Terraforming Mars Organizer – The Broken Token

The insert is excellent. Great storage solution that works well for quick setup. The only problem with it is if you have the Hellas/Elysium expansion you can’t get the lid on square (which to be fair, is in the product description). Venus Next fits ok if you put the Venus board on top of the uppermost of the player trays (and be sure to get the Venus terraforming token too).

I bought this for the player boards, and before receipt bought aniline dyes to do each player board stain in the unique player color, as well as other supplies for staining and finishing the set. Unfortunately, and directly contrary to product images, and to my knowledge in a first for a BT insert, they chose to use MDF for the player board base and overlay. This is HUGELY disappointing as it will be impossible to stain the MDF in color due to it’s dark tome and lack of grain.

To do this properly, I’d need to stain them, then fill the etching with paint for contrast (especially for the darker player colors), then sand off the surface, but the stain just won’t penetrate the MDF enough to make this work properly.

RESPONSE: We are sorry for the lack of disclosure, I assure you this was not done to be secretive merely an oversight on our part. Thanks to your feedback we have updated the listing. We did have some concerns early on with the staining and put together this video to help people with this project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoyxPwtMGy8 We started making the boards out of Birch first run and we had manufacturing issues and concerns over the trays warping and made the call to solve those problems with the use of MDF. It’s true we rarely use it and regret not being more transparent about it with this kit. I have responded to your help ticket to see if we can resolve this issue.

1) I wanted so much to love the wooden player boards… but as some have also expressed, the inconsistency in the branding/engraving is awfully inconsistent. I have one board that is deeply engraved, 2 that are medium with lighter/shallow areas, and one that is pretty lightly engraved. The format of the board is perfect and functionally sound….the branding/envraving is sloppy. They use a different material for the boards that is thicker and sturdy. I don’t have an issue with this difference. I would recommend printing a template from Board Game Geek on photo paper and inserting it in the player board.

2) The player boards are stacked in the box and each have a small lip around the boarder. This is how the player cubes are stored…. it kind of sucks. It’s not a huge deal but the lip is a little awkward and the cubes on the top board can get loose in the box. It’s more of an annoyance than Anything. You may consider baggies or a rubber band-it to get that lid nice and tight.

RESPONSE: I’m sorry you had some boards that weren’t consistent…We are happy to replace parts that don’t make you thrilled when you open your kit. what concerns me is that your cubes are moving around in your box. The lips are designed to nest and should keep all those cubes in place… I have personally done the shake test on several boxes and not had a single cube out of place. It makes me wonder if something is off on the boards or the fit isn’t tight enough once you put the game boards on top even the top board cubes should stay in place. Either way I’d love to figure that out with you because the thought of baggies makes us shiver. Anytime any of our products do not meet your expectations please put in a ticket on our website and we are happy to work with you to solve the issues. Thank you for taking the time to give us valuable feedback and a detailed review, we really appreciate it! Aminda – TBT Customer Support

I have over a dozen Broken Token organizers and they are all excellent. But this organizer has the most dramatic effect on gameplay that I’ve seen so far. The player trays are outstanding. They clean up the table nicely, but more importantly they keep all resource production cubes in their correct places without the worries of bumping or sliding that accompany the original player mats. I recommend looking on boardgamegeek for a player tray insert that you can print, laminate, and place in the base of the Broken Token trays. They add a lot of color and make the trays look gorgeous. I also like that the cubes are all stored in the trays, which are then stored directly in the box. There is no placing the cubes in some separate storage container that you later need to sort out. Just open the box, hand someone a tray, and you are most of the way ready to play. I had originally purchased the Meeple Realty organizer, but I found it lacking in several ways. In my opinion, this Broken Token organizer is superior in every way.

The organizer in itself is very nice, it’s pretty nice that it fits neatly into the game’s box. The assembly in itself could be done a bit better though, at least in my opinion, because sometimes the pieces required wood glue (not provided) to fix looser parts together, and other times the pieces were too tight and they splintered (happened around 4-5 times for the whole assembly, which is not that big of an issue).

The only downside that is expressed in the directions is you might want to purchase some wood glue because some of the pieces can be lose and for long term wear it is an added help. But overall this is worth the money. it is so much more fun to play with all the added parts. This is a weekly game we play and just having all of these working parts just completely adds to the game. Now every time we purchase a new game we see what type of organization is available because it is so worth the experience.

Assembly does take time. Glue should be used on all items that will be handled often — such as player and token trays. It should also be used on other items that don’t fit together tightly. I found the use of a rubber-headed mallet essential. Pressing with fingers felt like it might snap some of the pieces. The mallet applied the pressure uniformly on the pieces and eliminated that concern. Using a hammer and block of wood would produce the same result.