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Coyote.Badger.Rattlesnake. There’s no point trying to make linear or literal sense of buntport’s latest offering. Unique tattoo designs for guys that’s true of many of the troupe’s plays, but this one skitters even more blithely than usual into absurdist territory and beyond into the ether. The action takes place in and around a museum diorama featuring the landscape of north america’s great plains. The set includes a large flat, square picture; on the floor in front of it, puzzle pieces of the same terrain, holding dry grass, rocks, pebbles. There’s also a rearing rattlesnake and a badger, whose name is mitchell. The coyote, cecily, isn’t immediately in evidence. Glenn, played by brian colonna, and carroll, played by hannah duggan, are in charge of maintaining the exhibit.

They have philosophical thoughts about the nature of reality, the way we live in reality and the ways we mimic it. Erin rollman and erik edborg are the stagehands: not museum employees, but buntport’s stagehands, which means they occupy a different reality entirely from that of glenn and carroll. They put pieces of the exhibit in place and sometimes mess things up, and they, too, are engaged in philosophical argument. Buntport worked with playwright ellen K. Graham on this show; it would have been so much fun to have been a fly on the wall, watching these astonishing talents lay out their collective vision and somehow fuse it into this hilarious, ridiculous and brilliant piece of theater. Presented by buntport through december 22, 717 lipan street, 720-946-1388, buntport.Com. Read the full review of coyote.Badger.Rattlesnake.

A christmas story. The movie A christmas story, which came out in 1983, wasn’t a kids’ cartoon, a message film or a christmas rom-com, but a well-told, sweetly humorous story about ralphie, a nerdy, bespectacled young boy who yearns for a red ryder BB gun for christmas. And also about ralphie’s family: a little brother, a father struggling not to feel like a failure, and a mother who embraces her conventional homemaker role. A christmas story: the musical adds cheerful, cheeky songs by benj pasek and justin paul. You remember the kid dared by his friends to lick an icy pole who ended up getting his tongue stuck? The father’s celebrated sweepstakes win that turns out to be an absurd piece of decorative junk? The santa nasty enough to appear in david sedaris’s santaland diaries? It’s all there. Awesome cross tattoos for guys and if that’s not enough, the stage is also filled with irresistibly lively dancing, singing youngsters backed up by some of BDT’s best-loved professionals: wayne kennedy as the adult ralphie; joanie brosseau-rubald giving a strong, empathetic performance as mother. And for the first time in years, scott beyette has a role that lets him cut loose, as ralphie’s father, the old man, and he turns in a hilarious comic performance. Presented by BDT stage through january 5, 5501 arapahoe avenue, boulder, 303-449-6000, bdtstage.Com. Read the full review of A christmas story.

The humans. Stephen karam’s the humans won a tony, was a finalist for the pulitzer and earned glowing reviews from critics, though I’m not sure why. A family is meeting at the manhattan chinatown apartment of brigid and rich, the boyfriend that brigid’s mother, deirdre, thinks she should marry. It consists of paterfamilias erik; deirdre; brigid’s sister, aimee; and momo, erik’s mother. Head drooping, confined to a wheelchair, momo, who suffers from dementia, warns us early in the evening, “you can never come back. Awesome guy tattoo ideas you can never come back.” her words are prophetic. Everyone has a secret; everyone is worried, and most of these worries are caused by economic insecurity. Awesome tattoos designs for guys no one wants to put momo in a nursing home, but caring for her at home is increasingly difficult, and home care costs hundreds of dollars. Aimee suffers from a chronic ailment and has lost her job at a law firm because of the time she’s had to take off work. Brigid and rich are struggling with student loans. These people genuinely love one another, and real tenderness throbs beneath their attempts to conceal their fears and their frequent sniping, but the characters never come to life. I can’t figure out whether the fault lies with the playwright or with the direction; perhaps the humans would coruscate in other hands, or perhaps weaknesses in the script tripped up the players at curious. Either way, this production disappoints.

