The pearl curriculum -the pearl curriculum

Juliet’s very best friend, someone she spent hours with every single day, has moved back to Canada. The goodbye was ALL SORTS OF heartbreaking, despite our best attempts at making it more of a “see you soon.” Juliet was angry in the moment and then a heartbroken darling the next day, when she made me prove to her that he was, in fact, all packed up and gone. SOB FEST, you guys. (For real, I’m crying as I return to this moment).

After they had finished these pieces, I had them choose yarn colours, ribbons colours, and beads that they thought their best friend would love most. They were able to help with stringing the beads, but I used the hot glue to assemble the hexagon ring and did all of the wrapping and tying, too. I was also responsible for picking out the letters from our bead bin so that the phrase “ UGGA MUGGA” could be lovingly included on our camel string <3 If you’ve parented a threenager in the last few years, you know exactly what that means!

During our “see you soon” (ha!), best friend books were also revealed! Each of the kids received a copy of “The Friendship Book” which is the most thoughtful and creative and SPECIAL gift that I can think of (Thelma, YOU ROCK!). Nory had a friend over yesterday and we have learned that “The Friendship Book” is officially part of our home tour. It’s just THAT GOOD! <3

AS A TEACHER // Sigh. I was absent for so many freaking science lessons. I was absent for the Activities and Athletics Banquet (where I was supposed to present an award to an outstanding student). I was absent for the Grade 8 Graduation (which was an absolute sob-fest for me last year, but only because I love our students so much). I really wanted to be there. For all of it.

AS A COLLEAGUE // It kills me that someone had to substitute my classes, proctor my exams, grade my exams, grade all of the late projects, and do my final reports for me. I mean, those things aren’t even fun, but I would much rather do them than have others do it for me. The last thing I want for Tired Teachers in May is for them to be Tired Teachers in May Doing Someone Else’s Job.

AS A STUDENT // I’ve been doing an online course through all of this. I earned a B+ on my first two modules and this grade actually sends me into a full-fledged panic because I’m an over-achiever and settle for nothing less than an A+. Do you know that a B+ on the Queen’s University grading scale is RIGHT ABOVE AN F. That’s right, people. I ALMOST FAILED. There is no C or D range. It goes B+ to F.

AS A WIFE // Phil’s had to be full-time Dad, plus full-time Career Man, plus full-time Care-Giver. He’s been a total ROCK-STAR, you guys. From all-nighters at home or in the hospital, to taking the girls to the Hilton so the house is quiet, to spending his last week at school emptying out my classroom instead of having exit interviews with his coaches and club sponsors. I don’t think he’s had a moment to himself in a whole month and I feel AWFUL about it.

AS A MOM // LOOK AT THAT PICTURE THERE. I emptied Nory’s school bag on the last day to find the school calendar for MARCH and an advertisement for a book fair at the START OF MAY. I. AM. MORTIFIED. WHAT. IS. MY. PROBLEM. I also haven’t spent as much quality time with them as I usually do, and what I can’t seem to erase from my mind is Juliet’s wee voice asking, “Mama, are you going to die?” SO. HEARTBREAKING.

You know, I was so nervous to post about all this on here. I’m known as optimistic and happy and positive and, I wasn’t really sure if someone with my reputation was outwardly allowed to feel the opposite. I’d much rather be the person who is bringing the cheer, offering help, and being a source of strength and encouragement for others. However, the freedom to share today was gifted from a friend who told me, in a message that I am going to keep forever and ever and ever and ever:

I want you to know that you have inherent value and that people don’t love Lindsay because of what you do for them, but because of who you are. You have a beautiful soul and people just want you to be well because they love you. Unconditionally and without wanting something in return. You are valuable because of who you are, not because of what you do.