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Jamal khashoggi, a highly esteemed arabian journalist, entered the saudi consulate in istanbul, turkey at 13:14 local time on october 2nd, 2018. Khashoggi was attempting to obtain a document certifying that he had divorced his ex-wife in order to pursue marriage with a turkish lady he loved. The next day, a phone call was made by jamal’s fiancee, hatice cengiz, to an advisor of the turkish president: recep tayyip erdogan. Mr. Khashoggi had never left the consulate.

Saudi arabia has been rooted in tradition for thousands of years, but sometimes when tradition fails to adapt to the modern world, the world gets a shock at how dangerous tradition can be. For decades, saudi arabia has maintained the most scrutinous of positions of freedom of speech.

Everything is censored, and everything is as the royal family decrees. However, in recent years, more and more journalists and citizens, through the implementation of technological and socio-economic changes, have begun to poke holes in this system of informational concealment. Although saudi arabia is beginning to take important moves in the right direction, a single step too far by an individual can be enough to trigger catastrophe. Bathroom luxury southall tradition killed khashoggi.

At 13:14, on october 2nd, 2018, jamal khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in turkey, a location he deemed to be safe from the arabian government to the south. What he did not know was that 15 saudi nationals had arrived earlier that day to remove security cameras and destroy surveillance equipment. As jamal waited in the lobby of the consulate, he was confronted by these nationals. Jamal never arrived at his meeting at 13:30. He was taken to a remote location of the building, questioned, likely tortured, and murdered.

The response to this outrage has been multifaceted with many stages. At first, saudi arabia claimed to know nothing and saying that khashoggi actually left the building. However, upon the introduction of more evidence, that story changed to a spontaneous fist fight having occurred in the consulate lobby resulting in khashoggi’s death. High end bathroom renovations next the saudi government claimed this was a “rogue operation” conducted by government officials but not incriminating prince mohammed bin salman. Several weeks later, this is the story that is still being upheld. It’s hardly believable and experts left and right are stating that the royal family is to blame.

What happens from here is up in the air. There is a ton of pressure on president trump to levy a harsh response against the saudi government, but will this occur? Regardless of what happens next, jamal khashoggi will always be regarded as a renowned journalist known for his authenticity and ability to stand up for the freedom to speak and write in an era populated by insincerity and constraint.

On november 12 2018, stan lee was pronounced dead at cedars-sinai medical hospital in LA, california. He had been battling pneumonia since february. For those who didn’t know, stan lee was an american comic book writer, publisher, and creative leader for marvel. He was a public figure head for marvel and credited for co-creating some of the well known superheroes known today.

It was 1939 when stan first began working on comics. Through time, lee rose the ranks from assistant, to intern, to editor in chief and art director. After working for the US army under the official title of playwright, lee moved on to better things. Under DC comics, stan lee changed the components of superheroes so that they began to share more characteristics than their current ideal state and grandeur. He gave them instances of flawed humanity ranging from paying bills to having illnesses. Luxury bathroom remodel cost as time incremented, so did the number of heros brought into reality by stan lee and others. It was in the 60’s that stan scripted, edited, and art-directed the primary pieces of marvel’s series. Because of lee’s varying active roles in the comic world, he became a public figurehead for marvel comics. He toured around the US, appearing at conventions for signing and participating in colleges and panel discussions. In the early 1980s, stan would help to produce marvel’s assets on film through film production. It was during that time that he began what we now know to be his signature role, his cameos. At one point, lee turned down an offer to be the president of marvel, citing the organizations lack of focus on creativity in the process. Eventually, he stopped participating in marvel’s production, but still received an annual salary of $1 million. By the dawn of 2000, illegal stock manipulation was being conducted by marvel. Lee was found to have no hand in the dealing. Later in 2002, stan lee sued marvel for not legally providing his share of profits for his efforts in production. 3 years later, stan lee and marvel settled for a undisclosed seven figure amount. Of course more legal action followed between marvel, stan lee, and lee’s subsidiaries. It was in the late 2000s that lee would begin to create his very own media via filmmaking and youtube.

The group total was about thirty people, but the tour guides split us into two groups. Luxury bathroom designs for small bathrooms my group started at the jailhouse first, which is where the old sheriff would live with his family and the prisoners. The prisoners committed mostly small crimes such as assault and being drunk. Sometimes there were prisoners that committed major crimes like rape and murder, but this was a rare occurrence. At the jailhouse we used an EVP recorder and a temperature monitor. In the first couple of rooms, the EVP recorder didn’t monitor anything, and the temperature monitor didn’t change at all. However in the first room, my chest and my friend’s chest started to tighten, which is a sign that there’s a spirit. In the next room we didn’t feel anything or interact with any spirit. In the following room, the EVP went off when the girl holding it went to the corner of the room. The person with the temperature reader went to the corner of the room then, and the temperature started dropping, which is a sign of a spirit being present.

We then moved to the jail cells, and my friend and I stayed in one cell the whole time, mostly because our chests felt heavy in that cell. Conveniently, when the EVP girl came around, it immediately started going off. The lady with the temperature monitor came, and the temperature started decreasing again. Luxury bathroom blinds I took a couple pictures of the cell and got a few blurry ones, which is a sign of a spirit, and my friend took some videos, capturing some orbs. We went upstairs to some more bedrooms, and I immediately started getting some weird vibes from the little boy’s room. The tour guide tried to get a spirit to communicate with us but it refused. I decided that before we left, I had to take a quick video of the little boy’s room to see if I could get anything. As soon as I started the video, an orb moved across the screen towards me. Immediately everyone else started taking pictures and videos and located the orb on the blanket at the end of the bed. We said goodbye to the ghost and moved to the basement where nothing creepy happened.

The tour guides then switched and we got a tour through the courthouse. We went to the men’s bathroom, where an old janitor used to spend all of his time. I didn’t feel anything, but my friend’s chest got heavy, and it was her least favorite part of the tour. They showed us the rest of the building, and throughout, I kept feeling like something was watching or following us even though nothing was visible. They played some audio clips for us that very clearly had spirit voices present.

Elon musk is one of the world’s leading individuals when it comes to technology, innovation, and philanthropy. Luxury half bathroom he revolutionized money with paypal, and he introduced cheaper, more efficient rockets to the world through spacex; however, the company most in the news today is tesla motors, a car manufacturer set on creating fully-electric cars that can be purchased by the masses. Tesla motors is currently engaged in a very ambitious plan to ramp up production of their new, cost-effective automobile, the model 3. Tesla will be releasing its quarter three earnings on november 7th which will determine if this plan is looking successful. Until then, there is much news about tesla and elon musk to mull over.

These last several weeks have had several major blows to the company and the pride of its owner. On september 27th, the SEC (U.S. Securities and exchange commission) sued musk for a tweet put out on august 7th in which he stated that he would be “taking the company [tesla] private at $420.” this was viewed by most as a joke referencing drugs and specifically cannabis. However, it drove the price of tesla’s stock up 11% and was deemed to be an illegal business move. Musk will be facing a several million dollar fine, and perhaps even more humiliating, his removal from the position as the chairman of tesla’s board. To make matters worse, elon musk physically smoked what appeared to be marijuana on a live interview on september 7, 2018, which led to a 7% dip in tesla’s stock (ticker TSLA). TSLA is currently at the lowest price it has been in the last 6 months. Although there is much confusion over musk’s reasoning for such erratic decisions in these last few months, one thing remains certain. If tesla can display outstanding quarter three results, the company as a whole will pull through.