The death of diy – page 2 – pprune forums how to install a kitchen sink drain basket

First job, take down old red-brick chimney, extend slate roof, and install the first north facing window where the fireplace used to be. Replace moen kitchen faucet cartridge 1225 second, a 10′ X 8′ book shelves backing onto what was a very 60’s open staircase. All solid mahogany, 3/4 that would support britannica on a shelf with ease. Then a 300 sq ft kitchen with 5th bedroom above. That cost 1800 quid including the planning application. Okay, it was in 1978.

Years later I moved half the roof up and forward using 17′ RSJ’s to span the lifted area, installed another bathroom under and then rewired the 113 sockets and introduced two consumer units with the new-fangled RCCD’s. I then oak panelled my den and a walk-in cupboard. A thousand quid’s worth of american oak to get the height, and chinese oak for the panels.

Six weeks of detailed work using a router, but finishing with chisels to give the hand made look to surfaces. There was not a single finger mark on the light oak. The box section around the vertical plumbing in one corner took a week to do. It had to be removable for pipes and ever increasing alarm and data cables. How to repair kitchen sink drain pipes hiding wires and pipes has been a fetish of mine since sproghood when I drilled holes in my hercules crossbar to take lighting wires to the dynamo.

I can still hear the estate agent’s voice on the phone. Mr rivets, we just want you to stop. DIYing, that is. I was just finishing the grouting to the laundry. Nice it was. Bloody nice. Double kitchen sink plumbing with dishwasher kitchen had three sinks and the laundry offered the fourth – under a suspended ceiling with spotlights. The sink from there was going into the integral garage as the 5th sink.

He removed the tiles from the ‘half bathroom’ downstairs and blue washed the plaster. The tiles were very expensive (a bloke that had called selling kitchen stuff, who’d done tiling as his main trade, told me the standard was as good as he could have achieved. Secret was, I’d built the loo and it was planned around a tile size and very accurate.)

Or was it? The doing of it. It carried on in the US. Something used to drive me to just do jobs. Two days to hang the front door? The rivetess suggested. Installing a sink strainer basket two weeks, more like. And that’s exactly what it took to hang a $1000 door I’d paid $90 for. The kitchen sink downtown it was dead centre, dead vertical and shut like a rolls royce, but the people that bought the house couldn’t have given a toss – but it pleased me every time I closed it.

One of the reasons why DIY would appear to have retained popularity in OZ is that several of the TV gardening programs started to include minor DIY segments – painting / decorating flower pots and the like. This morphed into redesigning a complete garden corner, and then in time sprucing up the back verandah, building a pergola / barbeque / garden shed. Before you could snap a drill bit it went on to renovations to a room / rooms / almost the whole house. All this on an entire TV program if you don’t mind. Other networks copied and for a while you were hard pressed to avoid these DIY programs, always with a tradie type bloke taking advice from a by no means unattractive female brandishing a new cordless electric drill or paint roller or wrecking hammer about to take out a partition (or put one in somewhere). I rarely watch TV beyond the news and perhaps whatshisname in a pink jacket on a train somewhere brandishing an increasingly dilapidated book on how it was a hundred years ago, but this DIY fad seems to diminished in its frenzy, perhaps even died out altogether. Perhaps it’s been overtaken to the point of total extinction by a scourge of cooking and food shows – an even bigger waste of spectrum if you ask me.