SmackDown In A Nutshell SummerSlam Set Up Continues

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s the end of July, and as we get set to flip the calendar to August, we are getting that much closer to the biggest party of the summer. The SummerSlam set up continues tonight as we are due to get follow up on the Bryan/Miz angle, not to mention fall out from Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. We also have another tag tourney match, and so much else packed into two hours. Let’s not delay any further…it’s time to crack open this Nutshell! Best Match of the night:

This is a tough call. I don’t want to be overly harsh on anyone…the Hardy/Orton/Shinsuke thing looks like it still needs something more to make that mix really work…but then we have Zelina Vega and Lana. And this one was just too short and not at all exciting all things considered.

Vega can work a bit, and the jury is still out on Lana, so perhaps that is why.

Welcome back for The Bar! Seriously, I could have given Charlotte the nod in her return as well, but for their return match, Sheamus and Cesaro (and The Usos too of course). I mean this was a really excellent match, tag team or otherwise. While I understand why they dropped Charlotte and Carmella in the main event spot, this match was the best of the night and thus gave us the stars of the evening. Spot of the Night:

This might seem to be a weird lowlight, and it’s nothing against Charlotte, but color me a bit bummed at how the main event went. Charlotte fought Carmella, and if she won, she punched her ticket for a spot in the women’s title match in Brooklyn. Sure enough, Charlotte won the match, and now we have a triple threat match for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

Now, I know Flair is a big match Superstar, but here’s the thing. Or things, really. One thing-I don’t think Charlotte has been as dominant of late. Something is off, perhaps? Maybe now that she has had her surgery, it will be different…I can hope. Another is this: Becky Lynch deserved, in my humble opinion, the chance to go one on one with Carmella. It sucks that she lost that chance. I am glad, however, that as the show closed, we got a shot of Becky, looking at the TV, and you could tell she was not thrilled. I will say that me being bummed tonight could turn into a positive, depending on how things go. But for now, it’s a lowlight for me. Overall highlights:

I thought the opening promo from Carmella was especially good. The whole fake apology maybe not, but bringing up being picked last and how she was largely a cheerleader in NXT, that was strong. I mean, perhaps that’s an issue I have with her rise too…she did almost nothing of note in NXT beyond being the valet for two guys who no longer work for WWE. I don’t even know if she was ever seriously considered for an NXT women’s title shot. So, I liked the fire there.

All in all, this was a really good step toward SummerSlam. Things are starting to really come into focus, and while there are a few different ways that a couple matches could break, I do believe these all have strong potential to be solid to very good SummerSlam matches. It’s hard not to be really excited about what Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will do, for one. And I am really curious to see just how the Hardy/Nakamura/Orton saga progresses. Feels like Hardy needs some backup…but who?