Stay in an old church building somewhere in the us l office waiting room design ideas

In june this year, I had a fabulous time driving around the american southwest or desert southwest with my arizonian cousins (I was mostly navigator/google maps reader because I hate driving on the wrong side of the road). Office guest room design ideas we travelled in arizona from phoenix to winslow, then on to sante fe in new mexico and back through taylor (arizona), to our starting point phoenix.

I have actually seen quite a bit of arizona already (grand canyon, sedona, jerome, williams, nowhere, route 66) because my cousin shereen thomas has lived there for the last two decades. Office color scheme ideas this time around we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and decided on making winslow one of our destinations simply because it is mentioned in one of our favourite band’s songs.

For sure, I had never stayed in a church before, and the idea intrigued me. Law firm design ideas browsing through photos on airbnb and reading up about the host, sondra purcell, “a retired business owner who has found an exciting new life hosting guests in her repurposed church building and bungalow”, we were not quite sure what to expect. Awesome office decorating ideas but when we got there, the beautiful building took our breath away.

The haven is described as “a unique apartment in a cozy, repurposed church in the heart of winslow. Modern dental office design ideas its soaring wooden arches and adobe walls help deliver that getaway feeling you’ve been needing”. Office decorating ideas for christmas pictures adjacent to it is a smaller, renovated apartment called the sanctuary (with a steeple library upstairs!). Work from home office ideas available together, the apartments can accommodate up to eight guests.

She told me in an email later: “that diversity truly informed my life – there were 42 students in my 8th grade class and 19 nationalities! How lucky was I? Armenian, latvian, polish, turkish, african american, mexican, scot, polish, german, finn – truly an american melting pot. I wish each child could have such an education … I learned so much about the world and it’s people. This was during world war II.”

She also lived in europe for more than a decade with her late husband and their three children, who grew up there. You’ll quickly learn that she is interested in everything – history, theatre, opera, music, dogs, grandkids, books, art, design, the environment, travel, meditation and food – and both the haven and the sanctuary are soaked in all things that delight purcell.

“I always have had my eye out for uniqueness, regardless of size, content or structure. I bought the best of whatever I saw that was within a reasonable price for my budget. I did not collect a certain decorating style, but bought what appealed to me, what called me. Over the years, the unusual became a style of its own: what sondra loved.”

Indeed, if anyone is wondering why they should visit winslow, arizona, I would say other than the usual tourist attractions – it’s right off route 66, features the historic district of la posada and the very instagram-worthy standin’ on the corner park – one of the best things about winslow for me, was the opportunity to stay at a church for the first time, and befriend its vivacious host who has taken an old building and filled it with a new joy.