Top 747 reviews and complaints about re-bath office wall decorating ideas for work

I asked the installer about it and he said he didn’t remember why he did it that way. But he said it wouldn’t leak because it was set in two inches of caulking. Still, I don’t like the way it looks. It’s not a finished look and it looks like he made a mistake cutting it then he just filled it with a bunch of caulking. I also talked to john about it and he said that tom, the installer, had to come back and finish and that he had to put a biscuit because the bathtub wasn’t as wide as the shower, so he had to cover up part of the cement.

Tom came back two weeks later on the 16th of november to finish it but at that point I still don’t think that it fits really flush up against the wall. To me, it sort of bows out a little bit.

I said something to john and he said tom’s gonna be coming to look at it. But I never got a call back from john. Office kitchen design ideas so, I signed off on it. Tom was a nice guy but if he’s doing work, he should know why he did something. Despite that, my concern on the front wall is only cosmetic. They did say that their product is guaranteed for life, so if the water leaks or the pipe or the plumbing is not right, they have to come back and fix it. So, that’s why I wasn’t super concerned about the way it looked. I just don’t want it to leak behind. Other than that, re-bath’s product is good and I would tell others to consider using them. I would also tell them that they would be very satisfied with re-bath’s product and the quality of the work that they do.

Now their fixed looks 10 times worse than it did, it was not fixed as explained to me. The fix was suppose to go over the uneven shower wall making it look right, instead it was installed on the outside of the wall making 2 times worse. Now I have over a 1/4 of silicone where a 1/8 inch gap use to be where the panels where suppose to line up. I still cannot believe I paid 10,000 dollars for something I was told I would get and still have not.

Original review: re-bath came and did mine yesterday. Broke my floor tile and the tech said it wasn’t his fault. All the tile in front of the tube is pop loose, after dropping all the heavy OSB they dropped on it and the steel tub they took out and put on it I am sure that had something to do with popping them loose, once again he didn’t do that. Small work office ideas then I had to hear about all the fancy houses they do in east lake and how everything in mine was **, oh they did a ** on the dry wall, they did a ** job finishing it, ** this and ** that. Sorry, I am a wounded veteran and cannot afford a 300,000 home to please your installer or anyone else and not only that it is VERY unprofessional to go into YOUR customers home talking about how ** it is. At least the electrician that was here said, you have a nice home which me and my wife and everyone else thinks so. We like it which is all that matters.

I paid 10,000 to have a jet tub and the walls and ceiling in closed, along with the hardware which you can only use theirs or they will not warranty the work. I told the salesperson that it is a older home but was just remodeled inside and out and that the drywall is not perfectly straight. He said, no worries because we are going to tear it all out and reframe it in and everything will match up perfectly, well I certainly hope so if you’re tearing it out and redoing it and paying 10 grand for a jet tube and walls. After breaking the tile they put this big plastic trim edge down that is 3 inches wide on the floor to hide the broken tile. Home office design layout then the one side the wall cover is not flush at all, they broke a big piece of drywall out and it is right where the corner is where there is a half inch gap where they did not measure the sheet right before cutting it, so now there is a half inch of caulk and broken drywall there. You can see clear as day where they caulked that broken piece in.

I wish I could upload pics and show you all because I promise none of you would settle for that poor quality after spending 10,000 dollars and it only took them half of the day to do. Maybe if the installer wasn’t so busy checking his trail cams on his phone and talking to his buddy on the phone about hunting the next day and about the deer he is watching on his phone checking his trail cams he would of measure and cut the piece properly. I like deer hunting as much as the next hunter but work time is work time.

Over all, their installer was very rude, did a ** job. I call today and told them what happened and sent pictures of their 10,000 dollar hack job. Then the cut sheet whereby where the door trim goes would not fit back flush like it was and the miter cuts align back up. Sorry but 10,000 dollars for small jet tube which was only 700 itself, bath wall coverings and fixtures I expect it to be a professional job. Just wanted to give you my experience with re-bath. I will post what they do to fix it. But as of now I would not recommend them to anyone. This might change if they treat me like a customer and do the job they said they would.

We got the white shower that goes from the floor to the ceiling. The installers came on the second week of september and did the job in a day. They were here at 7:30 and were gone by 1:00. They were nice. There was kind of a head guy and there was a younger guy who seemed to do all the heavy lifting. The other guy did all the measuring. I had stress fractures in my foot and I had to leave the guys here in my house by themselves and go to the doctor. Office room ideas decor when I came back, they were so concerned. When they had a question, they didn’t want me to come walking into the bathroom. They said, we’re gonna come to you, and we’re gonna explain everything. Then we’ll go back. I only had to go in there once for some measurements.

They broke the light fixture in the bathroom because they had some really large panels that they were carrying in there. They immediately went down and purchased another one, came back and installed it. The glass got broken a second time so they went back down, got the glass and brought it to me. By then, I was lying in my bedroom which is where the bathroom is. The glass they brought got broken again and they said they would just bring me another piece later on when they come back in. And then I decided I didn’t like the light fixture that they installed because it didn’t match the other one that was in there. I called re-bath. They did a search on the internet and found one that was almost an exact match. They mailed it over here to me and told me they would come back and install it, but I told them I would have my brother do it. That all worked out great.

There was one other issue which kind of aggravated me. I live in a house with a full basement and the shower drain is right over my so-called storage room down there. The plumber didn’t put a tarp down to catch all the debris when he was changing out the drain and there was a big mess down there. That was the worst thing. I had to move a bunch of stuff and I had to vacuum. I didn’t really appreciate that. Office decorating ideas for men but overall, the re-bath people were really good and they came right away. I was really glad that they gave me a price and it seemed really fair. It wasn’t the lowest price but it wasn’t the highest either. I got a good deal and I really like it. I would recommend re-bath

Re-bath did a total remodel of my bathroom. We started in june and they finished up with some final touches a couple weeks ago. The crew that came to my home was nice and very good. A couple of times I had to leave and I felt very comfortable and safe with them being here. The one-person installation crew that came out might not be as talented as I would’ve liked, but overall, I had a really good experience. Bedroom office ideas pictures even though there were some glitches, the end product is beautiful and that is what matters to me.

The local re-bath owner did everything to make sure that the job got done the right way. He was very nice and I liked him too. Also, I am extremely fond of shannon and would give her every kudos I can because she was awesome. She tried to accommodate what I wanted as a customer. Re-bath gave us something a certain way, but I requested to have it done in a way that I wanted, and she got it done. I was impressed with that and pleased with the total outcome. I have another bathroom that I probably would have re-bath do as well.