The exclusive new lounge by lexus opens its doors at brussels airport – automotive world

The LOUNGE by Lexus at Brussels Airport marks a further expansion of Lexus beyond the premium automotive world as a global luxury lifestyle brand. Lounge guests are provided with a wealth of facilities to make their visit comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable, together with opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of Lexus.

Covering an area of 700m 2, LOUNGE by Lexus has seating for 175 guests. It is divided into areas with different ambiences and features, including a central bar, seating zones and a break-out space that’s ideal for those who need to work while on the move.

Pascal Ruch, Head of Lexus Europe, inaugurated the new lounge at an official opening ceremony on April 25.

He said: “With half a million international guests visiting Brussels Airlines’ Business Lounge “THE LOFT” each year, Lexus sees this partnership for the LOUNGE by Lexus as a unique and exciting opportunity to bring its core brand values to a global audience, reaching beyond the automotive world. This is a place where people can enjoy and get to know Lexus without getting behind the wheel of one of its cars.”

The space offers everything the air traveller would expect, and more, delivered in a way that is uniquely Lexus. This extends to original, contemporary designs throughout the space, high-quality furnishings and materials, carefully designed food and drinks menus and facilities for work, entertainment, relaxation and revitalisation.

Furniture items have been selected or purpose-designed for the lounge, including multi-function occasional tables and bar counters that interpret the same L-finesse design language as Lexus cars. Lighting is adapted to suit different environments within the lounge and includes two striking installations – a cluster of Iris globes above the bar and Inaho standing lights that sway as people approach them – both of which have evolved from entries in the annual Lexus Design Award. Examples of work by other emerging designers who have participated in the Lexus Design Award are also on display.

There are extensive spa facilities for guests, including individual spa rooms equipped with latest shower and shower-toilet facilities from GROHE. Five b.Relaxed sleep pods by Brussels Airlines are provided for those who need to catch up on rest. In a separate room, people can de-stress in new multi-function “Real Pro Hot Stone” relax chairs from Panasonic. The integrated massage programmes are similar to the shiatsu-effect treatments the driver and passengers can enjoy when sitting in the new Lexus LS flagship sedan.

Mark Levinson, one of the world’s leading audio specialists, has a well-established and exclusive automotive partnership with Lexus, designing bespoke systems for each of its model ranges. The exceptional quality of Mark Levinson equipment can be enjoyed in a dedicated listening room within the LOUNGE by Lexus.

LOUNGE by Lexus has been designed by FITCH, a retail and brand consultancy which has also produced a successful design concept for Lexus’ European retailer network. It has been able to expand some of the ideas explored in that project and introduce new and exciting features, drawing further inspiration from the INTERSECT by Lexus brand experiential centres in Tokyo and Dubai.