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Shiloh is into photography as well as a very creative dude. So I thought maybe he could do an interesting peep video. He thought about it for a couple days, and asked if he could have a buddy join in or help him. I told him it was alright, but he had to stay out of the camera, or I needed to get paperwork and the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way.Shiloh sent me pics of one of his buddies that he hooks up with on occasion and said he was game. I thought he was totally a guy-next-door type. Kind of the baseball player that you always hoped would want to play ball with you! No sense keeping him BEHIND the camera!I set him up to do a solo, but shiloh had already planned a trip to a little private cave he knew about, and out they went a week or so before me even getting him in the door.

I told them to just do whatever they wanted, totally include grey, as I really wanted him to be part of the team.This is not your average peep video, but more like a serviced video. Back of neck tribal tattoo designs the two clearly have a thing going on, and it is fun watching them trade oral. The cave was not really good for fucking. Grey’s knees were taking a beating, so they stuck to staying upright, swallowing each others cocks.Shiloh busts a major load all over grey’s chest, while grey busts his own load. Shiloh, ever the showman, licks up his load, kisses him, even licks some of his own copious jizz.There is a little pee break at the end. Nothing fancy!

Bentley was on summer break from school and wanted to pick up a gig. After his great performance with solomon, I knew he could take the lead and be a bit more bossy. I asked him if he wanted to try bottoming, but he declined. He is still not there.Bay can handle a big gun, and he is no slouch in the size department himself. Cool tattoo ideas for guys the two had pretty awesome chemistry, and hit-it-off on the car ride to the studio bentley is usually a quiet dude, but he was a lot more talkative with bay. I wanted bentley to take charge from the start, and e is a little awkward, but as soon as he has a hole to play with and someone to suck his cock, he gets his groove on. I love the part when they get on the table and use a cock sleeve to joust with, along with some really erotic kissing.Bay did have to have bentley go slow when they started fucking. I think bentley is the thickest cock he has had up in him, so he was forging new ground. Bay’s cock does loose some of it’s firmness as he tries to amodate bentley’s big piece of meet, but by the end, his cock was screaming to cum.Bentley sure knows how to work a dude’s ass!! How’d that happen?! He has always been so reserved!Both guys are amazing in this video, proving they have what it takes to be porn stars!

They are already in bed rubbing their cocks and talking about MMA. Very awesome 3d spider tattoo real soon after they take their clothes off and start jacking each other off. Two hard dicks with another soldier hand on it sliding up and down before the real action starts. Richard buldger can’t keep his eyes off cole weston’s big dick so he leans in and wraps his mouth around his hard dick. As richard begins sucking on cole’s hard dick he becomes super excited and soon enough they both are 69ing and their mouths are stuffed. The chatter back and forth with their mouths full but they keep gagging and deep throating each other to see who is doing it the best.Richard tells cole to fuck his ass and cole is game for it as he bends richard over and pushes his hard cock deep into richard’s tight ass making him moan with pleasure. He pounds him hard and fast making his balls slap and soon after moves him onto his side where he continues to pound away. Cool tattoos for mens arms cole flips richard onto his back and lets him stroke his cock fiercely until he nuts all over himself. Cole sees all the warm cum and soon pulls his cock out and releases his built up balls. Cole rubs all the warm cum into richard’s buldger skin as they both head to the showers.

The masked intruder comes close, turned on by the sight of a sleeping naked guy. He reaches for his cock, now rock solid, and plays with it to enhance his arousal. Best mens tattoos 2015 hornier than before, he reaches for the hand of his victim and wraps it around his dick. He fucks tomas’ clenched hands, imagining it as a tight ass; he moans in great pleasure.

The break-in of tomas’ ass is not the same as the break-in of his house: tomas certainly wants it, and bends over willingly to the masked guy. He first gets fucked doggie style, then sits on the now unmasked guy’s dick. Tomas is shocked by how ripped and and handsome the robber is, and decides to give the guy a break-in he will never forget.

With tomas now just as horny as his unwanted guest, he starts stroking his own dick to cum. He wants to hold his cum to the very end, at least until his top has cum. But the twink can’t control it, and spreads his jizz all over his tummy and near his balls. The masked man can’t hold it any longer, either, and cums on tomas’ thigh just after him.

Jorge fusco and romeo alfonso set fire to your monitor.Jorge fusco and romeo alfonso were destined to do a scene together. Not just because they are two of the hottest latino models around but because each of them possess such a fiery passion that the idea of putting them together was a given. From the day that romeo caught a glimpse of jorge and his sexy furry ass he just had to have him. It was his first scene with another randy blue model and we wanted it to be something really special. Most awesome tattoos for guys and knowing full well that romeo was going to fuck him like crazy, jorge turned up the heat and got him going with a blowjob to end all blowjobs. Romero loves sex and getting to fuck someone with such amazing sexual energy like jorge had him all boned up before he even got to the set. He enjoyed every second of it, from jorge engulfing every inch of his cock with his soft, warm mouth to fucking his nice tight hole. And jorge was all about the hardcore ass action. And when we were done the two of them were considering going back for a second round. It was just too hot.