The future of stargate

Anyway way off topic, I’m getting very re-immersed into the Stargate franchise. And I’ve been watching more of the current interviews, and the interviews on Stargate command. I’m rewatching SG-1 right now, lol again. So I figured I’d poke my head out and say hello to you guys, I’ve never really had anyone to talk about Stargate with, and I’m really hoping a change that. And my take away from all these interviews is that I am really bummed that RDA ( unless he’s fibbing, Jack style) wouldn’t be returning (if there was) an SG-1 reboot, or revival. Also I’ve been watching recent interviews with RDA, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, and Amanda Tapping. Where Michael Shanks made pretty good point of saying that if the fans want the old school team back, and I quote: "It has to happen before we’re pushing around walkers. (Laughter) Seriously though, Sooner rather than later." And that interview was a while ago…

Not too long that it can’t happen, just it’s starting to get to that point where it might get there. And that sucks, I grew up on the show, I love the show, I breathe the show… I’m glad Origins was released but sad to see that none of the original cast was in it. And I did hear Chris Judge say that our reaction to Origins will determine the future of Stargate. I know I did my part I watched it about 17 times lolol??? but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Did we do good as fans? Did we revive the show? Did it flop? No one’s ever specific. Does anyone have specific info as to how they’re going to proceed now? Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to meet some of you.??

Wow thank you for all the responses! It’s a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for all the explanations! ? I might have some news for you guys, I just found out that Stargate is go ining to be at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. It’s kind of low-key right now, but I wonder what’s going on?? Fingers crossed, no joke it would be amazing, I streamed all of my Stargate Origins using VRV and all of the other stuff , the Dial home, BTS, And interviews I watched on Stargate Command. Because on VRV it actually streams in HD full screen…. On all of the Stargate shows & movies, No black bars!

Believe it or not, VRV actually has limited Dial home interviews to stream right now, In case anyone’s interested and is not a member of Stargate Command. There is even a couple of funny BTS water-cooler conversations with Chris Judge. The one that I just watched they asked him who would have won the fight between Teal’c and Ronan if Carter hadn’t stepped in… And Chris said something like, because Teal’c is so old and experienced he thinks Ronan, because he’s so young and full of energy he would have basically got tired…. Then they asked him who would win Chris or Jason?? And he literally said verbatim " Jason would probably kick my ass!" And then everybody broke out laughing, he goes have you seen the man? It’s great stuff, I love it

It’s kind of a damn shame that we still have no info on what Origins did, but the fact that they’re showing up at 2018 SDCC has to mean something! So maybe that’s where we’ll get our update… If anyone’s going to be there please post here!! And if anybody wants to chit chat, or play video games, just hang and shoot the breeze that would be awesome. I have Xbox live and such..I’d love to delve into a nice Stargate conversation.