The legacy of japanese composers main thread (an introduction to japanese music)

The sense of community and "composer family" is very noticable in Anime and Games, no wonder since most of the new wave have the old guard as their mentors and the seasoned composers studied under the retired masters. Most are also part of "composer/music companies" with a strong sense of community as well. Of course the biggest is the JCAA which again reinforces that composers and arrangers over there have a strong tie and a personal lobby for their profession.

Not to mention the medium is nowadays in many ways directly tied to the Japanese concert world as well as their music education system. As a Japanese music student you have the opportunity to study under Senju, Tanaka, Koroku, Oku, Watanabe, Sahashi and many more, and if you’re doing good they can get you a job offer for some obscure late-night anime with even enough budget for a real ensemble (Kota Yokoseki).

All of this took me years to finish but now there exists a comprehensive index of Japanese media music, roughly since 1995, and a comprehensive overlook about the history of orchestral music in Anime and Game since the rise of the medium to prominence, with much exposure why its so damn great, and an introduction to great composers and musicians working in that field. Through the years this music has become a source for inspiration, relaxation and joy. I hope this effort on my part makes your day brighter, inspires you to compose music one day and share it all around the world. In my opinion, our world needs more of this kind of music, for the good of mankind. I will leave you with the following insightful words:

“Part of what’s going on in Japan is simply the globalization of taste, culture, cuisine and the way that, in the modern world, you can get almost anything everywhere. But Japanese Americana and Japanese European Style is more than that. There’s a special way that the Japanese sensibility has focused on what is great, distinctive and worthy of protection in American and European culture, even when Americans or Europeans have not realized the same thing. It isn’t a passing fad. It’s a long-standing part of Japanese culture, and, come to think of it, as more Americans and Europeans are exposed to products, music or visual art revived or reinterpreted by Japanese designers, artists and musicians, the aesthetic is essentially becoming part of American and European culture, too. If you ever wonder which of the reigning American and European tastes, sounds, designs or styles will last into the future, there’s no better place to answer that question than in the stores and restaurants, the bars and studios, the television and computer screens of Japan. They often know us better than we know ourselves.”

Hey Vinphonic. I want to express my gratitude for your effort of putting up this colossal project. It is utmost impressive. There is so much music to listen to, let alone putting all of this together. I can only speak for myself here, the fact that we’re facing life as adults, no more we have enough time in a day for games, film and anime like we used to. And having all the good music in one place like this, it’s convenient for us but I can’t imagine how much time and hard work you put in.

I am slowly going through it now, but one by one I am baffled with the fact that there’s so much good music to be missed. That Naoki Sato Train Suite for example… how you even found it I can only submit to your eagle eye ( and even though it doesn’t belong in this thread, I also love the Soul & Blade The Great Journey that you posted, without which I’d never have found that incredible gem.)

I confess that I’ve been never a fan of the elitist community you frequent, i.e the Orchestral Thread. Albeit your uploads, people only argue about music which to me is absurd. As Costello put it, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture." I always get discouraged seeing those pointless arguments, but here is a different place, a happy place. I just want you to know that your effort and endeavor didn’t go unappreciated. There has to be thousands of pieces of music here, and I am shocked after listening through every one of them. Incredible. My hat is off to you, my friend.

I really appreciate your warm and kind words. But I did not do this alone. I had much help over the years from my good friend nextday from vgmdb (he was the one digging up the Train Suite), as well as countless others from aforementioned Thread. Without tangotreats, Herr Salat, nextday, yepsa, arthierr, streichorchester, NaotaM and countless others, this thread here wouldn’t exists. The orchestral thread was/is not always about what you percieve. Occasionally it is about people sharing and talking about what they love. Over time, countless hidden gems appeared and keep appearing that you most likely won’t find anywhere else. This happy place that I hope enriches many people, was born out of the Orchestral Thread.

In any case, this is quite the Foundation-esque project if I say so myself and to not let all those years of getting my vision finished go to waste, everyone is free and encouraged to store my threads I listed here as well. There may be a time when I’m no longer around and MEGA ceases to exist. Doesn’t matter on which forum, open or private, in threads or per PM, it would please me greatly to see it shared around if this thread is no more. Afterall, this piece of work is the result of years and years of dreaming about a place where everything great that affected me and goes unnoticed, is available with just a few clicks. It’s not encapsulating everything out there, but I hope what is here will inspire enough people who want to hear/make/compose music like it to make a difference in the world.