‘The royals’ season 4 finale ‘with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage’ recap

E! Network’s “The Royals” has just ended its 4th season, but that didn’t stop drama from popping and secrets from spilling. In the show’s season 4 finale, titled “With Mirth in Funeral and With Dirge in Marriage,” the family thinks the coup is a go. But Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) had other plans. You’d think they’d all live happily ever after but a kidnapping could put a damper on that. King Robert’s (Max Brown) reign is far from over. Not even his determined brother Liam (William Moseley) or their cynical uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) could stop that.

Liam and Cyrus’ coup gang has gotten bigger since they first started plotting. The queen mother Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) joined them when they set out after Martine Kane. Liam also asked Jasper (Tom Austen) for help.

Of course, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t tell Len (Alexandra Park)? She then told Willow something that made up her mind to call off the wedding and show Robert’s true colors to the world.

The last episode ended with Len reciting the words Robert said to Willow and telling her he can’t marry him, but we never knew why. This episode, we find out that his words were not his at all but Len’s. They were from a love letter the princess sent to Jasper last Christmas, but he never got it because Robert kept it. The lies and deceit were enough for Willow to join the coup gang. Or so they thought.

Even his mother could see now what kind of person he’s become. The royal family is, after all, royal. They are first and foremost monarchs. They put the people before them. But to get to the end, they had to act like nothing’s wrong. Len still had to plan the wedding, Liam had to be the best man to his brother, and Willow had to be the loving fiance until she exposes the king just as she’s about to say I do.

But in the darkness, there is light. When Len was in the chapel adding the finishing touches, Jasper comes in. She says that all the beautiful work she’s done is just going to waste and that what she did should only be shared by two people in love. He didn’t want to waste the place, so he takes her in his arms, and they sway to the non-existent music. As they move in sync, Jasper subtly and indirectly proposes to the princess. Ashamed that it wasn’t how he wanted it to be or what Len deserved, he still kept his word. He didn’t care anymore how it was done; he just knew he loved her. She, of course, said yes.

Robert’s mind isn’t in the right place. When Willow woke up from her wedding nightmare, she sees her fiance playing chess alone and talking to himself. But to Robert, it’s face to face with his father, telling him how he is a great king. But what happened next sealed the deal. When Willow confronted Robert about the blackout, his cold, corrupt, heartless kingly side showed. That was the final nail in their coffin. She ran to the coup gang and told his mother that he could not marry her son. She has to be stopped. E! Network

Right before the wedding, Robert was playing chess with his father again, or so he thought. Like Liam when he was a little lost, he was seeing the late King Simon. He was so real to him. The current king is still holding a grudge against his father for telling him he isn’t going to be a great king. But the ghost sang a different note to what Robert remembers. He was loving and supportive. Then, he vanished as Liam entered the room. It’s the final countdown for “The Royals.”

Helena also had to keep up her act. When she and Cyrus thought that Robert was onto to them because he thought things were “too quiet,” she jumped at the opportunity to make some noise. She used the bad blood between her and Willow’s mother to help their plan. She was well aware of the murderous scandal involving her and her mother. This ticked Helena off and gladly jumped on her future family. To make things more interesting, she yanked out her hair extension, old school Dynasty style.

When it was almost time for the wedding, Jasper got into a little bit of an argument with Stark, the king’s new security. The newbie wanted Jasper to leave his weapon and go through the detector again, to which Jasper refused. Before things could get a little more heated, James Hill comes to the rescue. He brings Stark aside to have a small “talk,” but they end up having a more significant argument. They punch and kick and rolled around until Stark has Hill pinned to the floor. Another hero came to save the day with a taser gun. When Stark’s unconscious body rolled off Hill, the man behind the taser was revealed, Jasper’s father (Richard Brake).