Top 500 tattoo ideas for men tattoos beautiful

Guys also love motivational quotes, even though they may not admit that. If you are one of those guys, you can get a motivational tattoo. Take this one for example. You have wings, and an inspirational quote which is not girly at all. The tattoo looks masculine, and it will motivate you to keep your head up all the times! 10. Half Sleeve Tattoo

Half sleeve tattoos are quite popular these days. There are many designs and symbols you can have inked on your upper arm. But, tattooing a watercolor city is something you don’t see often. If you are looking for a great tattoo, without me explaining its certain meaning, then this is the one you have been looking for. 9. Guardian Angel Back Tattoo

We all need our guardian angel, and mostly, our loved ones are our guardian angels.

Angels are messengers from God, who have special skills, powers and talents. In almost every culture and religion they are seen as a symbol of protection. It is believed that every person has a guardian angel from the day he/she is born, throughout the life and even after they die. A guardian angel will guide you through the life and afterlife. 8. Wing Tattoo Ideas for Men

Chest tattoos are also popular with men. This tattoo looks sophisticated and it has so many different symbols which send different messages. You can see skull and roses, which represent both good and evil, life and death. There are also doves which are universal symbol for peace. Of course, the clock aka the symbol of time was inevitable in this tattoo design. 6. Ship and Sunset Leg Tattoo

This is our first leg tattoo in this article. Girls usually get thigh tattoos, because that is a very attractive and feminine place. Guys don’t wear shorts and skirts so getting a thigh tattoo would basically mean getting it only for yourself. However, an attractive part of a man’s leg are his calves. That is why it is ideal to get a tattoo on this part of the leg. 5. No Evil

Tribal tattoos are classic. There is something about them which men like so much. It may be the fact that they look pretty simple, but they are very masculine. Tribal tattoos can be big or small, and they look good on every part of your body; arms, legs, chest, ribs and even your back. If you are unsure what tattoo would you like, then you could consider getting something universal, like a tribal tattoo. 2. Back Phoenix Tattoo Ideas for Men

This is one more example of a phoenix tattoo. Besides the mentioned meanings of a phoenix tattoo, a tattoo like this can also represent the constant battle between life and death, fire and passion, wealth and abundance. This tattoo represents a phoenix with its wings spreaded, and it looks very similar to a cross. So, you can even incorporate a religious symbol with your phoenix tattoo. 1. The Manliest Tattoo Ever

I’m pretty sure you didn’t see this one coming. After seeing the title, you may have expected a giant tattoo with blood, fire, and other extreme symbols. But, no. Being strong and tough is not the only thing that makes you manly. The toughest, manliest men always have a sweet spot for their children. This tattoo may not seem so ‘manly’, but it shows how precious your child to you is. And, we know what would happen if someone messed with something that means so much to you. You wouldn’t be a man anymore, you would turn into a beast.