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One of the unique characteristics of rust (both the language and the community that has evolved around it) is a strong acknowledgement of multithreading, synchronization, and concurrency, as witnessed in the design of the core language (which acknowledges OS concepts of threads with sync and send) and the presence of various structures in the standard library aimed at simplifying development of correct, multithreaded code.

Rsevents is a new crate that should be immediately familiar to anyone that has done multithreaded programming under windows: it exposes a synchronization primitive, namely, an event for use where mutex – intended to exclusively marshall access to a variable or region of code – either does not convey the correct semantics or is not the right tool for the job.

For those that didn’t come fleeing to rust from a win32 background, in windows an event is the lowest-level kernel synchronization primitive, which can be thought of as a “waitable bool” – it is either set or reset (on or off, true or false) and if it isn’t set, you can wait on it until it becomes set.

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C# developers have long been spoiled when it comes to quickly and easily getting up and running with encryption thanks to the .NET cryptostream class, which wraps a stream instance in a second stream that automatically encrypts/decrypts anything read/written to/from it before passing it along to the underlying stream. Long story short, it makes it ridiculously easy to add encryption or decryption facilities to an existing pipeline, as after setting up the cryptostream instance you can just treat it like any other stream object and read or write to it normally.

Encryption has been somewhat of a sore spot in the rust ecosystem after a few false starts with “native” rust encryption libraries that went nowhere, but today the rust community has fortunately adopted the openssl bindings as the approach of choice, and the rust-openssl crate makes it easy to both bundle and consume the openssl bindings from rust in a cross-platform manner. What it doesn’t do is make encryption and decryption any easier than openssl itself does.

A year and a half ago, I heeded the growing warning signs that indicated the looming demise of macos, née OS X, as a platform for developer and true computer enthusiasts, and set about trying to find a new ecosystem. Tattoo ideas for guys sleeve luckily, this was around the same time that updates to windows 10 combined with the the continued awesomeness of WSL, 1 made it a viable option for reconsideration.

While windows had always remained my primary development platform of choice due to the nature of my work, there were various apps that I’d become accustomed to using and had to seek out alternatives for, chief of which was imessage. As someone that has never embraced the mobile craze, I sorely missed the ability of texting (or “imessaging”) from my PC, and came to absolutely despise having to drag my phone out of my pocket and text from its cramped display, constantly fighting autoincorrect and embarrassing myself with typos and misspellings. I tried switching to alternative platforms, including whatsapp, skype, and FB messenger; but nothing came close to matching the pure simplicity and sheer genius of imessage’s “SMS backwards-compatibility” approach that upgrades iphone-to-iphone communications to imessage while transparently falling back to SMS or MMS where imessage was not an option.