Stranger in store threatened to call cops because of my dog – straight dope message board

… Regardless of the outside ambient temperature, the rate of temperature rise inside the vehicle was not significantly different. The average mean increase was 3.2°F per 5-minute interval, with 80% of the temperature rise occurring during the first 30 minutes. The final temperature of the vehicle depended on the starting ambient temperature, but even at the coolest ambient temperature, internal temperatures reached 117°F. On average, there was an ∼40°F increase in internal temperature for ambient temperatures spanning 72 to 96°F. Cracking windows open did not decrease the rate of temperature rise in the vehicle …

… Even at relatively cool ambient temperatures, the temperature rise in vehicles is significant on clear, sunny days and puts infants at risk for hyperthermia.

Vehicles heat up rapidly, with the majority of the temperature rise occurring within the first 15 to 30 minutes. Leaving the windows opened slightly does not significantly slow the heating process or decrease the maximum temperature attained. …

Me too. Subject to possibly feeling differently if I was actually there (how hot was the car, how unreasonable in demeanor was the interloper, etc) but generally agree. People don’t like criticism from strangers, I don’t either. But getting together and all agreeing it’s the advice givers who are (almost) always out of line doesn’t reflect reality very well IME. Most times when somebody (interloper) speaks up it’s because somebody else (the person who takes offense at criticism by strangers) really is acting unwisely or unreasonably.

We were also fortunate though our dogs (more recent lately passed away) were OK at home by themselves. And we’re a couple/family so when the dog did come to the store by car (like when traveling with her) one of us would wait with her in or outside the car depending on weather while the others were in the store. We actually never felt comfortable leaving her alone in public anyway, super sweet dog to people but extremely hostile to other dogs (breaking a window to go after them was not entirely beyond the realm of possibility), also a potential target of theft (big beautiful ‘pit bull’).

So you never go anywhere at all without your dog? Dogs I know with severe anxiety will destroy the car they are left in. I’m not saying she’s in the right- I don’t know what the temperature was that day. I’ve been accosted myself (in 70 degree degree weather with working dogs in a secured crate in the back of my truck) but I’ve often also seen the opposite issue where people are insisting their dog can’t be separated them no matter how uncomfortable the dog is. If your dog was open mouthed panting in the car, it’s probably not a happy camper. 13 year old dogs esp- I have one thats 11 and extremely sound sensitive but I’m still sure she’s happier in the comfort of her home than in a hot car "with me". Almost all my dogs do nothing but sleep after the age of 12 anyways…

On a hot day, when taking my dog for a potty break walk, I carry her from tree shade to tree shade so she won’t overheat, much to the amusement of my neighbors. I’m not about to leave her in danger. The expression in the woman’s eyes, body language, her rapid and non-interruptible speech AND the fact she came in the store looking for the owner of a white van with puppies in it and instead lectured me made me wonder if she was going to take it down a notch or escalate to the next confrontation level.

Those aren’t dig people, they’re just nuts. I’m looking for a dog now, there aren’t many at the shelters around here because they’re all in communication across the country now and dogs are getting adopted quickly. Just a few years ago the shelters were all full because these nuts wouldn’t approve anyone to adopt. Now they’re just throwing up lists if dogs available around the country on their websites but they don’t do any follow up to see if the dogs are still available. I checked on one, got routed through Connecticut and then Alabama and then found out they didn’t have possession of the dog down there anyway. I’ll just wait until someone tells me a dog needs a home like I’ve always done before.

. I also agree with you about the shelters and the nuts not approving people to adopt. I was at Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago one time and I was refused a dog because I did not have very recent vet records (shots were still good) despite having dogs all my life and my related work experience (at the time very recent as well). The same visit, I see two men checking out a pitbull and couldn’t help but notice one having an MLD Tattoo (That’s Maniac Latin Disciples, a large gang in Chicago) on his forearm along with the pitchfork and playboy bunny (gang ‘nation’ affiliation tags here). I go outside and while I’m sitting in my car I see them walk out, one man with the dog and another with paperwork. Obvious is obvious Gang Member, Pit Bull, Dog Fighting? Did they not put that one together? I suppose vet records not older than 1 year make it okay.