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We are a Canadian retailer, wholesale supplier and distributor of premium HID Conversion Kits and Automotive LED Lighting since 2009. We take pride in giving our customers the XENON and LED experience for cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles at a reasonable price, with technical support, replacement parts and installation through authorized installers. Testing is free of charge.

We Wholesale and Distribute HID Lights, Automotive LED bulbs and performance parts to authorized dealers and performance shops in the GTA every week. We are here to provide unparalleled expertise and courteous service for your Auto lighting needs. We are proud to be Toronto‘s #1 Source for Premium HID Conversion Kits and Automotive LED Lighting.

We specialize in HID Headlight kits, HID Bulbs, LED Bulbs, HID Fog lights, Bi-Xenon projectors, offroad ATV and Truck curved LED light bars, ATV LED light bars, LED strips, HID lights for trucks, BMW Angel Eyes as well as Ballasts, Warning Cancellers, Relays just to name a few. We also supply motorcycle, truck, semitruck, ATV, RV, marine, off-road, 4×4, motorbike and snowmobile HID and LED lights. We only use the best AC digital slim ballast with our HID kits for long lasting performance and flicker free results. CANBUS Ballasts / CANBUS HID kits are also available for more complicated vehicles to achieve smooth error free results. In addition, we can also upgrade those dated, yellow interior lights to our modern LED Lighting not only to give your vehicle a luxury look and feel but also provide you with brighter, more efficient lighting throughout your vehicle. In addition to HID xenon replacement bulbs, we stock interior and exterior LED bulbs such as LED door lights, LED Map Lights, LED license plate bulbs, LED backup lights, LED signal lights, LED brake lights, LED DRL, etc. There are many options available for all car enthusiasts interested in taking advantage of the superior lighting that HID and LED Lamps provide. If you are interested in upgrading your vehicles lighting, call us today. 416-665-0888. All of our bulbs, kits, and installation are affordably priced and backed with the best warranty in the area. Our professionally installed HID Kits come with our in store hassle free warrantee. In addition to HID and LED headlight bulbs we stock various other performance and auto light parts. We ship all our products across Canada and the U.S.

In terms of aftermarket headlights and fog lights, we stock a wide variety of color temperatures in our inventory. Our color temperatures include: 3000K (yellow), 4300K (OEM white), 6000K (Crystal white), 8000K (Ice-Berg white), 10000K (Sky Blue), 12000K (Brilliant Blue), 14000K (Deep Blue), 18000K (Violet / Purple), 30000K (Pink) and Green. For best results we recommend 4300K or 6000K in proper headlight housing. These colour temperatures emit the most USEFUL light for driving in poor lighting conditions. Available HID BULB Sizes: H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H13 9003 9006 9005 9004 9007 HB1 HB2 HB3 HB4 5202 880 881 898.

We aim to provide our customers with the most reliable HID and Automotive LED Lighting on the market. We also have installation service available where we refer our customers to our licensed installers for professional reliable installation. We work with licensed installers that are specifically trained for HID and LED installation. A good parts and service business helps you maintain the original operating specifications and resale value of your vehicle.

Looking for those brilliant white 6000K LED license plate bulbs? We carry a large variety of LED bulbs in all the major styles for use in license plate lights, interior lights or for use in side markers and parking lights. We also carry special versions that have CANBUS error correcting technology so there are no OBC error lights or codes when they are used in some late model European cars such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Saab, Volkswagen, or other vehicles with Bulb Out indicators.

In this section we will talk about HID Headlights or HID Conversion kits, how they work and why you would want a HID conversion kit to replace the headlights on your vehicle. HID stands for " High Intensity Discharge". Unlike traditional headlights, HID headlights (Also know as xenon or xenon bulbs) do not have a fragile filament inside the headlight lamp. Instead, Xenon Gas inside the bulbs is heated between the electrodes, thus turning extremely bright in just micro seconds.

A variety of options are usually available when the headlights of a vehicle need to be replaced. The bulbs can either be replaced with the same old conventional halogen lighting, or they can be upgraded to long-lasting and bright Xenon HID headlights through a HID Conversion Kit. Unlike conventional fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lighting, HID lights produce more visible light for every unit of electric power they consume.

While HID headlights offer superior lighting, they also offer operational benefits to motorists. Xenon bulbs use 1/3 less energy than conventional headlamps, causing less load to a vehicle’s electrical system. Moreover, less heat is produced by Xenon lamps during their operation, therefore wasteful emissions are also avoided, which further increases the operating life.

Customization is something that most car enthusiasts and owners love. With Xenon headlights, it is possible to alter the color of the light that is emitted by the bulbs. We offer a wide selection of colors including some very rare colour temperatures such as pink and purple headlights. Our color temperatures include: 3000K (yellow), 4300K ( OEM white), 6000K (Crystal white), 8000K (Ice-Berg white), 10000K (Sky Blue), 12000K (Brilliant Blue), 14000K (Deep Blue), 18000K (Violet / Purple), 30000K (Pink) and Green.

Light-emitting diode ( LED) light bulbs are energy efficient and remain very cool when operating, as opposed to incandescent bulbs which convert 98% of the energy used to heat. In addition, LED lights have no fragile filament or tube to contend with. They are heat, cold, and shock resistant. To learn more about LED Energy Saving Option and find out about our LED applications and products please read the "Why Switch to LEDS article?"

LED light bulbs are energy efficient and remain very cool when operating, as opposed to incandescent bulbs which convert 98% of the energy used to heat. Hence, you will also get indirect savings by paying lower electricity bills for Air Conditioning. LED light bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 – 100,000 hours, as opposed to Incandescent light bulbs which typically last around 1,000 hours. In addition, LED lights have no fragile filament or tube to contend with. They are heat, cold, and shock resistant. The installation process is no different than traditional bulbs. The only difference is you will not be changing your bulbs as often as you would have to when using incandescent bulbs; since they last 50-100 times longer. As opposed to LED headlight bulbs, the true cost of Incandescent bulbs includes the cost of replacement bulbs in addition to the labor expense needed for replacement and maintenance. By switching to energy efficient lighting the cost of replacing and installing lights is practically eliminated. These issues can all be virtually eliminated by switching over to LED technology. Many people are not aware of the wide range of applications of LED lights. Bright LED light is also used as LED headlight and rear LED light as well as LED trailer lights for motor vehicles. Moreover, LED Strip light is widely used in practically any application when lighting is needed in places with limited space, In addition to the basic LED Headlight bulbs, we also have a wide selection of other LED products including LED Offroad lights, LED automotive headlights, aftermarket Lights, LED DRL just to name few.