The Hive deCordova

Danica Arimany’s adventures through the mountains to the beach inform her art making and teaching practices. She completed her MFA at Tufts and is passionate about both child development and art installations. You can find her campers studying the habitat tunnels of fire ants and creating plaster busts. Happy to have her back for her second summer at the hive!

Kyle Browne is a visual artist and educator who strives to share her love and experience in the arts with youth and adults as a way to understand the world. Her interest lies at the intersection of art, nature, and culture. She believes arts education is more than teaching a technical skill, it’s developing a way of thinking and responding creatively through materials, ideas, and hands-on projects.

At the hive you can find her campers exploring wearable art constructed from natural materials found in the Park.

Anna Cohen is looking forward to her 5th summer as an Instructor for the hive! She enjoys working with natural and recycled materials, with an interest in STEAM and ephemeral art. While at the hive, Anna looks forward to the using classic materials in unexpected ways, exploring the Museum grounds and creating silly stories about the sculptures, and breaking out into sporadic dance parties while working on our creations. Anna encourages all children to appreciate the process as much as the product of their own work and to explore, ask questions, and find beauty in the world around them.

Emily Discenza is a visual arts teacher with a background in experiential learning. She is trained in sculpture. At night, you may catch her "planting" her handmade wire creations in the dirt around her neighborhood. At the hive, you may find Emily and campers sewing fuzzy woodland creatures, weaving streams of molten lava, or sculpting an underground network of animal burrow

Tracie Dunn has taught studio arts at the high school level in Massachusetts’ public schools since 2001. Her instructional practices encourage positive interpersonal experiences and substantial learning opportunities through the process of making art. In the studio, in the classroom, and in life generally, her work is marked by playfulness, environmentalism, and curiosity.

Amber Vistein is a sound artist/composer with a strong interest in the intersection of science and art. She has produced musical compositions from earthquake data, used a wind tunnel as an instrument, and collaborated on installations about starling murmuration. At the hive, you may find Amber and participants listening to the ground with a stethoscope, using a microscope to explore the minute details of plants, or creating an installation of tin-can telephones that speak to the trees.

Journey into the cosmos as campers explore galactic views seen through the windows of a rocket. Yeffe Kimball’s expansive colorful and richly textured painting, Blue Space Concept provides a launching point for views of an out-of-this world adventure! Crags of glacial rock formations on deCordova’s campus and outdoor sculptures, such as Robert Schelling’s otherworldly bronze, boost the invention of new terrestrial and cosmic universes.

Week 2 Theme: Imagine a world where the forest floor is above your head and your feet walk in the clouds. Steven Siegel’s Big, with rift in the Sculpture Park has vegetation from the ground growing atop seven-foot tall newspaper towers. How will campers turn the world turned upside down? In response to works on exhibit in the Museum, such as Laura Kim’s Dreaming and Alan Bray’s The Fossil Record , campers will root their visions in the sky and keep their goals aloft by reaching up to the ground. Let’s see what happens when these topsy-turvy worlds meet in the middle!

Week 2 Project: Campers will create a personal experience of an upside-down world. Experiments with reflections will capture the sky on the ground. A canopy woven from items found on the forest floor will be held high in the trees by a pulley system of their design. Interactive maps will guide others through this fantastic new world. Engineering the world in-between where rules of gravity are reversed will challenge the laws of physics and spark campers’ imaginations!

Week 3 Theme: Create crystal palaces and underground cities inspired by Ursula von Rydingsvard’s towering Elegantka in the Sculpture Park and Albert Alcalay’s vibrant Metropolis in the Museum. What visions will campers create taking cues from the natural phenomena surrounding them? Tangles of tall summer grasses will become dramatic skylines, while rainwater running through pine needles will flow like great rivers.

Week 3 Project: With the minuscule as a starting point to spark imaginations, campers will create thriving metropolises! Unique growth patterns from cultivating salt and sugar crystals will inspire craggy architecture. Silk strands of a spider’s web will become intersecting roads. Above and below ground neighborhoods will begin as collages made from natural and human-made materials then engineered into three-dimensional models. Which details from art and nature will campers accentuate for their daring designs?

Week 4 Theme: Some patterns are hypnotizing. Some are puzzling. Sol LeWitt’s winding, stepped Tower (DC) in the Sculpture Park and Kurt Kranz’s spiraling Band Ammonit II in the Museum will inspire adventurous designs. Campers will discover mysteries of art and nature’s predictable pathways – and encounter the unexpected adventure in unruly patterns. Human-made and nature-made designs will be transformed when campers focus their attentions and imaginations on the organization of details. Where can following a pattern – or breaking it – lead?

Week 4 Project: Campers will create a maze using patterns and pathways found in nature and art. How might the ivy climbing the bricks of the Museum or the weave of fibers in their shoelaces inform a dynamic labyrinth? Their adventure will be a cross between skipping down the yellow brick road and descending into Fibonacci’s spiral. With each turn in the path, what extraordinary journey will campers create for themselves and others to experience!