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In modern times, having the best tools is what separates the successful from the failures. Thanks to recent technological advancements, it is now even easier to complete tasks like writing documents, editing pictures, playing games, and burning CDs and DVDs. In almost every home across the country there sits some sort of computer, either new or old. However, the rates at which improvements are made tend to make certain computer models obsolete rather quickly.

The tech world is a double-edged sword because of this fact. Getting the best equipment comes very easily as there are several options available to people; however, because of the fact that things change so quickly, those who are in the market for a new laptop often have no idea which one to choose.

The professionals at whatever store you shop at can only do so much. After all, they are probably just as confused as you are.

In order to get the best laptop in 2014, you will need to know some of the basics. A good computer will have a few key components that make it superlative to others. Knowing what makes for a stellar laptop is important for purchasing the one that is right for you. Without some sort of basic understanding of what a laptop is, what it does, and how it operates, the changes that occur within the technological realm may become too foreign for you to recognize.

Acer Aspire S7 is one of the forerunners in the realm of laptop computers and electronic devices. One of the best laptops for college students in 2014, this computer is perfect for someone who wants lots of power and storage. Featuring a hefty 1.5 GHz processor, this computer runs the new Windows 8 OS that comes standard on it without any qualms. It weighs in at less than 2 whole pounds, but it has all the bells and whistles as well: touch screen, 128 GB SSD, and HD Graphics 4000 capability. Packed inside this compact laptop is a complete operating system that is sure to make all of your work much easier and more enjoyable.

Since the dawn of the computer era, Dell has been one of the leading manufacturers of computers; and their new line of laptops is no exception. This particular model only weighs about 5 pounds, but it is packed with high-tech options. With a large 15.6-inch touch screen display, you can transition quickly between tasks without any trouble. In addition, it features a backlit keyboard for easy work in low-lit areas. This laptop offers an extremely powerful 8GB RAM that pushes beautiful images through the 720p screen that can easily stream HD videos. All of these wonderful features are what makes this laptop one of the best laptops in 2014.

Another wonderful model coming from the LENOVO Company is this superlative device which features a wonderfully-made all-around solid structure. Offering users a Intel Celeron 1000M processor, you can run all programs from your modernized Windows 8 operating system without any qualms. The screen measures an ample 15.6 inches; and it comes complete with an integrated LED camera that works perfectly with the included HD Graphics package. With 4GB of memory space and a strong 6-cell lithium ion battery, you can be sure that this computer will help you get all of your 2014 goals accomplished.

Another wonderfully made laptop computer from LENOVO is this. Perfect for college and high school students, this computer features the new Windows 8 OS and a reliable 8GB RAM. Get all of your important assignments done with time to spare when you use this computer that offers a strong and swift 128 GB processor. The year 2014 will be more successful for those who use this particular laptop that was rated 4 out of 5 stars by electronics critics. Because of these features, this computer is quickly becoming one of the best laptops of 2014.

LENOVO is another popular manufacturer of laptop computers, developing new and innovative styles each year at the same rate as the others. This excellent laptop is designed to be a complete desktop replacement computer. It features a robust 2.6 GHz processor, making it easy to run the standard programs as well as more complicated ones. This computer comes standard with the new Windows 8 platform, while offering users simplified touch screen abilities. Those who used this computer after using others were pleased by the no-frills design and superlative operation.

Of course, everyone knows that Sony does not simply make one style of anything, and laptops are no exception to that rule. Featuring a solid Intel Core i5-4200U processor that operates on a quick 1.6 GHz speed setting, this computer is perfect for anyone who wants real-time results and less fuss out of their machine. This laptop comes standard with the new Windows 8 platform as well, making it ideal for new college students and even entrepreneurs who wish to be on the forefront of the technological world. Weighing in at an ultra light 3 pounds, you can take this laptop anywhere while never having to worry about a loss of power with its 6-hour battery.

There is seldom an argument that ends in someone saying that SONY is not a good company from which to buy a laptop or other electronic device. Known as one of the best in the biz, Sony presents the VAIO PRO UltraBook in 2014. It features a powerful 4GB RAM and 256 GB of memory space, all while weighing only about 2 pounds. With a large screen, plenty of USB hook-ups, and a super fast processor, this laptop is quickly becoming one of the best and most popular models of 2014.

One of the most popular laptop computer manufactures, besides Apple, is SAMSUNG. This company is known for its superlative production of sound equipment and other electronics, so it stands to reason that their computer would be ultra nice as well. Featuring a solid 4-way Intel Core i5-3337U processor, you can use this laptop for an array of projects, both personal and professional. With 128GB of possible memory space, you will never have to worry about running out of room for your important files. In the event you don’t want to save your files to the hard drive, there are 3 additional USB ports that you can use for external storage capabilities.

MacBooks are, without a doubt, some of the best laptops on the market. Apple is known for producing superlative devices, and this one is no exception. With a 8GB RAM and Retina Display, you can use this laptop for everything, whether that be for casual uses or for business and school. In addition to the state-of-the-art design, this laptop also features a lightning fast Core i5 internal processor, making all of your tasks a quick cinch. With this laptop, you can access all apps from the Apple App Store while toting its ultra light 3 pound body around with ease.