The lady across the street. – male vs female the mixed wrestling forum

The lady across the street 25 years old, large thick muscular but sexy thighs (27 inches each) complemented by her 16 inch calves and large boobs. Steven who lived across the street ( me ) at the time 14 had loved muscular woman, female bodybuilders, thick woman. Steven used to film her secretly when she would greet his parents, jogging, lifting groceries out her car in her tights showing off her crazy legs. Each one of her ass cheeks was was the size of 2 of his heads, and her thighs were like tree trunks. She was perfectly shaped and broad shouldered . Marissa (the lady across the street) was a black belt in grappling and jiu jitsu. She trained at the gym everyday (all this information I know for a fact based off what she said) she did between 500-1000 squats a day, leg raises , glute workouts, deadlifts 400 pounds, and can leg press 1000 pounds .

Steven? Well he was a inactive 5’8 skinny, 120 pounds, and 14. He didn’t have any tips of muscles and his thighs were the size of Marissa’s forearms.

Marissa sort of had an idea what Steven would do but before she took action she wanted to confirm. One day she came home from the super market and Steven was in the front as usual , she set up her camera on her trunk, and started recording as she bent over in to pick up her groceries, she was wearing a black sports bra, and tight multicolor leggings that showed off every inch of her sexy lower body above her knees, not to mention how arousing her natural 16 inch calves looked as she raised them in her black flip flops. She stood in that position for a moment. She casually grabbed her phone and checked the recording sure enough Steven recorded her, she then casually turned around and hollered across the street, and asked Steven to help her with the groceries. She had her blue jiu jitsu mats set up in the back from earlier , that covered all the grass 23 by 25 Feet. She asked if Steven would help her with the groceries to the back door. Steven had a visual boner and even though he didn’t know she could see, and rushed to help her, as he walked behind her to the back door he snuck a few glimpses of her ass, and calves. When they turned the corner she dropped her groceries and kicked Steven in the balls barefooted. (She threw off her flip flops, Steven fell gasping for air as his boner became more visible. She grabbed his phone, and checked through his phone finding hundreds of videos of her boobs, while jogging in her sexy sport bra’s that can barely contain them , her ass in tight short shorts, and knee high leggings, and her calves. Her martial arts experience made her kick even more effective . She stripped him to his all white boxers and took of his belt and shirt, and threw his jeans aside. “ You wanna film my body , why don’t we get up close and personal, you perverted little puny boy. She picked him up by his balls and then with her other hand secured his arm and without a struggle lifted his bony 120 pound ass and threw him onto the blue mat. She had 80 pounds on him, while clutching his ribs she stripped to a black thong to complement her black sports bra. She dropped her 200 pounds and large ass on his face. “Mmmmmmpphh” Steven’s body was becoming limp , but at the same time he was getting a big and visible boner. He had no air and was losing breath under her ass he fell asleep. He woke up to a hard slap in the face, as she dragged him to the other side of the map. She put him in a tight figure four and thanks to his long skinny neck she was able to fit her 16 inch calf muscle in his neck, she locked her ankles, and pulled her leg back, as her 16 inch rock solid calves, and 27 inch tree trunk thighs, squeezed and pressed up against his puny neck and head, Steven enjoying it was also in a lot of pain, as he started tapping rapidly she ignored his taps gave him a hard punch in the balls, Steven was knocked out again. He woke up to a grapevine she extended his puny body to the max, as she thrusted her hips into his puny body causing immense pain for him, she started to smother him in the grapevine with her large tits, having him gasping for air. She decided to start playing with him, she took her long black hair, out of her hair tie and let it fall on her back, she started to slap him back and forth with her large, firm, shaped , and solid boobs she slapped him with her boobs, with the left one on the left cheek, and right on the right cheek making his cheeks black and blue. She started doing it rapidly for the third time I got knocked out. I woke up in a tight reverse headscissor with a great view of her ass, I rapidly tapped her ass begging for mercy , she started to tease by letting go then squeezing again, my head started to hurt and my errection only got bigger she then started to squeeze my balls while I was still in the reverse scissor, I let out a yelp. She then rolled me over on my back digging her knee into my upper spine/shoulder blade grabbed both my arms and put them in a tight arm bar , and bent my leg to my back and kept it there. I was helpless and in immense pain. She picked me up and dragged me inside, she picked up some ropes and tied me to the staircase. I she came back with my belt, and in a grey Calvin Klein bra on top that could barely contain her large boobs, and a matching grey Calvin Klein lower thong showing off her amazing thighs, curves, and ass, and in a pair of high heels making her calves look even more sexy, I got even more hard, and she noticed it. She started slapping me left and right with sexy orange nails. She started kicking my balls for 10 minutes, and she used to do soccer, and martial arts so my balls became mush and I was in immense pain, but very much enjoying it. She tied her old bull dog’s leash around my neck with the spikes, and dragged me to the couch where she sat, she forced me to worship and kiss her sexy leg muscles and ass, they were so solid my nose and lip started to hurt from being forced into them, I started to admire her sexy perfectly tanned, Latina body. She had me worship her ass when I got two comfortable I started to grab her rock solid, large ass to much and when I tried trying to squeeze it she immediately put me in a tight headscissor , with my face right up in her grey Calvin Klein thong, trapped between muscular thighs bigger than my head I got knocked out, I woke up fully clothed. “I want you back here tomorrow at 8 AM sharp, your going to be my scissor slave. If your not back here I’ll tell your mom about the videos.” I agreed.