The Fifth GMC Time Machine GameMaker Community

At present, my posts are very scarce and the only thing really drawing me here are these. And it so happens to be an annual event. I’ve got some forum games in mind, including that reboot that’s due for what feels like an eternity. Admittedly, even at this point it’s a hair strand away from being thrown in the back burner altogether, but y’know… it would be a neat idea.

Produced any new music? Currently the most recent finished track is Star Bright (I can’t link to the Soundcloud page because the GMC system presumes my guilt as a bot, since I haven’t posted in the other forum sections, blergh). Also the webcomic, which I’m pretty sure is dead right now. I haven’t got much time because of my work, as you know. But I do hope you still delve into creating stuff as a side thing.

And that leads neatly into the next question…

I have no idea what to do after the thesis is over. I guess I’m going with the flow and seeing what falls on my lap. Yes, yes, I know. I should discard this carefree attitude if I want to land something that is worthy and appealing. But y’know me, I’m not a "go-getter." I just hope whatever you are doing right now, it’s at least somewhat fulfilling. Oh, and wish me luck for my dissertation defence. If it goes awry, it’s your fault for not crossing your fingers hard enough. Figure out that paradox.

Yeah, that same ol’ question. Look, it’s been a pretty harsh ride and some really bad experiences, I know. But please don’t beat yourself too much, you got to take the bad with stride. And I am really trying to practice what I preach. Maybe you have had something good meanwhile, maybe not. I can admit I haven’t done much to reach that special something. I’m getting really close to a point where many options will permanently close in that regard.

Are you fitter? Healthier? Are you exercising regularly? (Do you have a girlfriend? If so, zero idea how that happened.) Have you gone on any cool holidays? I went to Vietnam earlier this year. Parents are thinking about New Zealand in December, and I want to go to Hong Kong at some point by myself. Hey, you might be in Europe soon! Or now!

Well, I guess I’ll tell you a bit about the here and now. Today’s a Thursday. Yesterday I had work (ugh) and a waffle/board game night with SK et al. Tuesday night was the farewell dinner for a person who is now, presumably, happily married. On the weekend we had the Winter Warmer, which was basically a train wreck in slow motion. How was the aftermath? Is JB still around?

Tomorrow morning we leave at the crack of dawn for The Northern Beachy Place — just Mum, youngest sister, and I. How was the trip? Other sister’s currently off on a whirlwind camp extravaganza so we won’t be seeing her for a week or so. Dad’s new job is going alright, he’s been there a couple months now. Mum’s back at work for four four-hour days each week. How did the treatment finish up? Is everything back to normal? What about with your grandfather?

Hi there, future me. (Yo.) I am currently a rising… um, whatever comes after senior, at Tennessee Tech. I have a job as an IT Intern at eviCore Healthcare for the summer. (Oh yeah. Fortunately, this year‘s internship has kept me busy.) The new GMC just opened up, after an absurd wait. My most recent game was Daron Moore: Private Eye, a detective game which won the Discord Warm-up Jam. (Oh yeah, that game. I remember that. It turned out very well, I think.) My most recent non-Jam game was Endless Rail, a casual strategy game which served as my debut on Google Play. (Still haven’t made another mobile game since then.) In real life, I’m dating Emily, going on two and a half years now. I’m still using GM occasionally, although I have switched over to other languages quite a bit more now (thankfully). Also, I have a website! I’m going to post an image of the homepage ( so you can see if it’s changed at all. (The home page has literally not changed in over a year.) Currently projects are Latitude (a prototype oriented programming language), (I’ll get back to that one at some point.) Net Game (a dynamically generated world from parsing Wikipedia), (Still actively working on this one, actually.) and Luminescence 2 (a sequel to the platformer Luminescence, similar in style). (I’d love to finish this one, but I haven’t touched Game Maker in so long.) On the back burner are MLSP Lang, Budget Board, and Demensitis 2. (MLSP is mostly vaporware, but the other two might end up finished at some point.) In terms of languages, I most recently picked up Perl, before that I learned Ruby. So yeah, that’s about it for me. Now for the usual questions: