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Samsung’s investment in 3D surround sound is paying off handsomely. In fact, as our new choice for the best dolby atmos bar you can buy, the HW-N950 actually replaces the previous samsung soundbar in this slot, the 5.1.4 HW-K950 dolby atmos bar. Price of gasoline in europe in us dollars A 7.1.4-channel bar with new side-firing drivers, the N950 is even more immersive than its predecessor — and that’s just the beginning. In fact, with crystal clear detail, heart-pumping bass, and laser-tight overhead atmos and DTS:X effects, the N950 bests the K950 in almost every way. Even our primary complaints about the K950, including a lack of DTS surround decoding and connection hum in the wireless surround sounds have been addressed in the N950 — what more can you ask?

As teased above, the N950 boasts not only a wireless subwoofer, but also wireless satellite speakers (though they must be plugged into an outlet for power), each of which boasts its own up-firing driver, which melds with dual up-firing drivers on top of the bar to bounce sound off your ceiling for thrilling surround sound immersion.

The new side-firing drivers help to create an even bigger soundstage, and with new tuning, and features like 4K HDR passthrough at up to 60 frames per second, the N950 simply offers fantastic performance across the board. Add in samsung’s dead simple soundbar+ interface, and the N950 makes an easy case as the dolby atmos bar to beat.

This is our lead-off pick in a segment we think is going to be monstrous in the coming months and years. Sonos beam easily gets the win for smart soundbars, not just because it’s one of the first in its class, but also because — as we’ve come to expect from sonos — it does smarts right, straight out of the gate. Working directly with alexa, the beam combines our favorite voice assistant with ARC HDMI and CEC control, allowing you to control not only smart home devices, but also basic TV functions like volume and (most important) power with your voice. But the beam does much more than just that.

As part of the sonos lineup, beam is controllable via sonos’ intuitive app, allowing you to integrate it with virtually any streaming service, as well as with any other speakers in the lineup, or even the new sonos amp device, to create an intuitive, multiroom sound solution. In addition, the bar looks great on the mantle, and even without an accompanying subwoofer, it sounds pretty good too. The sound is a little boxier than we’d like when it comes to music, but it’s still no slouch there, and the beam does a fine job with cinema and TV sound, offering powerful bass for its size to go along with crystal-clear dialogue.

The bose soundtouch 300 can pump out impressively powerful sound, especially in the low-end range, thanks to the included subwoofer, yet keeps dialogue clear and intelligible. Calculate gas cost u haul truck you’ll also find that the soundstage is wide and immersive, and the bar offers dolby and DTS surround decoding as well as the ability to add in rear surround speakers. In the interest of fairness, however, it’s worth pointing out this model doesn’t perform too well as a purely music-listening solution. Luckily, though, there are other recommendations on this list that can easily fill that gap. But for cinematic sound, the soundtouch 300 is a great choice.

In addition, the soundtouch 300 is both aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly svelte. While not a mini soundbar by any means, the 300 nonetheless sports an unobtrusive profile, and you shouldn’t have trouble fitting it under a TV. The soundbar features a smooth and perforated metal grille, a black glass top face, and recognizable yet simple icons with leds as an on-bar interface.

With a hulking presence that stands over 8 inches tall, the yamaha sound projector 5600 (YSP-5600) isn’t your average soundbar — and it isn’t supposed to be. Gas cost trip loaded into this behemoth are 44 beam drivers, including a 12-pack of them pointed right at the ceiling to deliver the sense of height required by dolby atmos and DTS:X technologies. The system is flush with inputs, including four HDMI ins and an ARC-enabled HDMI out, one coax and two optical digital inputs, infrared in/out, RCA analog input, and a subwoofer out. Most importantly, though, yamaha has loaded some truly brilliant sound performance into its magic box. The beam drivers use your walls to bounce sound at the listening position for strikingly realistic surround sound immersion. If you’re looking for a singular home sound solution without the need for all those extra wires, speakers, and mess, the 5600 is an enticing way to go big for your home theater. Gas cost travel if you can get it rigged up right, yamaha’s YSP-5600 is the simplest way to plunge into the ear-opening world of 3D surround sound.

While soundbars, in general, are simpler and smaller than a multispeaker configuration, they tend to involve multiple components. Whether that be a dedicated subwoofer or the rarer extra satellite speakers, soundbar setups are seldom just a soundbar, which can be frustrating for those who want the least intrusive package. Luckily, samsung’s HW-MS650 sound+ is exactly that — a sleek soundbar that doesn’t need extra components, but still packs auditory oomph to enhance your home theater. That design simplicity also extends to the minimalist remote, which is simple and intuitive to use, and the smart sound EQ system, which is one of the few push-button DSP features we think really does enhance the sound performance across formats and genres. There are tradeoffs for the MS650’s simplicity, such as diminished bass performance when compared to models with dedicated subs, and a lack of ability to fine-tune as much as we’d like due to the remote’s sparse controls. However, the HW-MS650 sound+ is the perfect bar for those who want great sound from a simple setup, and no futzing about with remotes or peripherals.

No, really, this little guy is a soundbar. Despite its tiny frame and minimalist design, the polk magnifi mini is a fully capable soundbar that won’t crowd your TV stand or your living room. Costco gas price due to the size and angle of its six drivers, the magnifi mini produces a much bigger soundstage than its appearance would imply. We’re big fans of the included sub on this unit, too. Despite its lightweight design, it handles bass-heavy moments with power and musicality.

All this isn’t to say that this bar is a viable alternative to a fully capable 5.1 surround system; despite polk claiming the magnifi can deliver 5.1 surround, the experience is much closer to a 3.1 setup. Calculate cost of gas for trip formula the midrange also isn’t quite as clear or present as we’d like in quieter moments. However, don’t let these caveats turn you off to the magnifi mini — it’s an impressive piece of tiny tech that barely dents your wallet.

After giving a soundbar a thorough break-in period, we put it through a rigorous testing process that includes playing all relevant sources of content, including the latest blu-rays with the highest-resolution codecs from the likes of dolby and DTS, as well as audio straight from a TV via HDMI and/or optical toslink output, including streaming services, broadcast TV, and audio apps. When relevant, we test wireless connections for stability and audio quality. We also place a high degree of importance on the musicality of any speaker, so plenty of music is played to gauge its finer performance aspects. Finally, we compare each soundbar with others at, above, and below its price/features class, and with similarly priced alternative sound solutions.