This goes beyond bolt it’s about racism and the government’s involvement. – » the australian independent media network

Obviously it is the money that attracts them but to justify their presence they need to raise the standard as people become acquainted with it. So in order to maintain the viewers, or reader’s interest, their expectations, it progressively becomes more outlandish – more tantalising – seductive-more flirtatious-more provocative – more stunning and more enticing and in their desire to maintain some dominance, that’s exactly what the shock jocks and mainstream media do.

Macphee traced this back as far as 1988, when Howard decried the “Asianisation” of Australia and led the Opposition to vote against a Bob Hawke motion supporting a racially non-discriminatory immigration policy. Macphee told Seccombe: “I’d always known Howard was a racist, but he demonstrated that clearly in that motion.” Macphee described the continuing efforts of conservative politicians to exploit issues of race for political ends as “quite tragic”.

“Author Richard Flanagan said in a powerful speech at the Garma Festival yesterday, the Uluru Statement from the Heart demanded too much of Canberra’s politicians: “It demanded [they] imagine their country anew, stronger, richer. It required people who knew a life of the mind and a life of the soul, a largeness and generosity of spirit, and all these things are not just absent in the Turnbull government but consistently attacked and destroyed by them whenever they appear in Australian life.”

People who support Bolt and his racism need to ask just why it is that he is fixated on the subject of race (and Muslims and climate change for that matter) and the answer is simple. Murdoch has built his news empire on smut and controversy. The formula has made him extremely wealthy. And there is no doubt that Bolt is paid extraordinary amounts of money to proliferate the pages of The Herald Sun with this sort of gutter journalism.

Goodness me, next he will be attacking the Greeks and the Italians and the Poles without whose rich and vibrant communities our nation would be eating mutton and potatoes, never having tried the delights of baklava or dozens of varieties of pasta. How on earth can someone whose own family were migrants be so horrible. Are/ were his parents proud of him do you think ? Or is it simply and purely a colour/religion thing ?

It still amazes me that people will not let you have an opinion about anything unless they put their opinion above everyone else. I think we are giving away our Australian way of life because of these refugees that get first dibs on just about everything when we have Veterans who need help badly, Senior Citizens who need help, Farmers who are in dire need of money water and feed.. We have youth running wild in the streets and our Governments giving money away left, right and centre to other countries while their own people can go to hell. Our so called Prime Minister is a millionaire and none of the everyday hardships of the Australian people matters to him and his cronies, I for one thing he is corrupt and only cares about how his friends can get more and more money. I could write on here forever about my opinions but I am sure someone is going to call me something that is not very nice and shoot my opinions down in flames which is the very reason most people never give their true opinion. I don’t personally like Pauline Hanson but I do believe she speaks her truth and a lot of people agree with her I also think Muslims don’t belong in a Christian Country like ours because they don’t want to assimilate, so there you go my OPINIONS.

CAROLC…I would say that there is an “innocence” of naivety in your extended opinion there…except that true innocence will always give the benefit of the doubt…instead, all I can see is an adult (I presume) who seems to not even have taken into consideration the personal experience of life’s lessons and vicissitudes before coming to an obvious conclusion that has to be about as dense as an impenetrable barrier of gorse.

The majority of commentators here are indirectly supporting the government’s cheap neoliberal economic labour immigration policies. Amusingly, if you have the temerity criticize the stupid policies and levels of migration you are apparently racist. Some of the facts are disturbing. For instance Australian youth and graduate unemployment is now growing rapidly. I’m sure some of you have kids. Not a particularly nice future when job opportunity is choked off. Also when your amenity declines further as it will do, congestion continues to rise, can’t get doctor or hospital appointments, etc. whining to a blog is going to do sod all about those issues. The government will have long changed, their mates made of with the profits from all those crappy slum dog-boxes they have infested Melbourne and Sydney with, etc. Luckily we have the rapid economic collapse of the ‘FIRE’ sector to come. That should also choke of migration and rid us of a good proportion of the ‘temporary’ migrants’

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