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This is the site for enthusiasts of military timepieces. All discussions related to military timepieces, and watches in general are welcome. While discussing non-issued watches and homage watches is permissible, misrepresentations and/or false claims of military provenance will not be tolerated. Secondly misrepresenting oneself as either a disinterested party or posting with a secondary or ulterior agenda (i.E. Shilling) will not be acceptable. Please post your own personal watches for sale on the PX (not here.) links to fake and counterfeit watch sites are prohibited. While not mandatory, images of guns, knives, and ninja spikes in conjunction with your watches are highly encouraged. Interesting tattoo ideas for guys there is a zero tolerance policy in effect for rude and inconsiderate behavior.

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Please feel free to post your military timepieces and accessories for sale in this section of the site. This forum is for posting items for sale or want to buy ads. Please direct any watch related inquiries to the main forum. The original intent of this forum was to provide a trusted arena for the sale and trade of military watches amongst members and readers of the military watch resource. With the growth of MWR, commercial interests have also posted. Awesome tattoos for females it is not the intent of MWR to block all commercial enterprises from offering watches for sale or trade here, as many dealers have become good friends of MWR, and contribute to the forum discussions. However, due to recent concerns, several rules have been instituted and will be enforced. I ask that you try to limit the offerings to actual military issue equipment or military inspired. Misrepresentations will not be tolerated. Back of neck tattoos hurt if it is not an actual military issue watch, please do not misrepresent it as such. Also, please show consideration for others. Commercial dealers are limited to three postings a day. Please list actual items for sale, and not merely refer your posting to offsite links. This includes a general prohibition on live auction links. The actual watch must be listed for sale on this forum. Please be sure to list an asking price in your posting to avoid any confusion. Images while NOT required, certainly add credibility and enhance a potential sale. Please ask if you need help adding pictures to your sale. Please limit follow-up comments to those necessary to conduct business. Above all else there is zero tolerance for rude and inconsiderate behavior. Flagrant violations of the posting rules may result in deletion and or revocation of posting priviledges. You are free to post images of your watches and accessories using HTML. Feel free to ask me if you don’t know how.

Welcome to the broadarrow off-topic. Pictures of awesome tattoos this is where mwrines can talk about off-topic issues that are not appropriate for the main forum. Here, you are free to talk about *almost* anything, however, the discussion must remain civil, and free from attacks against race, ethnicity, religion, and gender. Unique tattoo ideas for guys once again, there is a zero tolerance policy for rudeness and personal attacks. Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to cool gadgets, food, guns, cars, knives, tactics,etc. Unacceptable topics include personal attacks, and defamation of personal beliefs and opinions. Opinions expressed here are those of the poster, and not necessarily those of the management. Postings deemed to be in poor taste or in violation of these rules may be removed at the discretion of the moderators. Postings which may contain images and/or content deemed inappropriate for the workplace shall be marked [NWS] (not work safe) in the subject line. Postings that promote/advocate criminal activity will be removed and the users banned.