Sprint Free Unlimited Basic 1 Year – Is it Worth Switching to BYOD – The Reward Boss

Sprint is offering a free year of unlimited data, talk, and text for 1 year when you bring your own device. They’ve offered it in the past but I’m taking a closer look now because we have several accounts which will longer be under contract soon. It seems like a good time to see if we can save some money by switching some accounts from Verizon. In the past, the free year was for essentially what is now called “Unlimited Plus” but now it is for “Unlimited Basic” which I explain below. Sprint Free Unlimited Offer

This is only for people who own their phone – that means you’re not under any kind of contract or payment plan for your phone. You can move your eligible phone over to Sprint and get a free year of “Unlimited Basic” service which includes 480p video streaming, gaming up to 2Mbps, 500mb hotspot, Hulu, and Mexico and Canada roaming (unlimited talk text and 5gb data).

This is normally $60/month x 12 = $720 value. Keep in mind there are 2 “Unlimited” services, which is a bit confusing because, well, unlimited is not really unlimited then right? Sort of. What’s the difference?

The regular price (outside of this offer) for Unlimited Plus is $10 more than Unlimited Basic and mainly gives you faster speeds and more hotspot data (15 gigs versus 500 megs). If you use hotspot a lot, that’s a big difference. Do you want to stream HD quality videos? “Basic” only lets you stream 480p DVD quality, not full HD (unless of course you’re connected to Wifi then it doesn’t matter). Offer is valid until 9/13/18 (which looks like right around when the new iPhone will be released). How to Sign Up

The terms show that a $2.50 admin fee and a $0.40 regulatory fee and “other taxes and fees” apply. The $30 activation fee is waived and the credit for this shows up within 2 bills. Based on this I expect to see a bill for the activation fee on the first month and the admin and regulatory fee on every bill. You also need to keep your account on Autopay otherwise you’ll pay $5/month per line which I think is reasonable. They’re giving you free service, the least you can do is do autopay to cover the above mentioned fees.

If you need a lot of hotspot usage, high speed gaming, or need to watch lots of full HD 1080p videos when you’re not at home, then this is probably not for you. If it is business critical for you to be connected all the time like me, this is not for you. If your life revolves around your phone, this is not for you. Data Prioritization (or deprioritization)?

Sprint’s small print says “Data deprioritization during congestion” so your data may slow down during busy time. This is to be expected with unlimited plans. Verizon Wireless does it too on their cheapest Unlimited plan “goUnlimited”: During times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic (only after 22GB/mo on Beyond Unlimited or 75 GB/mo on Above Unlimited).

I still pay for a specific amount of data on my Verizon account and not sure if I will move to Unlimited. Because of the additional lines we have, moving over them to Unlimited was more expensive (and not helpful for me as we have enough data). There was some scolding and re-scolding due to constant video streaming while not on Wifi (and background Facebook data draining) but it has mostly improved. Which phones are eligible?

The Sprint Free Unlimited offer is probably good enough for a lot of people – but not heavy phone users (yes, thats all of us out there walking around glued to our phones). I used to have it for 7-8 years straight and only switched to Verizon because there were a couple important spots that didn’t get service. That was a long time ago – maybe 10 years ago. I now have Verizon and ATT, and Verizon has the best coverage/service overall in my experience in the NYC area and, of course, it costs more. I’d put AT&T and Sprint as tied for 2nd place in terms of coverage.