Twist your dickens. In this twist on A christmas carol, we meet ebenezer scrooge at the beginning, humbugging away, refusing to give alms for the poor and abusing his clerk, bob cratchit. There’s the usual ghostly sequence of former partner jacob marley, and the ghosts of christmases past, present and future. But in between are all kinds of skits and shenanigans, some hilarious, some mildly amusing, a few best forgotten. When the topic of orphans comes up, little orphan annie pops on and oliver twist arrives; we see the capering apparitions of whoopi goldberg and her fellow nuns from sister act. Cool female back tattoos we also get interruptions from supposed audience members, and genuine actor-audience interactions. Periodically the script pulls us back to the original story, though always, as the title promises, with a twist: the saintly cratchits, for example, have highly murderous intentions. Twist your dickens isn’t as funny as writers peter gwinn and bobby mort may think it is. But it’s way funnier than most of what’s around. Presented by the aurora fox arts center through december 23. 9900 east colfax avenue, aurora, 303-739-1970, aurorafox.Org. Read the full review of twist your dickens.

What you will. “what country, friends, is this?” asks greg at the beginning of jeffrey neuman’s what you will, now in a world premiere at benchmark theatre. Greg is rehearsing the role of viola for an all-male production of shakespeare’s twelfth night, and here viola, having just landed on an alien shore after a terrible shipwreck, is trying to find her bearings in unknown territory. The characters in neuman’s play are also traversing strange territory: they’re exploring love and sex, the meaning of short-term affairs and — even more desperately and passionately — the nature of committed relationships. Greg has lived with adam, who runs a small wedding-themed printing business, for many years, and the two are suffering ennui and mutual misunderstanding. When adam encounters a seductive stranger in the steam room of his gym, his fidelity is tested. The relationship of nick and lively, emotional celia is in its early stages. The two are engaged, and there’s a lot they don’t know about each other, a lot each is afraid to reveal for fear of rejection. The two have moved up their wedding date, and celia comes to adam to ask for a rush job on the invitations. Awesome mens tattoos under the able direction of warren sherrill, all of the characterizations are skilled, but much of the first act is a touch too restrained. By the second act, however, everyone’s energy level has risen and you find yourself fully absorbed. Is nick going to hurt celia? Will greg be able to forgive adam? Just who is nick at the core? You’re likely to find yourself holding your breath, then tearing up — because the truths neuman uncovers strike deep. Presented by benchmark theatre through december 22, 1560 teller street, lakewood, benchmarktheatre.Com. Read the full review of what you will.

Xanadu. In this musical (based on a bad movie of the same name), sonny, an idealistic young artist in los angeles, hates his own work, suffers severe doubts about his talent and is suicidal until he’s visited by the muse clio. She appears to be australian and glides around on roller skates. Together they decide to create a place where all the arts can meet, a roller disco featuring music, dance, painting, movies and poetry. But there’s a glitch: clio has two jealous sisters, fellow muses calliope and melpomene, and they’re determined to bring about her downfall. Which shouldn’t be too hard: muses are forbidden to dabble in the arts and also prohibited from falling in love with human beings, and from sonny and clio’s first meeting, it’s clear that she’ll rapidly violate both these rules, piss off her father, zeus, and end up banished to the underworld. The script is silly but stylish, and the performers superb. Lauren shealy, who plays clio, is a local treasure. She has a fine, supple singing voice, is funny as hell, and turns out to be graceful even on roller skates. In short shorts and a tank top, marco robinson as sonny shows off biceps, triceps and lats, as well as leg muscles we didn’t known existed. Sarah rex gets to exercise all her comic chops as calliope, and they’re impressive. We last saw sheryl mccallum, now playing melpomene, as a dignified aunt eller in the denver center’s radiantly successful oklahoma!; she’s not the least bit dignified here as she identifies herself with full-throated malice as an “evil woman.” aaron vega, who plays danny, owner of the rundown building that sonny and clio want to convert into xanadu, is a seriously talented comic with a seriously impressive baritone. Put these performers to a silly but stylish script, and what ensues is one of the most amusing evenings you can ever hope to enjoy: satirical, clever-stupid, light as air, pointless and at the same time pure comic gold. Presented by the denver center for the performing arts cabaret through april 28 at the garner galleria theatre, denver performing arts complex, 303-893-4100, denvercenter.Org. Arm sleeve tattoo ideas for guys read the full review of xanadu.