Transforming the end-to-end asset lifecycle with DaaS

Device procurement and lifecycle management is overwhelming. With multiple processes, steps, vendors and representatives fogging up the end goal, it’s no wonder that purchasing hardware outright consumes nearly a quarter of companies’ technology budget – not to mention countless hours of time spent coordinating, purchasing, installing and maintaining the devices.

Digitally transforming the end-to-end asset lifecycle with Device as a Service (DaaS) creates a new modern world of cost reductions, increased productivity and stronger security. DaaS includes all the technology hardware, managed services, and consulting you need to select the right devices for your business, then keep them running, updated, supported and retired. All this for one monthly predictable fee.

A Gartner analysis finds that the average operational cost per device in 2015 was $1,015, which has been steadily growing year over year. On average, 22 percent of IT budgets go toward devices, and this spending is only expected to increase. The traditional method of device procurement often leaves a surplus of devices that are not being used and depreciating in value the longer that they sit in the storage closet waiting to be needed.

DaaS breaks this cycle of wastefulness by providing companies a monthly services program that allows IT devices to be added or removed from rotation as needed. What is additionally great about this is that if you have a new hire that is starting at the beginning of next month, he or she is getting either a new device, or at maximum a device that is months old, not years old.Thus ensuring your end users are getting current technology, which leads to improving productivity. Increase Productivity with DaaS

When partnering with a DaaS provider, you start to eliminate the need to manage and maintain a fleet of devices, A comprehensive DaaS program frees up the IT staff to focus on more strategic projects as part of their day-to-day jobs. Your DaaS partner will be responsible for dealing with device procurement, setup, maintenance and disposal.

At the same time, the company has full asset utilization, with the access to self-service portal order experience and quick device repairs including restoration of data. With more brand choices to best fit all of the personas in a company, employees now have access to be best-of-the-best equipment that they need to do their jobs accurately. With DaaS, companies now know the peak time to remove old or outdated devices from their rotation, not only are employees getting newer, better equipment, but on a more timely frequency. Improve security with DaaS

Also, as part of the DaaS offering, IT asset disposition (ITAD) is automatically included in the lease of every individual device. This means that all sensitive data is completely removed from a device before that device is remarketed or destroyed — ensuring that information does not end up in the wrong hands by accident.This is one less step that the IT department has to worry about and one less headache that will keep the CIO awake at night.