Taurus spectrum 380 getting rave reviews on you tube! handgun forum awesome foot tattoos for guys

I’ve got a few .380 semi auto’s along with an NAA .32 and a coupla’ NAA 22 magnum handguns. I bought them only because there’s something cool about these diminutive little guns. I’ve also got two bond arms .45LC . 410 derringers only because they’re mean looking little bastards. Lower back tattoo designs stars except for maybe and that’s a big maybe the .380’s, none of the others I would seriously consider for self defense. Especially when there are 9mm handguns that are just slightly larger than the small .380’s. That can be easily carried in a pocket or inside the waistband.

Myself? I regularly pocket carry a springfield 45 XDS mod 2. And a glock G27 40. I’ve also got a kahr MK 40 all stainless, a little on the heavy side but real small for a 40. I’ve got a coupla’ J frame SW’s too which are nice and light except they’ve got long heavy trigger pulls and only hold 5 rounds of 38.

The springfield holds 5+1 but it’s a 45, the glock 9+1 and it’s a 40. They can easily be pocket carried in a pair of cargo pants/shorts. Or inside the waistband if you prefer tighter fitting pants covered by a T-shirt or loose fitting shirt. You’re in wisconsin, I’m in arizona, except for maybe flagstaff or the white mountain region I’ll bet the summers are hotter here than where you are? I guess what I’m trying to say is that there really is no reason to carry a 380 when there are better options that are available that are just as easily concealable.

My wife is pretty small and can handle our glock G43 9mm. Which is about as light as a 9mm can get. She can easily conceal it as well. 40 awesome hand tattoos of course everyone’s different and for many a 380 is about all that they can handle in which case shot placement is even more critical. Especially in a stressful situation, hitting a moving target and if your potential assailant is all doped up.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I buy a new product I don’t expect to have to return it to the factory for repairs right outta’ the box, regardless of the turnaround time. That does not speak too well for either their quality control or the basic design of the product itself. Just as I wouldn’t be too happy if I bought a new vehicle, drove it from the dealership only to have it break down and leave me stranded alongside the highway. I wouldn’t be too happy either if I bought a brand new fire extinguisher, had a fire and they forgot to pressurize it at the factory. Or while I was hammering nails with my brand new harbor freight hammer only to have the head fly off and hit me in the face. Awesome quote tattoos or smash my knuckles while using my brand new harbor freight socket set. Sure they’ll take care of it but the damage will have already been done.

Say you live in a high crime area or you are a victim of domestic violence and this is your only gun and viable means of protecting yourself? A week or more can seem like an eternity, god forbid something were to happen within that time. The EX comes barging into the house enraged and threatening to kill you as has happened many times before. But maybe this time he means it? But rest assured your gun is at the factory being repaired, you’ll have it in a week.

About the only way to describe the spectrum is that it was designed to appeal to women. Women are mostly the victims of domestic violence. For many of those women who have never touched a gun before, I can understand why this firearm may appeal to them. Especially with the myriad amount of pastel color options available. Intimidating it is not. It kinda’ reminds me of a bottle of my wife’s hand lotion or dish detergent only with a handle on it. I don’t know? If I’m gonna’ draw a firearm to save my life, I want one that looks like it means business and not like some childs toy. I want a gun that says get the **** outta’ my way or it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do.

2. But being new to the gun is not the issue that I’ve been addressing here. I’ve been commenting on his carry method, its general arrangement, and how inaccessible the pistol is, in the mode in which he carries it. Awesome meaningful tattoos drawing conclusions from my observations of his carry system, and the way he accesses the pistol, I can only conclude that he is an inexperienced defensive-pistol carrier and user.

3. If he is an inexperienced (or relatively inexperienced) defensive-pistol user, what validity could his review possibly carry? If I am to use a reviewer’s information to help me make the decision whether or not to buy a particular gun, I have the right to expect a meaningful review, bearing meaningful observations, presenting both the good points and the bad with an even hand. I also have the right to expect that the reviewer has sufficient experience to know what he is talking (or writing) about.

I am, however, aghast that a pistol meant to be used defensively and for saving lives would arrive, new-in-box, with defects sufficient to require remediation by its manufacturer. This can only make very clear the rock-solid truth that one must first thoroughly wring-out any new weapon during weeks of practice, before ever trusting one’s life to its operation.

Click to expand… I…. Really small tattoo designs won’t. That goes for any taurus product, but I think you already know that. Whether taurus did a great job of repairing and returning the pistol in only 7 days is not exactly a ringing endorsement of their product. The gun still malfunctioned from the get go straight outta’ the box. Which is just as bad as having a fire extinguisher malfunction when you may need it most as I tried to explain.

Arizona is a gun friendly state. I personally know quite a few people who went out and bought a gun for self protection but didn’t want to spend anymore than what they absolutely had to. Although I can’t say for sure but knowing them I doubt that they were willing to spend the money to buy enough ammo in order to become proficient with it? Let alone pay to seek out instruction on how to use it. If they did they probably would have bought a better gun in the first place or at least spent the time researching all of the different brands. Cool small mens tattoos they more than likely loaded the gun up threw it in a drawer and hope they never have to use it. Those are the types of people who typically buy cheap handguns, they have no interest in guns whatsoever. They’re just looking for a false sense of security. That’s why I brought up women who have been victims of domestic violence as a lot of them fall under that category. I’ve been in gun stores god knows how many times when people who don’t know jack shit about guns come in looking to buy a gun but have no idea of what they are looking for? The clerk tries to explain the different types and how they operate and you can tell right of the bat that these people are lost. They fill out form 4473, the clerk performs the NICS check, they pick something out and then walk out the door.

One of my neighbors who is a female real estate agent didn’t know shit about guns, went out and bought one of those taurus polymer framed 38’s. She couldn’t even pull the trigger, right out of the box as the god damn thing was locked up solid. It seemed that the hand was pushing the cylinder right up against the forcing cone as it was trying to rotate it. I asked her why she bought that gun in the first place and she admitted she never even fired a gun before. Awesome girl tattoo ideas her reason for buying it was for when she was alone with complete strangers while she was showing properties, some of which are in the middle of nowhere. At any rate the gun was useless, the store wouldn’t take it back and it was her responsibility to send it back to taurus for repairs.

But to be fair to taurus, they are not the only company offering pastel colored pistols that appeal to women. I don’t know but at least to me guns should not resemble toys, I detest those brightly colored handguns. Gun manufacturers should know better as many homes have children and a lot of people fail to secure their guns. Why make them even more attractive and less lethal looking? I just don’t get it? Not only that it provides more ammunition for the gun prohibitionists to use against us. Especially when a child gets ahold of a gun that looks like a toy and either blows their brains out or that of sibling. Of course this happens with scary looking guns too. But I don’t see how making them look and feel like toys can help.