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A 30 percent federal renewable energy investment tax credit is available until dec. 31, 2019, to individual taxpayers who install solar PV (photovoltaic) or solar hot water on property they own and use as a residence. For example, a $10,000 system would cost $7,000 after the tax credit. The amount of the tax credit will step down to 26 percent for systems placed in service after dec. 31, 2019, and before jan. 1, 2021, and down to 22 percent for systems placed in service after dec. 31, 2020, and before jan. 1, 2022, according to the southern indiana renewable energy network (SIREN, https://www.Sirensolar.Org), which formed in bloomington in 2008.

The recent signing of indiana senate bill 309 provides a push for residents considering solar energy to buy equipment sooner rather than later.

If installed before dec. 31, they will be able to participate in net metering for 30 years until july 1, 2047. After that deadline, the time period shrinks to 15 years until july 1, 2032. Gas prices san diego county hoosier who begin using solar equipment after july 1, 2022, will get the benefit of net metering for at most 10 years until july 1, 2032.

At the first meeting aug. 16 at the batesville memorial public library, deardorff told about 30 attendees that solarize batesville/oldenburg will make going solar less expensive and easier than it would be going it on your own. The group (which also includes organizer sister claire whalen, mike kruse, joan stephens, don lamping and chris merkel) did the hard work of sending out requests for proposal from companies that will install solar panels for residential and business customers.

Solarize batesville/oldenburg selected lohrum electrical, greensburg, to install solar panels for area residents, whalen announced aug. 21 at the final information session, when she introduced micah lohrum to attendees. Road trip fuel cost estimator lohrum was one of seven solar installation companies approved by the hoosier solar initiative. A group discount provided each customer signing a contract by sept. 30 approaches $3,000.

Some businesses and nonprofits are moving in this direction, too. Leaders at st. Thomas lutheran church, bloomington, converted lights to LED, set thermostats lower and installed solar panels. The annual electricity cost went from $5,000 to zero. How much gas will it cost me to drive in june, the church received a $140 credit from the electric company for april and may. They generated more than they could use.

Lenzen reported, we have maybe 15 solar installations in our SIREN database at 100 percent. The excess power you get credited for won’t be full retail. Sometimes you’re going to generate more than you need, other times not enough. You’re going to be financially disadvantaged by that. Natural gas heating cost calculator we really recommend 50/50. That gives you time to get used to it and do some additional conservation measures in your home.

Lenzen clarified, A letter of intent is not a legally binding document. This is just an agreement that says, ‘I’ve thought about this. I want to go forward to the next step.’ A solar installer will look at the house’s location, scan the horizon, take a digital photo and will determine how much solar generation you can get every month of the year. How to work out fuel cost for a trip after you get a formal quote from your vendor … Then you are in the driver’s seat. Average fuel cost per year per vehicle then you sign an agreement to purchase.

There is interest here. According to whalen, our team has sent 19 letters of intent to micah lohrum – and all of this happening within a week of offering our first info session. Pretty amazing what can happen when folks get excited about using renewable energy and having a bit of help to do so. The savings to their pocketbooks also helps!

• solarize batesville/oldenburg could make national news soon. Lee doyle and three others covered the aug. 21 event for VICE nightly news on HBO, according to whalen. Doyle heard about hoosier solar initiative’s statewide efforts to attract homeowners to install panels now to take advantage of net metering incentives and group discounts and came from new york to include these efforts in a feature story he is developing.