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JEFF PEARLMAN: OK tiffany, so a few weeks ago you ran for a seat on the aliso viejo city council—and won. Free satellite tv channels in ghana and I wonder, do you feel like local political elections have lost any semblance of quaintness, of warmth? Like, has the anger of the national seeped into the locals? Did you need to go after opponents? Did they go after you? Were trump allegiances factored in? Or was it a relatively peaceful process?

For the most part the aliso viejo race was tame. I was anonymously attacked several times—for example, someone told me I was a bad mother because I was running for office. I was also attacked online by a prominent figure in aliso viejo who invented allegations about me. I was attacked anonymously on twitter. There were mass emails trying to scare conservatives out of voting for me (comparing me to elizabeth warren).

I had signs stolen. But these are pretty tame, especially considering how bad things can get in places like irvine.

I would travel, work late, work on the weekends, and was on call all the time. I didn’t want that life anymore. I wanted a job where my clients were my friends, and where I was working to make this world better. For me, that eventually translated into working for water districts, helping make sure our water is clean and accessible to everyone.

I also made the decision to be happy and kind. People spend far too much of their lives focused on what is wrong, or that they are unhappy. It was like a light switch went off—I wasn’t going to do that anymore. Just being alive is amazing. There is good in everything, and in everyone. List of satellite tv providers it’s our job to see the good in all situation. It’s our job to tell people what is good about them. It’s a cycle—the more we see the good/verbalize the good, the more good that comes, and the happier we get. If nothing else, I hope that people are kind to one another. Fta satellite tv south africa everyone has a struggle. Everyone.

I opened myself to opportunities to make a difference. Opportunities like going to LAX and performing volunteer legal services for incoming foreigners facing the muslim travel ban. Opportunities like providing pro-bono legal work. Opportunities like taking part in the first-ever women’s march up in los angeles. And, eventually, opportunities like running for office. And I wanted my children to be a part of that—to see that journey, win or lose. And I don’t regret any of those choices. Cable or satellite tv not for a second.

We all use our inner ears for balance. My left inner ear had been removed in the surgery, so without physical therapy, the room spun all the time, and I’d fall over just standing up. I probably looked like I was drunk. It certainly felt that way when I would fall over just standing still. This was one of the most frustrating times in my life.

T.A.: smaller cities do not have in-house attorneys to represent the city in litigation, because the cost of such attorneys isn’t justified. As a result, the cities often participate in a joint powers authority—similar to an insurance program. When the cities are sued, the joint powers authority will hire counsel to represent the city in the litigation. My firm was one of the firms that provided that service.

When we stop interacting with people, we start thinking we are the only ones with problems and we become bitter. But everyone—everyone—has a struggle. Be good for no good reason. It might take 2 seconds of your time, but it might mean the world to that person. And maybe that person will do something kind to another person for no good reason. Tv satellite malaysia and the cycle goes on and on. I promise you, it’s worth it.

I don’t believe the human race is meant to live forever. But I also don’t think we need to hasten our extinction. We should take care of this planet, starting with fighting climate change. We should pour money into NASA and space exploration. We should keep doing everything in our power to move forward. In the words of dylan thomas, “rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

J.P.: you and I both live in orange county. When I moved here four years ago, I was warned that it can be a very sheltered, shallow bubble where people are more concerned with their lattes than homelessness; where people rarely venture into LA because it’s “scary” and chain restaurants rule the landscape. And, eh … well, as much as I dig it here, they sorta have a point. Tiffany, you seem to love it here. So what am I missing?

• five reasons one should make aliso viejo his/her next vacation destination?: 1. Aliso viejo has one awesome city council woman; 2. We are ideally located- close to beautiful beaches, amazing dining, disneyland, great parks, los angeles and san diego; 3. We have some great hiking and outdoor areas; 4. Bell satellite tv channel guide we are an example of a sleepy, coastal orange county town; 5. Soka university is one of the most beautiful colleges in america, and hosts amazing performances throughout the year.

• rank in order (favorite to least): meek mill, jenna bush, jason spielfogel, good morning america, ryan seacrest, wonder woman, michael lewis, cranberry juice cocktail, harley rouda, bach, donovan mcnabb: wonder woman (DC and justice league for the win!), harley rouda, bach (cannon in D), cranberry juice cocktail, michael lewis (I mean, he wrote moneyball), jason spielfogel (I’ve only met him once, and while he attacked me online, our democracy depends on people running for office)., donovan mcnabb (next time pick a baseball player and we can discuss), jenna bush, meek mill (I don’t know who that is!), good morning america (I don’t have cable TV), ryan seacrest.