Stink bug trap – easy steps to build the best trap!

Interestingly, during the warmer seasons, stink bugs can be found on fruits and in vegetable gardens. They can pose a serious threat to farmers as they can potentially destroy crops that are used to subsistence living so often they must capture them or they have to die. The key is to just maintain a decent level of stink bug control and you will be fine. Please don’t confuse stink bugs with boxelder bugs as they look fairly similar. To the most of us, they are simply an annoyance, especially when they come wandering into our home. Although stink bugs are present throughout the year, they usually start making their appearance in most households during the colder months since they try and seek shelter from the lower temperature.

Sometimes this move to find cover doesn’t affect us much as places like garages, barns and things like outdoor sheds are rarely inhabited by humans.

However, when they start moving into our living space, its time to take action otherwise you could find yourself with a stink bug infestation. Since they are being attracted to warmth, the only way to get rid of them is to make some kind of stink bug trap and then either kill them or take them far away from your home. Although the second one may seem more humane, just remember that unless you take them far away, they will keep coming back. If you also have a fruit fly problem, check out this link for an effective diy fruit fly trap that works!. Building Your Own Homemade Stink Bug Trap

After much research, I found a very effective method on how to eliminate stink bugs from my home by building my own bug trap. Stink bugs are attracted to light and the warmth that they give. A battery powered light will attract them and a bottle will trap them. Lets learn how to make one right away. In order to make these insect traps, you will need to acquire a soda bottle, foam, glue, tape and a small battery powered torch. The lovely thing about this trap is that most of the items can be easily found at almost any general store, which makes things much easier. Building The Trap For Stink Bugs

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to find yourself an empty soda/juice bottle and to cut the top off using a craft knife or something equally as sharp. If possible, try and cut it just above the label and be sure to make it a clean cut. Please be very careful when doing this, first time that I made one of these traps I cut myself fairly badly using a very sharp craft knife because the blade slipped. Once the top is off the bottle, you are ready to proceed.

Step 2: Grab some foam or something that will give the stink bugs traction (so they can actually climb up your trap to get to the light) I have found that double sided tape also works (make sure you only peal the one side off it and stick that side directly onto the bottle itself otherwise the insects will just get stuck). However, you should be able to find and purchase some foam from any decent hardware store in your area and I recommend that you rather use it then bother with the alternatives (its pretty cheap anyways). If you are using the foam as I have just suggested, use some household glue to stick it to the sides of the bottle.

Step 3: Next, you need to take the battery powered light and attach it to the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that you place it facing upwards so that the light is nice and bright inside your trap. Later, when we place this trap inside a dark room, the light will attract the stink bugs and make them climb into the bottle, only to discover that they are trapped afterwards. Pretty damn brilliant isn’t it Depending on the shape of your bottle, you might need to find a torch light that fits and its preferable to do this before you start building this trap. Our next challenge is to make sure that they stay there and do not get out.

Step 4: Next, take the piece that you cut off earlier, invert it and stick it onto the other part of the bottle using tape. As shown in the diagram, make sure that you attach it firmly and ensure that there are no gaps between the edges. If there are gabs, this could result in the insects escaping, definitely something that we want to avoid! The only entrance (and exit) should be through the hole in the middle as this is where the stink bugs will fall and be unable to escape. Some people like to put a little bit of a soapy solution near this hole as this ensures that the insect will fall down and definitely will not be able to get out.

Step 5: Lastly, place your completed stink bug trap in a dark area in your home (such as your garage or attic) as this will ensure that bugs are attracted to the light from the bottle. Of course, this means that this trap works especially well during the night so put a couple around your house and it will help you get rid of stink bugs nice and quickly. Just a word of warning, I have found that sometimes other bugs are attracted to these and as a result, just be a little cautious when emptying it or you might be in for a nasty surprise. Well Done, You Have the Ultimate Stink Bug Solution!

And there you have it, that’s how you build your very own trap for stink bugs that can help you get rid of these nasty insects once and for all without anything actually being forced to die. Of course, its up to you what you will do with them after they are caught, some people drop them in a bucket of water and ammonia (which kills them instantly by the way, so don’t stress about them suffering) and others dispose of them by taking them outside. As long as they are gone, you are fine. As mentioned at the beginning, while its your choice, if you decide on the second option, make sure that you literally drive up the road to drop them off somewhere.

Do not just take them into your garden as they will come back and you will have to repeat this entire exercise again. As you can see, getting rid of stink bugs is really easy and highly recommended and this process is very cheap. Another pest that often bothers people is fruit flies. If you are fighting an infestation, I highly encourage to read this article on removing fruit flies from your home and garden. I hope that you enjoyed this post and will share it with your friends so that they can make a trap for stink bugs.