Time Warner® Communications Sucks Because…

1st exeprience with TW. 1st day, between the 1st service call I made to activate DTA’s and a second to report my HD service not available my purchased products changed. The agent assisting me with activation stated what I had and it matched what I ordered. An hour later I discovered I didn’t have HD or the premium channel I ordered, and what the first agent confirmed, and I called back. The second agent politely told me I did not have the premium channel and made no attempt to fix my HD issue, she did tell me to get rest and they would call me in the morning. WHAT? The third agent I spoke with, five minutes after the second agent, also stated that I did not have the premium channel but did fix (my HD issue). What a fix. The On Demand product platform is horrible, Charter and Comcast are way easier to navigate through.

The response rate is so unbelievably slow, I really can’t believe the time between pressing the button on my remote and the action completing on the tv…manual would be faster and I am serious! I should have suspected this when the technician did the install. I commented on the motom and HD box size and he said these were the newest products. The motom is almost the size of current CPU’s and the HD box is larger than my last VCR. I hate the fact I can procure no other service provider, if it’s regulation we need deregulation. How is it that one of the largest service providers provides the worst service and product I have EVER had and I can’t switch to a provider of my choice? What has kept me using cable is Internet speed. I bought the fastest internet speed available to me through TW and I can tell you I am now looking at service between bundle options through Direct TV and Centrylink, their speed can not be slower. I live in a large and growing suburb of a major city and my Sprint mobile service is twice as fast….really TW?

Time Warner interrupted my service for the fourth time in two months. When I called to complain I was asked to pay a bill that came to more than double my normal. This, the week after I had paid the bill. When I said that I didn’t owe them anything, that they had made a mistake, I was told there was nothing to be done for forty-eight hours. I refused to accept this and demanded they restore service. Amanda, in Austin, TX said that was impossible until they could find proof that the bill had been paid. She wasted over an hour of time being completely unhelpful, not answering a question and insisting that she was the highest authority in the company and that there was no one else who could help me. She told me I could fax my bank statement to them. I pointed out that I had no fax and she stated that that was the only way I could hope for any help.Then she hung up on me. I called back , got another unhelpful person and this person sent me to Melba, in San Antonio. With a couple of questions that no one else had ever asked, she determined what the problem was and fixed it, and restored the service that could not possibly be restored. She also found the payment that Time Warner never got. I’m sure she has been fired already since she was helpful.

This service really sucks! I started internet services 6 days ago. Since starting services I have had trouble everyday with the internet going on and off. My situation has been escalated all the way to tier 3 were it was turned back on only to wake up the next morning to see it off again. I explain that I use my internet for work as a at home Help Desk Engineer and this is effecting my job but the earliest availability of a TWC technician is 5 days away. Stupid me didn’t learn from that experience and upgraded to 2 DVR’s and home phone that was supposed to be shipped to me within 2 days. I called TWC late on the evening of day 2 to get tracking information only to be told by customer care that the equipment was not mailed out. Stupid me again travels down to the local office to get my equipment,come home and set it up and of course…..it doesn’t work! I call TWC tech support and they try to trouble shoot for an hour but still no digital cable. In conclusion i was told that when the technician comes out for the Internet issue, they will also get the Digital TV working too. The message that I get from TWC is that they really don’t care of their customers. If i’m a new customer, I shouldn’t have to wait almost a week before I can get services or technical support especially if I’ve expressed that I need the internet for work. I’m so looking into other options for TV and internet and don’t even care if it’s slower. Slower internet works better than no internet!!

Today, after successfully logging in to my account, I attempted to determine why, after I had been assured that my bill was paid in full when I finally broke free from TWC and cancelled my service, I had received a letter from a collection agency for a strange amount due to TWC. I used the chat, because calling customer service is usually a 45 minute process. The chat person was quickly available, but unequipped to see the information I needed. They sent me a customer service phone number. Eventually, after a substantial wait, I was able to get a customer service representative on the phone who confirmed that TWC had "mistakenly" charged me for services after I had canceled my account, had them removed. I also asked for an account of the error in writing to supply to the collection agency and any credit bureau should this become a larger issue. Upon hitting send after completing a customer satisfaction survey, i received a message "account no longer active," and have found I can no longer access my account or apparently fill out customer service questionnaires. If it wasn’t so mind numbingly irritating and intentionally devious, it would almost be comical. Just thought I would share.