when you speedometer got moved and was tipped sideways is it possible that something inside the speedometer has shorted out? I’m getting to the point where I just can’t deal with this anymore and it’s very hard for me to work on this seeing I only have one leg and working outside in the heat is no fun either I’m open to any and all suggestions and feel free to even call me and talk to me at 413-320-0402 or if there’s anybody in my area that would be willing to lend a hand that knows more about these things than I do I’d be more than happy to drive it over to their house and let them work on it I’m in the Hadley Mass area 01035

Urgent help no longer required problem solved. Like I’ve been saying there’s nothing I can’t do the impossible just takes a little longer. but this time around I did have a little help from some of you guys on here and a special thanks to Hahn out there in Georgia who went out of his way and called me up early this morning. So anyway here’s what I did and here’s what I found. And not ready to remind you it was about 95 degrees outside and I was working out in the parking lot where the motorcycle is parked and there are absolutely no shade anywhere humidity was about 85% and the sun was beating down. Okay back to the mission. The first thing I did was disconnected to wiring bullet plugs that go to the rear lights and I checked them with my ohms meter looking for a short somewhere and I found nothing. The only thing that was odd was the yellow wire was just connected in the harness at the bullet connectors so I reconnected that wire and also taped it so it wouldn’t come apart again. I then work my way up to the front of the motorcycle where I again dismounted to speedometer and the gas tank partially so I could look underneath the gas tank. I double check the wiring on the speedometer and everything look fine to me is really not too much to see because it’s just a cluster of wires going into that speedometer box and underneath the gas tank I really couldn’t see much either but everything looked awful secure so then I moved to the headlight bucket.. as soon as I took the headlight out I knew that this was where the problem was. First thing I found was the yellow wire in the headlight bucket was disconnected it look like the same wire that was in the back by the fuse box so I connected it back up and then starter using my own meter and test light all over the place. What I found was was going to the arm of my fog lights and this arm has the wires inside that come up and into the fog light this is where the problem was inside that arm. I was able to take off the fog light and the wires were wrapped around a bolt that comes off the a Forks and two of the wires were wrapped around this stud and they were stretched and clearly showed bare wire touching is stud. So after removing the wire from inside this arm that goes to the fog light I laid some new wire on the outside of this arm as neatly as possible and up into the fog light Bingo presto abracadabra supercalifragilisticexpialidocious everything was working fine when I turn the key on. Again I want to thank everybody out there for getting back to me on this I’m a new guy so I guess we can’t p.m. one another but I can always be reached by text at 413-320-0402 again my name is Brent I live in Hadley Massachusetts and I would like to get together with some of you guys and take a ride to anywhere. So drop a dime sometime and let’s make it happen. Also take note my Honda VTX 1800 r is up for sale and you can see the listing here on this website. again thank you everybody

So here’s a small update on my shorting out problem that I thought I had fixed up until yesterday. I left my house about 10 a.m. instead of traveling up Route 47 to the town of Sunderland when all of a sudden the motorcycle totally died. So there I was on the side of the road wondering what could be the problem this time I had really thought that I fixed this shorting out problem by tracing down some bad wires that went to the headlight bucket and to the left side fog light. I had spent hours and hours trying to fix this and now here I was broke down again. I immediately knew what to look for so I pulled the numbers 3 fuse on the right side and left it out of course it was already burnt out. I then went to the main fuse and discovered that it also had been blown but I was lucky enough to carry some spares in my rear compartment and I installed a new one. The bike was able to start right up and I turned her around and went home. So back at it I went. I broke down the whole left side fog light assembly again looking for anything that might be shorting out maybe I missed something the last time. I pulled all the wires apart and then rewired everything back up. Then just by chance I rolled my chair to the other side of the motorcycle and I’m looking at my front fender and what do you suppose I see? What I see is this emblem with an eyeball missing and then I noticed a set of wires coming down the right side of my Forks and they’re running into this thunder and up to this emblem. I put my ohms tester on these wires and sure enough every once in awhile if I shook the wire just a little bit it would short out. So I left the emblem unplugged and use those wires to run back up to my handlebars where I installed an outlet and amps meter. Hopefully this has solved my problems. Stay tuned for updates and I’ll let you know how it goes. if anybody else has this problem I would like to hear from them at anytime. Best way to reach me is by phone 413-320-0402 ride safe Brent